Sweden Bans Use of Word “Immigrant” On TV When Talking About Muslim Immigration, Says Must Use “Economically Deprived Area” Instead


It looks like something out of a comedy sketch, or maybe a headline from The Onion, but It’s no joke. Sweden’s top broadcaster says that “Immigrant” and “African origin” cannot be used in a negative context, but “white” and “fair skinned” may be used in a negative context.


Sweden’s new “refugees”

Via Swedish SVT’s New Language Manual (translation courtesy of Google Translate):

Tips and language advice when you are working with to reflect Sweden General starting points: Being Swedish today includes people with many different looks, experiences and cultures. It is part of SVT’s mission to monitor everyone’s daily life. It is it is important that we express ourselves inclusive and does not describe any of the offensive manner.

Generalizing not around communities, regions or religions. Avoid it vague and often wrong to use the term immigrants or use it as a prefix such as “migrant families”, as many as considered Immigrants today are born in Sweden.

Swedish Television News uses the concept of Swedish for anyone who has Swedish citizenship. We prefer to use Swedish than Swedish nationals not to separate the Swedes. If you want to specify further, for example in cases involving terrorism, can formulations similar to that used: “Swedish had dealings with violent / Islamic militants”. In situations where there is about a wider group than then phrases like “those who live in Sweden” should be used.

The starting point is always that we should ask whom it may concern how the hen wants to be described. When it is not possible, use the words that matches it with the person appearance: White, light-skinned, ruddy, East Asian appearance, dark-skinned, black. Remember the descriptions of skin color are sensitive and aware that the concepts of black and dark skin can arouse criticism.

Formulations we’ll never use, “people from ethnic minorities” (all have ethnic background). Avoid terms such as colored / African origin / off a different skin color. Do not use police parlance outright (no TT does).

Vulnerable areas are described from time to time as the immigrant population, ie national background used as explanation for something, but it gives no help in understanding what it we want to communicate. Moreover, many of those who live in the so-called immigrant-dense areas Swedes. In terms of areas was as concrete as possible about what you want to describe. If the area has high unemployment among its citizens and those not participating in the elections, it is more practical to say “X is a area of high unemployment and low participation in elections. “

The only reason that Sweden’s is going to such lengths to avoid talking about these issues are because it does not want to face reality: