Months After Zuckerberg Makes Faustian Bargain With Merkel, He Gets Major Award For “Exceptional Talent And Shaping Culture”, Promises To Make “Migrants” A “Protected Class” On Facebook And Prosecute People Who Criticize Them


Judas and Satan, a.k.a. Zuckerberg and Merkel

We have documented here how Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg willingly submitted to pressure from German Chancellor Merkel to support censorship on Facebook of posts critical to Islam and aid in the prosecution of people who put them up. Zuckerberg has proven himself an eager and willing servant. He has seen more “investment” into Facebook, and his own personal wealth has increased. Most interestingly, he is opening a new Facebook office- in Berlin, and is promising to “crack down on hate speech on Facebook.”

In a new development, now Merkel has awarded Zuckerberg with the first ever Axel Springer award, which is given to individuals who “demonstrate an exceptional talent for innovation, to create and transform markets, and shape culture.”

May this be a reminder to us all about the German tale of Faust, which is essentially the story of Judas. Some people will sell their soul to others in support of evil ends for personal gain. They will be successful for a time. But that success will not continue, because this life will end and with it all of the material goods that come with it. When we die and face the Great Judge, all that we will be able to bring with us are our memories, our actions, and their consequences, and that is what we will be judged upon.

Two saying from Jesus come to mind:

“What does it profit a man to gain the whole world yet lose his soul?” -Mark 8:36

“Every tree that does not bear good fruit will be cut down and thrown into the fire.” -Matthew 7:19


From the Christian Science Monitor:

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced on Friday in Berlin that he recognized that Facebook needs to crack down more on “hate speech” against migrants.

In response to the refugee crisis in Europe, and the resulting anti-migrant Facebook postings by neo-Nazi sympathizers, the social media platform hired 200 German employees to monitor the site.

At a Friday meeting attended by more than 1,000 Germans in Berlin, Mr. Zuckerberg told attendees that although it had not previously considered migrants a protected class, such as racial minorities, the platform was willing to admit its mistake.

“Learning more about German culture and German law has led us to change our approach on that,” said Zuckerberg on Friday. “This is always a work in progress. I’m not going to claim up here today that we’re perfect, we’re definitely not.”

“If people, using their own name, incite hatred against other people, not only the government has to act, but also Facebook should do something against those statements,” German Chancellor Angela Merkel told the Rheinische Post.


And now, a reminder from Johnny Cash’s last album:

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