“Islam Will Rule The World” Says Canadian Imam Moulana Hassan Mujtaba At Rally In Toronto

From a rally in Toronto on January 5th, 2016. The quoted part below begins at 14:57:



Maybe one day we will have the same status as martyrs who have given their lives for justice. We’re not afraid of dying. What we are afraid of is not to be able to do our duty and our justice as being ordained by Allah Glorified and Exalted be He.”

So don’t scare us with prisons. Do not scare us with death. Do not scare us that you are going to take us and deport us. Do not scare us with anything, because we are not scared of anyone, but the superpower which is Allah Glorified and Exalted be He. He is watching us and we are going to return to Him. You who want to scare us, you cannot.

The oppressors should learn this. Learn it and google Imam Hussein. He is the one that we follow. He said that there is going to be no compromise with injustice and we are not going to compromise with any injustice.

“If it is the martyrdom is our future, then I say to everyone of you: Let the future come! O Hussein, We are at your service. O Mahdi, We are at your service! O Mahdi, We are at your service!”