UK Presses Deportation Charges Against Orphaned Ukrainian Girl, Ignores Over Half a Million Illegal Muslims Out of Fear of Being Called Racist


14-year old Ukrainian orphan Iryna Mynich and Mr. and Mrs. Terence Voysey, a childless couple who wish to adopt her

Illegal immigration is wrong no matter what country is in question. However, this case highlights the flagrant double standards that the once great Britain has when it pertains to Muslims versus non-Muslim illegal immigrants. If you are a Muslim, the government turns a blind eye. If you are a European -and it does not matter if you are a orphaned 14 year old with no family abroad to return to and a UK family who wants to adopt you- you receive the full force of the law. Via the Daily Mail:

Iryna Mynich, 14, who now lives in Bodmin, Cornwall, has overstayed her six month child visitor visa for seven months after a British couple spent their life savings bringing her back to the UK after her mother’s murder.

She has no family except a grandmother with dementia and an aunt and is likely to be forced to live in an orphanage.

The Bodmin College student was taken in by Terence and Heather Voysey, who she now calls her parents.

The Voyseys are waiting for a High Court date for their appeal against the Home Office’s decision to refuse Iryna the right to remain in the UK.

If this woman were a Muslim, not only would she be allowed to stay, but nobody would dare question her immigration status for fear of being called “racist.”

If Iryna is forced to return to an orphanage in Ukraine, there is a strong chance she will be sexually abused and possibly forced into prostitution.

According to UK Migrant Watch, there are no official estimates for the number of illegals living in the UK. However, conservative estimates range from 430,000 to 690,000.

While illegal immigration is a crime, consider the following question: Which of these two “immigrants” would you rather have in your country as a neighbor?


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