“They Throw The Food We Give Them In The Street And Spend The Money On Prostitutes” Italian Mayor Is Furious After “Migrants” Cause Violent Protest That Has To Be Stopped By Police Because They Want Money

From Canale58:

Food thrown in the street, men from the forces of order take out of the territory. Food and men who could and should have been available for those who have need of them. There are many people in Italy who have need of them. Too many Italians who are now poor, too many security commitments, because again we tolerate the destruction of the refugees who, when they are not going to spend the money the state gives them on prostitutes or getting plastered or playing videopoker, spend their time protesting. These are grave abuses against the dignity of those who are genuinely suffering and the citizens who pay their own taxes to maintain the immigrants that no one seems to care about, but who weigh like rocks on the shoulders of ordinary people and our duties. Twenty five men to quiet down a refugee protest … we’re don’t even see twenty-five men all together to do night patrols in a vehicle in a big city besieged by criminals!”

This is the furious comment of Franco Maccari, Secretary General of Coisp, the independent police trade union, after the news from Monteforte Irpino, where a revolt of more than 120 migrants required seven patrols of carabinieri to be called to restore public order. 25 men intervened after the refugees started to protest for various reasons. Above all it was the failure to pay them pocket money of 2.5 euros, then the conditions inside the building where they are accommodated, and finally the food that is served to them and is not to their taste, so much so that the migrants threw it from the balcony.

The report is in Italian, but the “refugees” speak perfectly good English.