Court Says Private Catholic School Must Disobey The Faith Employ Man In Open Same-Sex Relationship OR ELSE


Chicago Gay Pride Parade 2014. It’s only a matter of a few years time that if you refuse to accept this, you will go to jail.

For the first time anywhere in the country, a Superior Court has ruled that a Catholic school must employ a man living in an openly same-sex relationship. The school, Fontbonne Academy, originally extended an offer to the man, Mr. Matthew Barrett, but rescinded it upon learning that he was a homosexual in an active relationship with another man. Calling Mr. Barrett to be a member of a “protected class,” the judge argued that the private school “discriminated” against Mr. Barrett, and said that “the court has a compelling interest in prohibiting discrimination.”

Like the court ruling which abolished the sodomy laws in Texas, this court case will have implications for years to come. This is not about rights or freedom, but about forcing people who have a religious, moral obligation to opposes same-sex behavior to given consent to it against their will. Via BuzzFeed News:

WASHINGTON — A state court in Massachusetts has ruled that a Catholic preparatory school violated the state’s antidiscrimination law when it rescinded a job offer to a man because he was married to another man.

Matthew Barrett had accepted a job as Food Service Director at the Fontbonne Academy, a Catholic girls school. On his employment forms, he listed his husband as his emergency contact — a move that led the school to rescind the job offer.

On Wednesday, Superior Court Associate Justice Douglas Wilkins ruled that Fontbonne discriminated against Barrett based on sexual orientation and rejected the school’s arguments as to why it should be exempted from the state law or otherwise not subject to its employment discrimination ban.

Barrett’s lawyers from Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders praised the judge’s ruling as “the first of its kind in the country.”

Prediction: In five years, it’s going to be a “hate crime” to merely criticize same-sex behavior, and you will go to jail. It’s already happened in the UK and like with everything “across the pond,” what happens in Europe is only a about a decade away from coming to America.