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All Of The Evils That We Are Seeing Around The World Is Due To Anti-Catholicism

By Theodore Shoebat All of the evils that we are seeing around the world can find its origin in anti-Catholicism. Moreover, the sodomite agenda wants to colonize the whole world through the US government. This was the discussion that I had with Andrew Bieszad, historian and scholar of the first degree. Here is the interview: […]

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TORONTO: Canadian citizens are being kicked out of their long-term residence hotel in order to house Syrian Muslim refugees

By BI: Several long-term residents at the Toronto Plaza Hotel say they’re being evicted on short notice to make room for an influx of government-sponsored Syrian refugees/freeloaders/rapists. City News   One woman, who didn’t want to be identified, told CityNews she’s been living at the Toronto Plaza Hotel at 1677 Wilson Avenue with her three kids for […]

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After FOX News hired a Muslim activist, approved by the RNC, to bash Donald Trump, no wonder he pulled out of the Jan. 28th FOX Republican debate

By BI: FOX News and the far left, pro-Muslim biased Google have invited a Muslim YouTube personality, Nabela Noor, to ask questions at tomorrow night’s debate. Noor is a pro-Muslim advocate who describes Donald Trump as a bigot and who visually portrayed him as being in agreement with Adolf Hitler. Breitbart  “We have a presidential candidate whose loudest […]

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Muslims Break Into University And Slaughter Over Twenty People

By Theodore Shoebat Muslim terrorists in Pakistan broke into a university and slaughtered over twenty people, according to one report: Militants have slaughtered at least 20 people and wounded dozens of others at a university in northwestern Pakistan on Wednesday, though there are conflicting reports whether the Taliban is claiming responsibility. Reuters noted that government […]

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“Prepare For War” Sweden’s Top General Releases Internal Memo Saying Military Conflict Is Unavoidable

Alluding to internal threats from Muslim “refugees” who will not integrate and territorial disputes with Russia, Sweden’s top military general Anders Branstrom answered questions about an internal military document made public  that he expects Sweden will find herself “unavoidably” in a war that may be both civil and external. From the Aftonbladet and Expressen with thanks […]

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“Europe Is Committing Ritual Suicide” Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico Nails It Again

In a recent interview, Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico viciously criticized the EU for its failure to control the “refugee crisis,” calling it a “complete fiasco” and adding that the EU was committing a form of ritual suicide. Prime Minister Fico has been working with Poland, Hungary, and other neighboring countries of eastern Europe to […]

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Don’t Muslim mothers ever tell their children not to play in traffic?

By BI: FRANCE: Muslim mob brings traffic to a standstill as they run into the road and throw tires at oncoming cars, then set fire to the piled up tires right in the middle of a major highway. What happened? Did Francois Hollande cut their welfare benefits? Apparently, it was taxi drivers (mainly Muslims) who were protesting […]

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Two Hundred Man Brawl Erupts At Refugee After Muslims Attack Fellow Muslims For Drinking Alcohol

According to reports a massive Muslim-on-Muslim brawl involving two hundred men erupted at a refugee center in Rhein-Neckar-Kreis, Baden-Wurttemburg, Germany after a group of Muslim men saw another group drinking alcohol and accused them of being “bad Muslims.” Thirty-two police cars responded to the scene and while there were no arrests made, ten Afghani men […]

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NYC: MUSLIM Uber driver viciously attacks service dog of passenger who got into his car

By BI: An Uber driver viciously slammed a passenger’s service dog onto the ground after telling her she couldn’t have the pooch in his car (Muslims consider dogs to be filth) — leaving the animal with a dislocated hip and an injured knee that required surgery, police said. The 30-year-old Manhattan resident had gotten into his cab with her Silky Terrier (below). DNA  […]

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DENMARK: 17-year-old Christian girl who successfully fended off a would-be (Muslim?) rapist by using pepper spray is now facing criminal charges

By BI: The reason? Pepper Spray is illegal in Denmark. WND   Rapes have made big headlines in Sonderberg recently after several women there reported sexually harassed by the aggressive behavior of Muslim male asylum seekers and refugees at the local asylum center. But the Local newspaper says it’s not known if the assailant in this latest […]

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Squad Of Swedish Police Officers Rush To Refugee Center To Save Boy Being Gang Raped, Mob Of Muslims Rises Up, Stops Police From Entering, Surrounds Police And Tries To Lynch Them

Not only has Sweden demonstrated that it has lost control over its borders and cities, but also they very refugee centers they are using to process these migrants. According to reports, a ten-year-old Muslim boy had been repeatedly gang raped by fellow Muslims at one of these refugee centers in Vasteras, and the police sent […]

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“Muslims Are Not Like Us And Will Never Integrate” Former Head of UK EQUALITY Commmission Rips Islam, Political Correctness, and Multiculturalism

Former Head of the UK Equality and Human Rights Commission Mr. Trevor Phillips has said publicly that Muslims will never integrate for the simple reason that they do not and nor will they ever share the same values as UK citizens and that it was disrespectful to think that they would change. He added that […]

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“2016 is a decisive year for American Muslims” CAIR Executive Director Nihad Awad Terrified Of Donald Trump Becoming President, Begs Muslims To Try And Stop Him

Terrorist frontman Nihad Awad, who is Executive Director for the designated Islamic terrorist Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) gave a speech earlier this month calling this upcoming 2016 presidental election a “decisive year for American Muslims.” In a calm but uneasy speech, he stated that the future of Islam in the United States was in jeopardy. […]

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“I’m Scared About The Future Of My Children” Chemistry Professor Confronts Merkel At Public Event, University And German Government Respond By Pressing Legal Charges Against Him

Professor Thomas Roedel is a Chemistry Professor at Merseburg University in Germany with three children who is gravely concerned about the future of German society. When Chancellor Merkel was recently invited to give a speech christening the opening of a new chemistry facility at the school, Professor Roedel interrupted Chancellor Merkel and held up a […]

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