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Turkey’s Erdogan Being Worshipped Again As God While Prophecy Lines Up: Russia Allies With Israel And Distances From Iran As Ezekiel 38 Predicted

By Walid Shoebat Erdogan is at it again, trying to become a god and a Mahdi and the future conqueror of Europe. Lawmakers in Turkey attribute to Erdogan new titles of deity. Even from an Islamic Wahhabist perspective this is blaspheming. Al-Monitor in a recent article reported the story: “Take, for instance, the stunning remarks AKP […]

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The Governments Of Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia And Macedonia, Shut Down Their Borders To Block Muslims From Entering Their Countries

The governments of Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Macedonia have shut down the borders to block Muslim invaders from entering. According to one report:   Several European nations have partially shut down their borders in order to better control the overflow of refugees, which has reportedly left tens of thousands of migrants stranded, and drawn […]

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Muslims Conduct Systematic Massacre And Slaughter Three Hundred Christians

Muslims in Nigeria massacred three hundred Christians in a major massacre that occurred within a matter of days. I did a whole video on this:     According to one report: Muslim Fulani herdsmen, believed to be buoyed by Boko Haram insurgents posing as the nomadic cattlemen, continue to occupy farmland in Benue state, Nigeria, […]

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Franklin Graham Declares: “This is Islam: They persecute the church, they persecute Christians.” He Also Says That The US Government Should Bring Persecuted Christians Into The United States Instead Of Muslims

Franklin Graham just declared: “This is Islam: They persecute the church, they persecute Christians.” He also stated that the US should bring in persecuted Christians instead of Muslims. As we read in one report: Commenting on the persecution of Christians and other religious minorities in the Middle East, Rev. Franklin Graham noted the barbarity of the […]

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Christian Judge In UK Gets Fired Because He Said THREE YEARS AGO That Homosexuals Should Not Adopt Children Because Children Do Better With A Mother And A Father

Forget about Rod Serling’s TV show. We are living in the Twilight Zone today, especially when you see how within a few decades the West has gone into the complete cultural cesspool. These comments were made three years ago, yet he is being persecuted for them today. Christians, this is just the beginning. Who knows? […]

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19-Year-Old Muslim Man Rapes 6-Year-Old Muslim Child In Swedish Refugee Center

The Swedish police are not releasing many details other than it was between two refugees at a refugee center and the ages above. These children, Muslim and non-Muslim, are being scarred for life because of the uncontrollable lusts of these Muslim men. If these “refugees” are an insight into the cultural underbelly of the Muslim […]

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“The Turk Is A Spiritual Barbarian, A Fraud, And Like A Wild, Dirty Dog”- Full Speech Of Greek EU Representative That Got Him Banned From The EU Parliament For Telling The Truth About Turkey

Last week we reported on that the EU Parliament banned Greek Representative and retired General Eleftherios Synadinos after calling him a “racist” for making a speech in which he called the Turks barbarians and dogs, and the the only way to deal with them was with a resolute will. When historians look back on […]

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Liberal “Refugee” Sympathiser Gets Robbed By “Refugee Children” On Camera And Loses It

The “children” took everything- her purse, her phone, her credit cards, her money, and anything else they could get their hands on. If this is how they treat the do-gooder types who come to help them, what will they do to society in ten years from now?   CHRISTIANS ARE BEING KILLED AND RAPED EVERY […]

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British Muslim gets away with murder because he claims he was fasting for Ramadan and blacked out behind the wheel

By BI: NO JAIL TIME FOR UK MUSLIM who killed a father of 8 after he alleged he blacked out at the wheel of his car while fasting during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. Sajid Hussain (photo below) thinks he “dozed off” or something before running over and killing a man who was strapping […]

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Pro-Amnesty “Lyin’ Ted” commercial from the Trump campaign

By BI: Ted Cruz claims to be a champion against illegal immigration, but he wants to give the illegals a pathway to citizenship once they are already here. How is that different from Clinton or Sanders, or even Rubio for that matter? LYIN' TED — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 13, 2016

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