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Hindus Enter Church And Attack And Beat Sixty Christians, They Then Take The Christian Women And Strip Them Naked To Humiliate Them

By Theodore Shoebat  Hindus in India attacked a church and beat sixty Christians. They then took the Christian women and stripped them naked to humiliate them. These Hindu savages have the spirit of Ham who laughed at his father because he was naked, and they have that same spirit as those of whom Christ said, […]

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Photo of people beheaded by the cartel

Officers Hunt Down And Kill Mexican Drug Cartels, The Cartel Captures Them And Kills Them All Right Near The Texas Border

  Two officers in Mexico, known for hunting down cartel members, were captured and executed right near the Texas border. Their bodies were found at a local hotel at the border city of Piedras Negras, alongside the body of a woman. Here are the photos:     According to one report: Authorities in this border city […]

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fuck nato copy

The Serbian Government Just Signed An Agreement That Will Allow Turkey To Enter Its Country, This Is Going To Open The Gates For The Muslims To Invade Serbia And The Rest Of Eastern Europe. Tens Of Thousands Of Christians Take To The Streets To Fight Against This Antichrist Takeover Of Their Country

By Theodore Shoebat The Serbian government has given NATO states full access into its country. This agreement is only going to enable Turkey to later on conquer Serbia and the rest of the Balkans. As our Balkans correspondent, Lazar, tells us, Serbia is the bulwark that prevents Turkey access into the rest of Eastern Europe. […]

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Has-Been “Comedian” Sarah Silverman Tries To Lampoon Trump On Conan O’Brien Show And Only Succeeds In Making Herself Look More Foolish Than She Already Is

The aging, childless, and clinically depressed Sarah Silverman is trying once again to bring attention to her has-been comedy routine by dressing up as former infamous German Chancellor Adolph Hitler for the Conan O’Brien show in a failed lampoon of Donald Trump. At this point, looking at these leftists carry out the same accusations against […]

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Florida Governor Rick Scott Lets MSNBC Corner Him And Bully Him On Live TV Over Donald Trump’s Comments About Islam

The exchange begins around 1:50. It is not good that MSNBC, which is already very liberal, cut off his time at the request of Ms. Brzezinski. It is another sign that our society’s heart is corrupted and dishonest, and we are becoming just like the very USSR that we so hated not more than three […]

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Turkish Man Picks Up Syrian Refugee Toddler And Body Slams Him Into Concrete Sidewalk In Busy Market

Thankfully the child appears to be OK and a lot of people confronted the man who did this. However, imagine if this had been in Europe- say, a non-Muslim European man slamming the same Muslim toddler into the ground. It would have made international news and be replayed constantly with the sole intention of inflaming […]

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U.S. Catholic Bishops raking in millions in tax dollars to colonize American towns with MUSLIM migrants posing as refugees from Middle Eastern and African countries

By BI: We are all ‘xenophobes’ now— including any governors with concerns about a state’s right to control the resettlement of expensive (and often hostile and potentially dangerous) Muslim refugees, many of whom will live on welfare for the rest of their lives, to their states. RRW  The New  York Times continues its attacks on Red […]

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UPDATE on the ‘Bacha Bazi’ dancing boy prostitutes of Afghanistan

By BI: In Afghanistan, where women are kept like chattel and covered in blue shrouds, local men crave entertainment and sex at any cost. RT talked to “bachas”, boys dressed as women who dance for older men at male-only parties, and “playboys”, the bosses who recruit them. A private party usually ends up with guests bidding […]

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HOORAY! Donald Trump wins British award for ‘Islamophobe of the Year 2016’

By BI: U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump has won the coveted award for the 2016 “Islamophobe of the Year Award,” run by the Hezbollah-sympathizing, British-based Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC). TIME Magazine  Other nominees in the international category were Dr. Ben Carson, one of his competitors in the race for the Republican nomination, Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung […]

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This is Brooklyn, New York. Yes, BROOKLYN!

By BI: There is no reason for Muslims to prostrate themselves on the sidewalk and part of the street in a high-traffic area of Brooklyn. There are more than enough mosques to accommodate all the Muslims. The reason they do this is because they are supremacists and want to show us that wherever Muslims go, […]

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