Nick Folkes wearing the Australian version of "Rapefugees Stay Away!" T Shirt

Nick Folkes wearing the Australian version of “Rapefugees Stay Away!” T Shirt

On 20 March 2016, a group of 15 patriotic Australians from Party For Freedom under the leadership of Nick Folkes, rallied against a pro-Muslim public gathering held in Belmore Park in Central, Sydney, New South Wales, which was formed by the likes of various left wing groups such as The Greens, Socialist Alliance, Antifa and many pro-refugee lobbyists combined with apostate church groups such as the Uniting Church and apostate elements from the Catholic Church. It was a David vs. Goliath situation of 15 patriotic Australians against hundreds of pro-Islamic and antichrist supporters seeking the destruction of the Judeo-Christian heritage of Australia and the West.

Whilst the antichrist, pro-Islamic crowd with all their socialist agenda sought to promote the idea of letting in Muslim refugees at the expense of the security and well-being of the nation, Party For Freedom patriots were not daunted and held up banners and signs fighting against this element of destruction in the nation. It is noteworthy that amongst the godless antichrist crowd, the Communist flag of the former Soviet Union with the red background and the sickle and hammer as well as the star was being flown in the background, thus indicating strongly the antichrist nature of these pro refugee supporters. They were even advocating that Australia remove her borders altogether and form a “one world” community in the name of the usual jargon of “peace and love”. Those who naturally disagreed with them, were automatically shouted down as “racists” and “bigots”. To which one can reply: “Since when is Islam a race?” This was one of Party For Freedom’s counter-arguments against this antichrist rabble which has never been satisfactorily answered to this day. In addition, to those who wish to accuse “racism” on the part of Party For Freedom, perhaps they never considered the fact that the founder and leader, Nicholas Folkes is married to a Japanese woman, and that on that day, there were people of different ethnic groups expressing support for the resistance against the Islamic invasion, amongst whom were 2 Oriental men, one of whom was a Korean young man. To counter the destructive element, Party For Freedom had signs up that said: “Rapefugees not welcome!” (based on the fact that these Muslim refugees have an evil habit of raping our citizens, both male and female) as well as “Don’t unpack! You’re going back!”; “Islamic Refugees Not Welcome!”;”Stop White Genocide!”; “Muslim Terrorists Are Not Welcome Here! Neither Are Their Leftist Supporters!” and also “Oppose Antifa, Islam and Communism!” and the best: “Islam: A Crime Against Humanity!”

As expected, there was opposition from the pro-leftist and pro-Muslim crowd. Many of these Green traitors even admitted that they were ashamed to be Australian. In addition to all this, Party For Freedom did not give way and continued to make the voice of reason clear on loudspeaker against the deluded antichrists. However, since there was no rationality in the arguments of the traitorous mob, all they could yell at us was “racist” (not considering that they themselves were racist against whites or encouraging hatred of whites along with hatred of Jews too) and “bigots” (not considering that they were bigoted against the Judeo-Christian foundations of the West). Had it not been for the NSW police keeping a serious barrier and distance between Party For Freedom and the rabble, there would have been a very bloody encounter. Furthermore, due to the fact that many of these Muslim refugees and their godless antichrist leftist supporters are either paedophiles or supporters of paedophilia, one of the slogans chanted by Party For Freedom against them was: “Paedo scum! Off our Streets!” But that was not all. Due to the fact that these leftist hypocrites are happy to support foreign ownership of residential property and businesses, Nick Folkes berated their hypocrisy and stated: “Why don’t you care about the homeless on our streets? You don’t care even about foreign Chinese ownership of residential property either!” Just to clarify, Party For Freedom does not oppose those who are ethnically Chinese that have become citizens and have given their absolute loyalty to Australia. Party For Freedom is actually opposed to Communist China’s ownership of residential property and businesses at the expense of the Australian people. In fact, in one of Party For Freedom’s previous rallies, there were people from Hong Kong who were ethnically Chinese, that supported the stance of Party For Freedom and have actually become members. Nevertheless, the hypocrisy and false compassion of these godless leftists is evident to all. They only care for those who would bring destruction and chaos to the nation since they hate the Judeo-Christian morality and foundations of the West more than anything else.

Rapefugees rally

Enough said about the rally. It could now be concluded from all of this that sadly, people who are concerned for the well-being of the nation seems to be a minority against those many deceived people who are happy to accept deception and the satanic agenda of an Antichrist government. It is a case of “My people love to have it so.” (Jeremiah 5:31) Even more tragic is to see church groups, who are obviously apostates, using the name of our Lord Jesus Christ to abet the Antichrist agenda. If only we had more Christians, whether Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant to support Party For Freedom rallies against evil. After all, the Church is not called “the Church Militant and Triumphant” for nothing. The voice and stance of Christians against Islam, Communism, sodomite promotion and other evils need to be stronger in not only the private arena but even more importantly, in the public arena, especially in the government of our nations. Will we ever before our Lord Jesus Christ returns to defeat the Antichrist, have someone like King David, whom the Scriptures summarise his reign in these words: “So David reigned over all Israel, and executed judgment and justice among all his people.” (I Chronicles 18:14)? It is about time we got a godly government whereby there would be a minister of God, not a minister of Satan, who beareth not the sword in vain, to combat all the evils that are ruining Australia as a nation. (Romans 13:1-7).

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  • SRN99

    They are welcome only after they renounce their filthy islamic religion

  • Kamau41

    “After all, the Church is not called “the Church Militant and Triumphant” for nothing. The voice and stance of Christians against Islam, Communism, sodomite promotion and other evils need to be stronger in not only the private arena but even more importantly, in the public arena, especially in the government of our nations.”AWESOME!!!!! Nick Folkes and these 15 very RIGHTEOUS WARRIORS are leading and demonstrating how to fight Satan and evil.


      I was amongst the crowd of 15. However, I hid myself and did not wish to mention about myself in the article. The Left constantly prove how Satanic they are and in fact, they are satanically inspired just as Marx was inspired by Satan. Read “Marx and Satan” by Richard Wurmbrand and you will get the full picture.

  • richinnameonly

    Good report, Thomas. Thank you!


    Not so surprised about this. Do you have a link or a video on this?


    The media has continually called any opposition to Islam as “race” related and “racism”, which is not correct by proper definition since Islam is an ideology not a race.Furthermore, Islam has followers from different colours of skin so to oppose Islam is clearly not opposition to Arabs or Middle Easterners but to various skin colours that subscribe to an ideology. To oppose Islam is actually being equal opportunity in criticism.


    Amen. Islam is an ideology not a race. Yet continually we are hearing from the godless left-wing media that to oppose Islam is “race related” and “racist”. Since Muslims come in all manner of different colours, to oppose Islam is actually to be equal opportunity, because we oppose all who subscribe to such a godless, antichrist ideology.


    Continually, the media has termed all opposition to Islam as “race related” and “racist”, despite the fact that Islam is an ideology that has people from many colours. To oppose Islam therefore is actually being equal opportunity since we oppose all who subscribe to this ideology.


    Arabs are Semites. But I do agree on one thing. Our immigration policy failed us in having indiscriminate immigration and not enforcing Christian teaching on immigrants. When people came to Australia during the 60s and 70s, they were given a King James Bible, not only as a gesture of good will, but also as a reminder that they pledge to be part of Australia and not to seek the destruction of our Judeo-Christian foundations. The founder of Party For Freedom, Nick Folkes, has a copy of this Bible, since his parents originally came from Russia into Australia during that period of time.