“My Jihad Means Being Humanitarian And Helping Others”- Chilling German Political “Educational” Video

A must see video. According to the translator, this was released by the German Federal Agency for Political Education and is being broadcast across Germany much in the was of Public Service Announcements in the US. The program, which is taxpayer funded, claims that “Jihad historically means protecting Islam against foreign attacks, standing up for free speech and strong education, being humanitarian, be socially responsible and progressive, solve conflicts through debates, tolerate people who think different and reaching out a helping hand, even to the cold, hateful and intolerant people they have to experience in the West. According to the program, the highest goal in personal Jihad is to peacefully coexist with others and do as much good as possible.”

Here is the propaganda video:


One must admit that it is a very well-done propaganda piece. It would make Leni Riefenstahl proud. For those unfamiliar with Ms. Riefenstahl, she is the “mother” of modern propaganda films, in particular with her most famous work, the Nazi Der Triumpf des Willens (The Triumph of the Will) which showed a new Germany being “reborn” in the 1930’s under the rule of Hitler. The film inspired American director Frank Capra, and is well worth watching:





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