Britons Take Matters Into Their Own Hands And Are Rising Up Against Islam- Form A New Chapter Of PEGIDA



Thanks to the wonderful successes that PEGIDA, the largest anti-Muslim invasion protest group in Germany, they have spawned a second branch in the UK, which has likewise seen an invasion of Muslims, especially at its French tunnel crossing point at Calais.


Tommy Robinson, PEGIDA Leader and former English Defence League Head

I don’t agree with PEGIDA othat Islam is a “facist ideology”- it is a religion with a creed, cult, and code, and its power comes from its theology. Nevertheless, it is good to see that perhaps the British public have had enough of their homeland being given away to Muslims and are finally rising up against Islam. Via Christian Today:

Anti-Islam movement Pegida yesterday launched its UK branch, branding the religion a “fascist ideology”.

Set up by Tommy Robinson, one of the founders of the English Defence League, Pegida UK will campaign against what it calls the “Islamification of Europe”.

Pegida originated in Dresden, Germany, and was established to protest against mass immigration. The movement gained huge support when it first began in late 2014, with a peak of around 25,000 people at its weekly rallies in January last year, and demonstrations spread throughout Europe. Though support then waned, Pegida has seen a surge of popularity in response to the influx of refugees into Germany over recent months. Previous rallies in the UK have been met with powerful counter-protests and often descended into violence.

“We have an ideological problem in this country with Islam. It’s not assimilated in any sort of way,” Robinson told reporters yesterday.

Our political leaders and our European leaders are working against the interests of the people with the refugee influx – which is a migrant invasion – and we want to replicate the resistance of Pegida in Germany in the UK. It will be very different to how the English Defence League used to do things.”

Robinson insisted that Pegida is “not an anti-Muslim group” and said that it would no longer take part in demonstrations, and will hold peaceful meetings outside of city centres.

“I’m opposed to Islam as a fascist ideology,” he said. “We feel Muslims are victims of Islam.”