• richinnameonly

    A sick and hard life.

  • Steven

    I’m very positive this will never go viral because it’s states the truth. Nobody wants that!

    Meanwhile, a banner that said “Stop the mosques” that was held up during a sports game in Australia went viral within the first day and everyone was calling it racism… As if Islam is a race.

  • Kamau41

    Her quote in the beginning of the transcript tells it like it is, plain and simple along with the context. ‘Let me tell you something right now, there are no “moderate muslims”. There are no “assimilated muslims.”‘ Her message is as clear as it can get.

  • Tom_mcewen

    Move away from home, and never give them a forwarding address and change your name.

  • Dixie Vangelisti

    May GOD protect and bless you, little lady. I’m proud of you!!!