Britain Smells The Tea, Wakes Up and Starts Rejecting Pakistan VISA Applications By The Truckload

Englishmen are stereotypically and sarcastically known by many Americans for having a “stiff upper lip” and  being defiant, even proud when they are presented with their own mistakes. They may even persist in their errors for a very long time, but eventually many will come around, realize their errors, and try to start to correct themselves without actually admitting that is what they are doing. It might take a LONG time and be almost at the “brink” of no return, but just not quite yet.


The “new Englishmen” protesting against British involvement in the Iraq war from 2010. This will be the future of England if Islam is not stopped.

Could this be happening in England right now? There has been a flood of anti-Muslim backlash building for years because, as many have pointed out, England is in many parts no longer English, but looks more like a scene from somewhere in the Muslim third world. This problems is most pronounced in the big cities, but in any major Western European city- from Stockholm to Madrid- there are huge Muslim no-go areas that breed violence, terrorism, and hatred against the very people who invited them to come. The great English comedian John Cleese from the comedy troupe Monty Python commented on this last year, saying that you can’t joke about Muslims becasue they will kill you:


Now the reports are unconfirmed, but it appear that England had reversed its previous policy of giving preference to Muslim nations and peoples and has now begun REJECTING all Visas from at least one Muslim nation which has “generously” donated a sizeable portion of its population to English soil: Pakistan. From the Pakistan Express Tribune:

ISLAMABAD: The United Kingdom is pursuing an unannounced policy of turning down visa applications of Pakistanis, becoming one of the top ‘no-go’ countries for the country’s nationals, a study and background interviews conducted by the Online news agency have revealed.

The British High Commission in Islamabad has turned down thousands of Pakistanis’ visa applications this year, without citing any solid reasons and many on frivolous grounds which cannot be challenged at any forum.

Mohammad Atif, who had applied for the UK visa from Lahore, said his three consecutive applications were rejected on different grounds. “Finally, when I cleared all the objections, the visa officer rejected my application, because he thought I would stay behind there despite the fact I had lived in the UK for two and a half months before”.

What does this mean for the future, only time will tell. It may be a step in the right direction.