EXPOSED: Secret Minutes Show European “Leaders” Cowering In Submission To Threats From Turkish President Erdogan To Destroy Europe With Hordes Of Invading Muslim Refugees Over The Border- “We Can Turn On The Gates To Greece And Bulgaria At Any Time”


According to a bombshell report from the Greek Euro2Day, secret minutes have been released of meetings between Turkish President Erdogan, European Council President Donald Tusk (Poland) and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker (Luxembourg) in Antalya, Turkey and Brussels. According to the reports, President Erdogan is demanding extortionate payments of minimum three billion dollars each year for two years from the E.U. and is threatening to drown 10 to 15 thousand refugee children and then blame it on the E.U.

Not only these things, but the E.U. delayed releasing critical reports about Turkey at the request of President Erdogan in order to help him win reelection.

There is even a part where Jean-Claude Juncker tells Erdogan, seemingly frustratedly, that he is “working very hard” and comments how Erdogan has been “treated like a prince in Brussels.” Erdogan’s response?

Like a prince? Of course. I am not representing a third world country.


Obviously Erdogan thinks so.

Read the documents. They are shocking. Story via Euro2Day and translated with Google Translate:

While some want for our country the role of scapegoat, arguing that it has made ​​the necessary steps to stem the flow of refugees, the EU leadership is silent for months about the real situation that is none other than the brutal threats of Turkey and President of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, for Europe to fall to the ever increasing demands of the neighboring country.

The dialogues of the meeting is shocking, and as they moved to a higher source, Mr. Erdogan was arrogant, quarrelsome and tones of the debate had risen dangerously to the point that the meeting ended without agreement. He had reason to send refugees … buses and asked for more money, saying that the … Greece got help 400 bn. Euros from Europe.

It is worth noting that this incident, which clearly shows what the attitude of Turkey, hushed by the EU. The member states were not updated as needed (nor Greek Prime Minister had official trip to Turkey the next day!), While the journalists were given different information, that “the ball rolling” as ordered complete blackout.

From confidential documents suggest that Ankara has brought the EU to the negotiation table, he made ​​a deal based on promises and since then blackmailing and asking more in order to implement it. There is the side Erdogan the “suspicion” that the EU will not implement the promises of the accession negotiations and rests there to do nothing to stem the flow of refugees. Quite the contrary.

Germany cast the blame on the European Commission for negotiations mistake. Angela Merkel, who is the third time today in Turkey and has taken the reins of the negotiations, seems to move the logic that if Turkey fulfilled will stop the refugee flow. Those who know the Turkish diplomacy, realizing that this reasoning is incorrect.

“If you provide EUR 3 billion for two years, you do not need to continue the discussion. Greece received 400 billion during the crisis. It should be like to capture some of those funds and to invest in a security zone in Syria, in order to solve all the problems with refugees, “he said the Turkish president to Messrs Tusk and Juncker.

When Mr. Tusk tried to explain that the money given to Greece was loans to ensure and the euro area and should not be making such comparisons, Mr. Erdogan interrupted him saying that his country has already spent eight billion euros for refugee camps that are “model” and that he is not open to recommendations.

Mr. Erdogan showed complete indifference to the problems of Europe and especially as Mr. Tusk said the EU was in a very difficult position and already some member states were ready to abolish Schengen Treaty after the terrorist attack in Paris.

At this point the Turkish President again stopped saying that Schengen is a European project that does not concern him. Said the documents: “Mr. Erdogan asked rhetorically: And now how will encounter refugees, if not reach agreement? Will you kill the refugees?”.

The President of the European Council expressed an ambiguous answer, saying that the EU can make itself less attractive to refugees “but this is not the solution we want.”

Mr. Erdogan raised more tons by saying that if the agreement with Turkey is not closed, then the EU will be faced with more than a little boy drowned on the coast of Turkey. “It will be 10,000 and 15 000. How to handle this phenomenon?” he told Mr. Tusk and Juncker.

“If you do not want us, say so clearly. Just want to keep the refugees, “he said and noted that if there is no agreement,” we will send refugees with buses in Greece and Bulgaria. “