Non-Muslim Children’s Care Group Founder Pimps UK Schoolgirls to Muslim Men For 16 Years


The non-Muslim, native British founder of the Rotherham, UK based KinKids Children’s Care Group and an assistant have been charged with taking British schoolgirls entrusted to their care by the state and pimping them out to groups of Muslim men who raped and tortured them for sexual gratification.


Ms. Karen MacGregor

According to South Yorkshire Police, Karen MacGregor and Shelley Davies, both of Rotherham, and five Muslim men were arrested as part of Operation Clover, which were a part of a series of child rape and sexual abuses committed primarily by Muslim men against white British schoolgirls and aided by the cooperation of non-Muslims in the Rotherham area.

According to the UK Express, Ms. MacGregor was charged July 21st, 2015  with aiding the sexual abuse of a minimum of twelve schoolgirls entrusted to her care over the past sixteen years.

The reports say that girls as young as eleven were forced to perform degrading sexual acts such as group sex, sodomy, and prostitution, all the while social workers knew what was happening and refused to intervene:

Sheffield Crown Court heard how the girls were passed between abusers and used as prostitutes as social workers failed to intervene.

One girl was allegedly held hostage for six weeks and forced to have sex with three Asian men every day.

Jurors were also told how one 12-year-old girl was forced to perform sex acts with a group of men in a car after she was picked up from a children’s home, and how another girl was branded a “white bitch and trash” after being forced into a sex act that Arshid Hussain reportedly claimed: “Asian women don’t perform as it is against their religion“.

Ms Colborne continued: “Her recollection is that the violence became a regular thing when she lived at the children’s home and seemingly no-one was interested in whether she returned in a bloodied state.

Muslims Arshid Hussain, his brother Basharat Hussain, uncle Qurban Ali, and friends Sajid and Majid Bostan were charged with 51 total crimes including rape, conspiracy to rape,  false imprisonment, and forced prostitution. According to reports, Arshid has a long history of raping white British girls. 


Arshid Hussain

Perhaps what remains even more disturbing is that the KinKids website set up by Ms. MacGregor is still online, and her name is still listed on the front page:


As well as the advertisement for her Rotherham-based support shop:


The nature of the crime and the length for which it endured was horrible enough. What makes this crime particularly horrible is that non-Muslims were directly involved in the destruction of fellow non-Muslims at the hands of Muslims, and through the children’s welfare system.

A similar problem exists in Russia and Ukraine in which children in the state care system are, with the knowledge and cooperation of social workers, taken to be used as prostitutes, forced to participate in the production of child pornography, or sold as sex slaves into brothels run by organized crime in Western Europe or to Muslim buyers in the Middle East. However, this is a problem which has been known about for many years and is extensively documented. This case in Rotherham is the first publicly acknowledged case of such a conspiracy which I have seen in Europe or the UK.