Hundreds Of Migrants Use Battering Ram To Tear Down Macedonian Border Fence, Shout “Allahu Akbar”

In the preface to this video:

In what reminds one of Medieval warfare, hundreds of migrants attempted to break through a fence on the Greece-Macedonia border by charging it with a home-made battering ram. Over 6000 Illegal Immigrants are currently stranded at the border as Macedonia as well as EU members Slovenia and Croatia and Serbia imposed a daily limit of allowing just 580 migrants into the country per day.

Most of them are young men from safe countries heading for Germany following the open invitation of German chancellor who refuses to put any limit on illegal immigration whatsoever.

Authorities fired tear gas and stun guns as thousands of refugees congregated at the border to cross into the Balkan country in a bid to make their way across Europe.

In what is dubbed by the media as the so-called “refugee crisis”, millions of young Muslim men leave behind their family and pay thousands of Euros to human traffickers to travel through a multitude of safe countries to reach wealth nations like Germany or Sweden, who have a “no-limit” policy on illegal immigration and pay generous welfare, including high bonuses for each child they produce. 17% of men aged 15-30 in Germany are now made up of the Muslim men among over 1,000,000 migrants that arrived just last year. It is expected that within 5 years, German men in the age-group of 15-30 will be the minority, with a man-to-woman ratio worse than China.

The UN estimates that with the current level of immigration, Sweden will be a third world nation by 2035 – because there will barely be any Swedes left.

Angela Merkel insists that these people are “highly qualified doctors, engineers and trained personnel who will shape the future of Germany and will prove to be very beneficial to the economy.” Simultaneously, Germany will pay its entire tax surplus, reaching into the tens of billions, to help what is shown in the media as “starving, poor, unaccompanied children and women from war-torn countries”.

If you criticize limitless immigration of Muslim men from 3rd world countries as a German or Swedish citizen, you could face prison or huge fines under “hate speech” laws.