Deranged Left Wing “Refugee” Activist Stabs Himself Repeatedly Then Calls Police And Tries To Blame It On “Right Wing Activists”


Julian Kinzel is a left-wing activist with an interesting story. Originally, the story reported was this (from Tagesspiegel):

Three perpetrators beat him down and stabbed their victim around 17 times with a knife, according to a statement from the doctor who treated him”, the statement reads. In the process Kinzel was said to have been insulted as a “gay communist pig”. “This and the clothing worn by the perpetrators that is typical of the [far-right] scene (Thor Steinar) supports the suspicion that it was a crime with a far-right motivation,” said the local chairman Peter Brill.

The federal Left party even said the case was one of “attempted murder”. “We are shocked,” party explained on Wednesday on Twitter. Federal managing director Matthias Höhn: “The current case proves in a tragic way once again how dangerous and inhuman right-wing extremism is.” Dietmar Bartsch, head of the Left grouping in the federal parliament, condemned the crime “in the strongest possible way” and explained that the Left would not give up in its fight against right-wing extremism. Party leader Katja Kipping said: “The knife attack is horrific and also an attack on democracy”.

Already on Wednesday the speaker of the Rostock police management board, Isabel Wenzel, described the case as “somewhat nebulous”. She made reference to the fact that Kinzel only filed a complaint later on Tuesday evening – and not personally at a police station, but via the internet. The hospital at which the young man was treated on Monday also did not report the case to police.

Suddenly, the next day, the following is revealed (from Tagesspiegel):

Now the police has arranged for the student to be subjected to forensic medical examination. The investigations up to now have come to the conclusion that Kinzel invented the attack. According to a statement from the Rostock police the “type of injuries do not correspond to the sequence of events that has been claimed in the attack.” On the contrary, it is “sufficiently probable” that Kinzel inflicted the injuries himself.

If you need more proof that people on the far left are mentally deranged, I cannot help you.



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