RABID Hollywood leftist with a Muslim wife, George Clooney, says the U.S. needs to take in thousands more Muslim migrants

By BI: Hey, George, how many Muslim migrants are you and your Muslim supremacist wife putting up in each of your mansions around the world? None? Thought so.


After throwing your wife an Italian wedding fit for royalty, the only extravagant purchase capable of surpassing it is a private island. George Clooney and his new bride, influential lawyer-activist Amal Alamuddin, have purchased a historic English manor nestled upon a private island for $12 million.


During an awards show in Germany the uber liberal Hollywood actor George Clooney decided to weigh in on the migrant crisis plaguing Europe by saying the United States needs to be more like Angela Merkel, whom he calls a “beacon” and take in millions of Muslim freeloaders, rapists and terrorists.