Demon Possessed “Ex-Muslims” Harass Catholic Parishioners During Mass

I have worked with Muslims for the last 17 years, and in all of my years, I have never seen a person who claims to be an ex-Muslim turned Christian aggressively harass a Christian of another sect. I’m sure that it has happened and does happen, but my experience is that Muslims who become Christians, and it does not matter what denomination, are usually open-minded. They might be vocal, but I have seldom countered disrespect. I believe this comes from the fact that becoming a Christian from a Muslim background is a very hard, conscious decision that a person has to make in which he must sacrifice most of his former life in order to take up a new one in Christ.

I know nothing about this “Koosha Las Vegas” group. They could be very sincere – sincerely misguided- in their beliefs. They also may not be. There is no information available about them online except for a Youtube account and a Google Accounts page. Their Youtube videos date back no more than a year, and most of them have very few views.


A member of “Koosha Las Vegas”


What is apparent from their videos is that they feel justified in harassing fellow Christians they disagree with and making threats against them in Mass.

Could this be a leftover from their Muslim days? Possibly. Could the be Muslims posing as Christians? Possibly.

Regardless of what you feel about the Catholic Faith, there are three points to be made here from watching the videos and listening to these men:

-These guys know very little to nothing of Christian history or theology
-Nobody makes true converts of anybody through harassment, especially screaming phrases accusing Catholics of Satan worship, statue worship, and other inaccurate claims while in the middle of mass
-Anybody who constantly is talking about demons and devils in everybody else and the “Holy Spirit” with him probably has issues with the demonic himself

The only thing that bothered me more about the video than the group was the reaction of the Catholics in the Church. They have been doing this for the past month. Why didn’t somebody do what St. Nicolas – Santa – did to Arius the heretic at the Council of Nicaea and punch out one or two of these clowns?

I can also guarantee that if this was a mosque, these clowns would be charged with a “hate crime.” That is, if they even made it out alive.

Via Youtube:

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And harassing Catholic school Students: