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American Forces Make A Huge Blood Bath And Slaughter 150 Muslim Terrorists

By Theodore Shoebat American forces slaughtered 150 Muslim terrorists in Somalia, according to one report: More than 150 al-Shabaab fighters were killed as they stood in formation at a graduation ceremony, a U.S. official said Monday. The strike, which used manned and unmanned aircraft, targeted a terrorist training camp in Raso, Somalia. Raso is located […]

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IDAHO Republicans’ first legislation of 2016 would ban sharia law

By BI: Rep. Eric Redman, (R-Post Falls), introduced his first bill on Wednesday: A measure seeking to ban recognition of Sharia, or Islamic, law in Idaho courts, despite the fact that Idaho could lose $46 million in (Obama) government funding because of it. Idaho Spokesman  Redman distributed stacks of handouts to the Idaho House Ways and […]

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AWESOME! Illinois patriot under fire for Muslim reality yard art

By BI: An East Peoria, Illinois man’s yard is at the center of a racial (What ‘race’ is Islam?) controversy. The silhouette cutouts at Dennis Murdy’s home show a hunter pointing a shotgun at a person wearing an Islamic-looking rag on his head, while surrendering. WDTN  Murdy claims he’s expressing his freedom of speech. “The Muslims and […]

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Angela Merkel has granted visa-free status to 80 million Muslims, many of them Syrian jihadists, from Turkey

By BI: EUROPE is facing a mass migration timebomb with a visa-free travel deal for Turkish citizens set to unleash an “unstoppable influx” on the continent, a top German politician has warned. There are more than a million Syrians now in Turkey, waiting to cross the border into Europe. UK Express   Officials in Brussels offered Turkey […]

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Minimum Two-Thirds Of All The Recent “Refugees” To The EU Are Not Fleeing ISIS At All And Are Just Coming For Promises Of Easy Money

For months now we have been told that the “migrants” were fleeing to Europe because of ISIS. Now anybody with a sliver of brains could have told you that was true only for the minority, and that the majority were coming for promises of easy living and an 800 Euros a month welfare check from the […]

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Deranged Left-Wing Activists Angrily Protest For Open Borders And Unlimited Muslim “Migration” To The UK

The leftists will never learn. They are so filled with hatred for themselves and for others that they will oversee the murder of their own civilization at the hands of others. Notice the “London2Calais” banners. As we have documented, Calais is a third-world ghetto. Muslim “migrants” run wild in the lawless city robbing trucks, attacking […]

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Busted? News Source Claims Says That Marco Rubio Has Carried On At Least TWO Affairs Since He Has Been In Office

From can confirm through lobbyist sources in DC and Tallahassee that at least one DC-based lobbyist has had an extra marital affair with the first term U.S. Senator. Still another Florida-based lobbyist has been IDed as carrying on an affair. The first woman was Amber Stoner, a 36-year-old woman who worked for Rubio […]

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German Government Releases Graphic And Racist Guide To Teach “Migrants” How To Have Sex

If there needs to be a website to teach “migrants” what appropriate sexual behavior in society is, they should not be allowed in at all. That said, the website,, is very simple and reads like the pornographic Planned Parenthood sex guides the group markets to American teens. There are a lot of illustrations too, […]

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Left Wing “Anti-Fascist” Protesters In Canada Pour Human Urine On Journalist For Saying “There Are Only Two Genders”

The self-styled leftist, “anti-fascist,” social justice warriors who always preach “tolerance” and “diversity” are the some of the foulest and most repressive people in the west today. These useful idiots have no limits and will stop at nothing to silence, intimidate, and destroy their opponents. Lauren Southern is a libertarian journalist with Rebel Media in […]

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African “Refugee” Savages Terrorize White French Women And Teenagers By Pointing Fake Guns At Them While Laughing, Say They Are “Exposing Racism”

People laugh at Americans for our emphasis on “gun rights” and “second amendment,” but this video is why the second amendment exists- to keep criminal savages like these from terrorizing people. These clowns think they are pretty funny, and they can laugh only because the French police will do nothing to stop them and the law-abiding […]

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