Brave Poles Plan To Attack Muslim “Refugee” Center In Sweden, Swedish Police Arrest Them And Charge Them With Crimes, Muslims Still Allowed To Do As They Please Without Legal Reprocussions


According to the police spokeman, Muslim Hesam Akbari, 14 “right wing” Polish men were arrested for preparing to attack a local Muslim “refugee” center in a small town south of Stockholm.

The fact that these men were obvously being watched before being arrested, and yet so many Muslims are not only being allowed to commit crimes but are receiving sympathetic treatment from the government is proof that the government is supporting this- they want the invasion to happen.

Polish men, return to your native land and fight for it where you will be appreciated. Via TheLocal Sweden:

Officers rounded up 14 people on Monday night in cars close to the asylum accommodation that is thought to have been the intended target of the plot.
Batons, knives, iron bars and axes were found in the suspects’ vehicles.
Hesam Akbari, a spokesperson for Stockholm police, told the TT news agency that members of the group were facing a number of charges.
“The (police) report now concerns three offences. Preparation for aggravated assault, incitement to aggravated assault and incitement to aggravated arson,” he said.
Police added that all of those arrested were set to be questioned on Tuesday.
“They are Polish citizens and they belong to the far-right sphere,” police spokesman Lars Alvarsjö told public broadcaster Swedish Radio.