Obama’s Homeland Security Secretary: “Welcome Refugees” To DEARBORN And “Maintain Security”


Dearborn, MI has been called “Dearbornistan” due to its large Muslim population. Along with the nearby Detroit neighborhood of Hamtramck, both cities are veritably tied for having the largest Muslim population in the US. Naturally, it should be no surprise that although Dearborn has a population of merely 96,000, it ranks #2 for having the largest number of people on a federal terrorist watch list, only surpassed by New York.

Dearborn is a proverbial “canary in the coal mine” for Islamization in the US. Concern has been expressed the Dearborn will develop no-go zones like those which exist in many European Muslim areas. Christians have already been attacked in the city for merely preaching, such as at the 2011 Arab Festival in which a group of Christian missionaries were harassed, threatened, and arrested for speaking about Jesus. Even on FOX News, Dearborn Muslims openly admit (starting at 1:50) that Shariah Law should be the law of the land:

Into all this is a recent announcement by Obama Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson in Dearborn to “welcome refugees” from Muslim lands and “maintain security.” Via Michigan News Live:

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson visited Muslim students, community leaders, Middle-Eastern police and Syrian refugees in Dearborn and Detroit Wednesday.

Johnson addressed issues straddling the overlap between national security and the nation’s duty to help displaced refugees. He believes we can do both.

Johnson ended the day speaking to students and community leaders at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. He encouraged students to consider a career in public service and said his agency is committed to “building bridges” with Muslim immigrants and citizens.