French Government Launches “Anti-Hate” Campaign Against Critics Of Islam, Totally Ignores The Muslim Invasion Of Its Nation

In another bout of leftist lunacy, the French government has devised a series of public service advertisements aimed at stopping the “hate” in France against “Migrants” and “Muslims.” As many people already know, “migrant” and “Muslim” are practically synonymous in Europe in the same way that in the UK “Asian” is often used as a code word for “Muslim from Bangladesh/India/Pakistan.”

The videos, each of which is about a half-minute in length, recreates scenes of “violence” and “hate” against Muslims, which we know are clearly supposed to be committed by non-Muslim French natives :

Translation: Racism begins with words and ends with beatings, assaults, and blood

The words at the end of the video says “Anti-Muslim acts begin with words and end with beatings, assaults, and blood”

These and more videos are linked to a French government website entitled “All United Against Hate” (Tous Unis Contre La Haine). According to the site, it states for its purpose:

The fight against racism, anti-Semitism and xenophobia is a priority of the Government.Racism results in context, behavior or violence against people because of their origin or religion or because their physical appearance. the law prohibits and punishes racism and anti-Semitism in all its forms. The penalties vary depending on how they are expressed: insulting; a different and unfavorable treatment compared to others (it may be a while discrimination); physical violence.

In addition to this, the site also encourages people and tells them how to report others for “racism” and other “hate crimes.” As you can tell, this not only includes people who actually do things, but also people who express opinions deemed “hateful,” which is code-word for “critical of Islam”:


Notice the “big brother” eye in the “report racist content online” section on the left

Anti-Muslim. Anti-Semitism. Anti-Immigrant.

Where is the anti-Christian part?

And yet we see another example where the liberal reveals his true identity, because one can infer from this that “hate crimes” (if that can even be called a term, as it is an oxymoron- nobody commits a crime against another for the sake of love), if they are committed against a Frenchman or a Christian, are OK.

Meanwhile, France is collapsing internally from Muslim violence. There are many “Muslim no-go areas” throughout the whole country. The violence in major cities is so common, so pervasive, that a simple search on youtube for “Muslim violence france” reveals a plethora of evidence dating back over a decade documenting this:


To those who haven’t made the connection: “Anti-hate” is code for “Anti-Christian” and “Anti-European.”

The French and other western European governments have sold out their people and, like with the massacres of the American Indians during the 17th through the 19th centuries at the hands of the US Government, the European governments are targeting their own native populations for extinction and their intentional replacement with hordes of third-world Muslim barbarians.