Germany Pulls A Fuhrer, Threatens Slavic Nations To Take Muslim “Refugees” It Doesn’t Want

Deja-vu once again. Although Germany played a central role in facilitating and encouraging the largest invasion of Muslims in European history, has herself admitted that it cannot take any more refugees, and has admitted that there are a lot of “challenges” (read: unsolvable problems) ahead, apparently that gives her the right to dictate foreign policy to other nations. Most ironically, Germany is attempting to dictate to Poland and the neighboring Slavic nations that they need to take in Muslim refugees and that it will attempt to use “legal force” to do so.


Germany would never attempt to make the Slavic nations do things against their will, right?

“All Polish specialists will be exploited in our military-industrial complex. Later, all Poles will disappear from this world. It is imperative that the great German nation considers the elimination of all Polish people as its chief task.”  – Heinrich Himmler

We have come full circle again. God Bless Poland, Hungary, Russia, Slovenia, Slovakia, and all the Eastern nations who stand against godless German tyranny once again as they did a century ago.


Peter Altmaier and German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier

Via Deutsche Welle:

Eastern EU nations that refuse to accept refugees risk funding cuts and legal sanctions, according to two German cabinet ministers. Chancellery chief Peter Altmaier added that no nation can ignore globalized migration.

Peter Altmaier and German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier issued veiled warnings on Saturday to eastern members such as Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic that their aversion to accepting refugees could come at a high cost.

In a majority summit decision in September, EU leaders voted to redistribute 160,000 refugees from Greece and Italy to other EU nations using criteria such as their size of population and economy. The move was approved over the dissent of a number of countries.

European solidarity was “not a one-way street,” said Steinmeier, referring to EU treaty commitments signed by members during accessions to the 28-nation bloc and Brussels’ option to file breach of contract lawsuits at the European Court of Justice.

“If it can’t be done any other way, then things will have to be clarified using judicial means,” he told the German news magazine “Der Spiegel.”

Hungary’s populist Prime Minister Viktor Orban told the right-wing Czech newspaper “Lidove noviny” on Saturday that it must have been clear to “even to the simplest person that we should not allow such a mass of people to march into our lives without controls.”

To do nothing would exhibit a “suicidal tendency,” he said and went on to defend Hungary’s pursuit before the European court of its own lawsuit against migrant reallocations, similar to a lawsuit filed by Slovakia in early December.

Left-wing parties in Europe were behind the arrivals that surged in August, said Orban whose government in September began fencing off Hungary’s border segments with Serbia and then Croatia to keep out migrants.

“We have the suspicion that in Europe secretly or behind-the-scene [migrant] voters are being imported,” said Orban, telling “Lidove” that most migrants, if given citizenship in Europe, would vote left.

“Our befriended neighbors in eastern Europe will soon have to recognize that every modern country that wants to prevail amid globalization cannot ignore migration,” Germany’s Altmaier told the Munich-based news magazine “Focus” Saturday, adding that he preferred not to resort to “threats” or “extortion” of nations within the European Union.