This Is What Your Children, Grandchildren, And Great-Grandchildren Will Look Like If The West Loses


Grace Dare’s mother and father were devout Christians from Nigeria. They moved to the UK looking for a better life for themselves and their only daughter. Her parent said that she was a devout Christian as well for many years. Then she became interested in Islam in college and converted. She began attending mosque, changed her name to Khadijah, and not long after was married to an Arab residing in Sweden. She conceived a son with him and the two fled for Syria to join ISIS.

These are pictures of her son, Isa, now five, from the UK Telegraph:


Khadijah Dare's young son poses with an AK-47rifle.  This is a story that begins in the streets of Lewisham and ends in the heat of the Syrian desert, on the front line of the holy war for an Islamic caliphate. Among the British Muslims living in Syria and Iraq alongside terrorist super-group Isis, one figure has attracted particular attention recently Ñ a mysterious woman using the Twitter name Muhajirah fi Sham (meaning Òimmigrant in SyriaÓ), posting pictures of her young son holding a AK-47. She has described witnessing the execution of a young ÒrapistÓ in the Syrian town where she lives with her fighter husband and has called on Londoners to join her.


Look well on these pictures. They are those of your future descendants if Islam takes over the west. 

And the worst part is, if you do not stand up now and fight against these people, you will be directly responsible for allowing Islam to advance and not doing anything to stop it. Your children will become Muslims and no different than the terrorists of today, still propagating the same evils but in a different place and time. Those of your descendants who do not become Muslims will curse you and your generation for giving away their inheritance to barbarians and leaving them with nothing.