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British Pupils Ordered To Convert To Islam For Homework Assignment By Teacher

In journalism, a “trial balloon” is a story or photo that is run with a particular message or angle but written in a subtle manner in order to gauge public reaction for a specific end. It’s done a lot in politics and especially with social ideas, programs, or messages that an organization or the government […]

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Shocking Experiment Shows That Most Swedes Don’t Care And Will Not Help A Woman Getting Raped

If “charity starts at home,” then Sweden is a very uncharitable place. The Muslim invasion of Europe is not a solitary action- it is the culmination of a long period of social, cultural, and above all moral decline. In spite of the “great” welfare system, the average Swede does not care about his neighbor and […]

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“Away With You!” German Patriots Chase Away Bus Full Of Refugees And Police

The German Media and leftist are calling them “Neo-Nazis,” but clearly there are NO Nazis here. Just a bunch of patriotic, angry Germans who are tired of watching Merkel & Co. take their country and turn it into a Muslim third world cesspool. Notice how unlike when Muslims protest there was no violence, no attacking, […]

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Foreign Reporters Are Paying “Refugees” 20 Euros A Person To Pretend To Be Victims of Drowning

Remember the drowned “Syrian boy” photo of Aylan Kurdi which “shocked” the world? Remember how it was revealed later that not only was the family living in Turkey and doing well, but the father was a human trafficker, and given how the boy was clearly moved, nobody knows how he actually died? Well, Greek Orthodox […]

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Fed-Up Germans Applaud Major Fire At “Refugee” Center And Stop Firefighters From Putting The Fire Out

In November 2015, Germans were welcoming the Muslims with teddy bears, candy, hugs, and gifts. Now, they are laughing at watching the Muslims’ accomodations burn. That is a major change in a very short period. This is a look at the near future of Islam in Europe.  Don’t believe it? As the Slavs and the Jews.  If they […]

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Berlin 2016: Muslims Rob People In Broad Daylight, Sell Drugs In The Open, Attack Women And Couples And The Police See It All And Do Nothing

Berlin in 2016 looks more like a cross between West Philadelphia and Algiers than any European city. Robberies in broad daylight, drug sales taking place right in the open, Muslim men attacking women and couples, pickpockets everywhere, and what do the police do? Nothing. If a fight breaks out, they break up the fight and […]

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