Straight Outta France- Muslims Riot In The Street, Attack Trucks, Attempt Carjackings, Start Fires, Brandish Weapons, Spread Mayhem As Calais Violence Gets Out Of Control

This video was taken yesterday in Calais, France at the camps. The French authorities began to dismantle the camps, and that is when the riot broke out. It looks like something out of a war scene in the Middle East, but it is here, and coming to America very soon unless stopped now:

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  • richinnameonly

    The U.S. MSM shows none of this type of Muslim fueled mayhem. At the same time, the establishment is doing everything it can to stop Trump. Michael Savage says Trump understands that Russia should be an ally of the U.S. to fight the common enemy, Islam. Of course, the established governments hate Trump, Savage, Shoebat, Robert Spencer, Pam Geller, et. al., going so far as to prohibit their travel into some countries. It’s developing into a world wide standoff.

  • Julie

    Wild people…they have no intent to fit in…

  • Catbr

    It’s like everyone was thinking of this fake refugee migration that it was/is an invasion. When anyone tries to fight against these muslim bas tards the government and the police arrests them and not the muslims who are starting the riots. Why isn’t somebody getting to the bottom of this world wide situation? It looks as though the world (the west anyway) is under siege and is being attacked by the Islamic muslims. These muslim invaders start out by attacking governments, schools etc and eventually it becomes violent. There will be wide spread violence here too, soon.

  • Eric Mueller

    A simple solution for the truckers: DON’T STOP!!!!!! In fact run them over, it would be for the best in the long run. Now for the cars it would be a bit more tricky because I would imagine running these demons over would cause damage. Think about this though would you rather have damage to your car or forcibly be removed from your vehicle and beheaded on the side of the road?

  • marlene

    Because they can.