UK Labor Party Elects Muslim Terrorist And ISIS Supporter Sadiq Khan As Candidate for London Mayor’s Race


The UK Labor Pary, which is (in a way) the equivalent of the Democrat party in the USA, has nominated a Muslim terrorist and ISIS supporter as their candidate for the London Mayor’s race.

In an investigation by the UK Daily Mail, it was uncovered that the Labor Candidate, Mr. Sadiq Khan, has regularly appeared at events and associated with groups sponsored by Muslim terrorist groups. Pictures from events he attends regularly show the black flag of ISIS being waved as well as include people with clear terrorist connections such as Moazzam Begg and Anwar Al-Awlaki.

Mr. Khan is no fool. As with any politician, he knows who these groups are and what they stand for. As we have mentioned before, per Islamic theology, silence in the face of a situation is consent to it. There is no doubt that Mr. Khan knows the terrorist affiliations of these groups. It is the fact that he is silent in speaking against them, which is his consent to their actions.

From the UK Daily Mail:

Mr Khan was filmed delivering a speech at the Global Peace and Unity festival in 2008 organised by the Islam Channel, which Ofcom found guilty of extremism both before and after the MP’s appearance.

During Mr Khan’s address, members of the audience were seen proudly flying the ‘flag of global jihad’. 

One boy, who is also apparently wearing a jihadi headband, can be seen brandishing the flag at the camera and grinning.

The flag, displaying white Arabic script on a black background, is used by extremist groups including Al Qaeda and Boko Haram.

A spokesman for Mr Khan said that the banner was simply ‘a black flag with the Islamic statement of faith on it’, and that he was ‘not sure what the jihadi context [was]’.

However, a number of independent experts have confirmed to MailOnline that the flag is a recognised emblem of militant Islam.

‘It is definitely equated with global terrorism, for sure,’ said Kamal Alam, Research Analyst at the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI). 

‘It is totally shocking for a senior Labour MP to give a speech while that flag is being flown and nobody is challenging it.’ 

During his address, the Tooting MP spoke frequently in Arabic and praised Islamic finance, which forbids investing in ‘haram’ industries like alcohol production and pig farming, as well as charging interest.

‘Suddenly, Islamic finance isn’t such a bad thing [following the global financial crash],’ he said.

This will raise concerns about Mr Khan’s intentions for the City of London if he is elected Mayor.

Mr Khan’s speech was organised by the Islam Channel, a controversial Muslim satellite station that has been repeatedly penalised by Ofcom for promoting extremist ideals such as marital rape.



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