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Muslims March On Italian Cathedral Chanting “Allahu Akbar!

The Gateway Pundit reported that Muslims staged a demonstration in Bolzano, Italy. While they were passing by the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption, they began shouting “Allahu Akbar!”:   “Allahu Akbar” does not mean “Allah is great,” as Muslims say. Anybody with a basic knowledge of Arabic grammar will tell you it means “Allah […]

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Terrified Scots school kids attacked by stone-throwing Muslim invaders as their bus travelled through Calais

By BI: Muslim illegal aliens attacked the coach as it passed through the French port in the early hours of the morning yesterday, smashing windows and damaging the vehicle causing one pupil to have a seizure. UK Daily Record A busload of Scots school­kids were terrified after coming under attack by Muslim thugs as they passed through Calais yesterday. The […]

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MUSLIM BOYS WILL BE BOYS? Sexual attacks by Muslim invaders on German girls and women are part of an Arab Muslim ‘rape game’ from the Middle East

By BI: After the New Year’s Eve mass sexual assaults against white (mainly Christian) girls and women in several European cities, the German Federal Criminal Police Office, BKA, now says that the Arab Muslim rape game called ‘Taharrush’ has established itself in the heart of Europe. Speisa  In addition to the events in Cologne, police in […]

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Muslim Woman In Hijab Is Raped And Beheaded By Fellow Muslims- This Is What Awaits Europe And America

Consider that if Muslims treat their own women this way, such as with the acid attacks against Muslim men on other Muslim women in Pakistan, what will they do to non-Muslim women?:     To think liberals in the West claim we are all the same. Our culture is far superior to the Muslim culture […]

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Man Takes Teenage Son, Chops His Head Off In Ritual Human Sacrifice To Bring Good Luck

While this story is from India, it is  a reminder that without Christ’s sacrifice and our willingly taking up His cross and striving to become like Him, all men will descend into depraved barbarity because of original sin. It is also a reminder that all religions and rituals which do not honor the one, true, triune […]

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Muslim Convert Goes To Islamic State To Fight For Islam, Sets Up LinkedIn Profile Advertising His Qualifications

Muhammad Daniel, LinkedIn job seeker Truth is stranger than fiction, and in a unique story from the UK Daily Mail, Muslim convert and ISIS fighter Muhammad Daniel from New Zealand put up a LinkedIn Profiles advertising his Qualification as a “teacher” in the Islamic state: A New Zealand man who joined Islamic State in Syria […]

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