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Russia Is Right Now Sending Seven Thousand Russian Troops To The Turkish Border To Combat Islam

By Theodore Shoebat  Russia is right now sending seven thousand Russian troops to the Turkish border, according to Turkish news reports. According to one Turkish news outlet: Russian garrisons are being deployed near the Armenia’s border with Turkey on the Armenian government’s request, media reported Monday. According to local media, the decree to send the troops […]

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BOMBSHELL: US Government Planned And Funded A Failed Muslim Conquest Of Russia As Far Back As The 1950s

Last week I wrote about how open-source documents expose that the CIA worked directly with Saudi princes to create ISIS. In another bombshell revelation, former Top Secret Intelligence Bulletins uncovered by journalist Wayne Madsen reveal that the CIA has been backing Muslim terrorists since the 1950s and even attempted to use them in a failed […]

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Fat, Ugly, Loser Michael Moore Gets Puerto Rican Beauty Suspended From Miss America Organization for Telling Truth About Islam

Destiny Velez, suspended for telling the truth Miss Puerto Rico 2015 Destiny Velez was suspended indefinitely from the Miss American Organization for telling the truth about Islam. She gave an apology and she closed access to her Twitter account. The following are the tweets she posted in order on December 17th, courtesy of Twitchy: (Note: […]

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Sweden Bans Use of Word “Immigrant” On TV When Talking About Muslim Immigration, Says Must Use “Economically Deprived Area” Instead

It looks like something out of a comedy sketch, or maybe a headline from The Onion, but It’s no joke. Sweden’s top broadcaster says that “Immigrant” and “African origin” cannot be used in a negative context, but “white” and “fair skinned” may be used in a negative context. Sweden’s new “refugees” Via Swedish SVT’s New Language Manual (translation […]

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Germans Lock And Load, Prepare To Blow Muslims Back To Allah

With neighbors like these, who wouldn’t go without a gun? The German government still thinks it is in control, but the German people are finally getting the message- you are targeted for extinction, and the future is fight or die. Gun sales are reaching record levels as the common people are taking their safety and […]

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Germany Pulls A Fuhrer, Threatens Slavic Nations To Take Muslim “Refugees” It Doesn’t Want

Deja-vu once again. Although Germany played a central role in facilitating and encouraging the largest invasion of Muslims in European history, has herself admitted that it cannot take any more refugees, and has admitted that there are a lot of “challenges” (read: unsolvable problems) ahead, apparently that gives her the right to dictate foreign policy […]

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