If You Want To Play With Fire You May Get Burned- 1 Out Of 6 Homosexual Men Will Get HIV


A man with Kaposi’s Sarcoma, a signature disease of AIDS patients

A new study about HIV/AIDS coming from the CDC reveals that 1 out of 6 homosexual men will contract HIV during their lifetime. That’s just for the whole country.

For black men, 50% will get the disease. For hispanic men, 25% will get the disease. For white men, just under 10% will get the disease. At the same time, the study notes how the rates of infection for men in general, and especially for women, are very low in comparison to homosexual men.

According to the Daily Beast, AIDS infection rates have reached pandemic levels and are increasing. Based on current numbers the states of Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, and Maryland could see infection rates as high as 2% of the total population.

Homosexual activity is a sin for a reason. In addition to the fact that it takes a genitive act and turns it into sterile, self-serving behavior, it also spreads deadly diseases. Dr. Stanley Monteith many years ago wrote a book about this called AIDS: The Unnecessary Epidemic, in which he noted that the HIV/AIDS problem grew into an epidemic starting in the homosexual bath houses in major cities. Among the many solutions that he suggested back in the late 1970s and early 1980s when AIDS became a public health issue, he was scoffed at for among his many recommendations, that the gay clubs and bath houses posed a threat to public health and needed to be closed immediately.

Below is a documentary from CNN in 2002. As it shows, many homosexual men not only engage in very risky sexual practices like “barebacking” (condomless anal sex), but sometimes they intentionally give AIDS to people who want to contract AIDS for the purpose of sexual gratification, called “bug chasing.”

This is the face that the “gay rights” movement does not want you to see. The particularly vile part begins around 40:00: