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TRUMP EFFECT: Making America feel good again and shaking up Europe

By BI: The Trump Effect is spreading all over the world with right wing politicians in Western Europe picking up the Trump baton and telling people what they really think, rather than what political correctness dictates they should say. Not surprisingly, the media elites and political class in Britain and Europe loathe and fear Donald Trump. […]

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Is the bacon on your McDonald’s bacon cheeseburger kind of soggy now?

By BI: Received from a customer of McDonald’s in Michigan: “I got a Quarter Pounder and Erica got some Crispy Chicken, BLT Burger (Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato) The crispy had some rectangular things like corn chips but her bacon was cold and sort of pale and watery. When she questioned it at the counter and said the bacon should […]

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SWEDEN: Women are being told to change their behavior if they don’t want to be raped by Muslim migrants posing as refugees

By BI: But nobody is doing anything to stop the Muslim migrants, many of whom are illegal aliens, from sexually assaulting and raping Swedish women and and especially young girls in the streets. And not only in Sweden: NORWAY: Police issue a stark warning for Women not to go out at night alone after town hit […]

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UPDATE! First they made their Easter eggs sharia-compliant. Now CADBURY has also axed the word ‘Easter’ from its halal (Islamic-approved) Easter eggs and bunnies to appease Muslims

By BI: Not only has Cadbury gone ‘halal,’ starting this year, the British chocolate maker also crucified the word Easter, in ‘honor’ of Easter, in order not to offend Muslim religious ‘sensibilities.’ From now on, there will be no more ‘Easter on these halal-certified Easter eggs, because the company obviously doesn’t give a damn about offending […]

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Next time you are in a long airport security line, thank the nearest Muslim for turning airplane travel into a dreaded, thoroughly unpleasant experience

By BI: Imagine you are on this plane and none of the crew intervenes when a Muslim supremacist decides to disturb all the passengers with this loud and offensive screaming which he claims is his way of praying to Allah. What would you do?

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Muslim Man Declares That The Only Way To Salvation Is Through Jesus Christ, A Muslim Comes And Stabs Him And He Almost Dies, And He Says: “I was dead but Jesus Christ, he saved me. I had a dream of him and he gave me this life.” The Muslims Then Attack And Murder His Aunt

A Muslim man in Pakistan declared that Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation; a Muslim stabbed him and he almost died. He later on said that “I was dead but Jesus Christ, he saved me. I had a dream of him and he gave me this life.” The Muslims would eventually murder his […]

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Muslim Leader Sends Out This Message To Christians: ‘We Vow That We Will Slaughter More Of You, Christians!’

The Muslims who slaughtered over seventy people (many of whom were Christians) in an Easter celebration have sent out a message to Christians that they vow to slaughter more Christians. According to one report: The brutal Taliban faction that claimed responsibility for the deadly Easter Sunday attack in Pakistan has identified the suicide bomber to […]

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We Are Just Over One Third Of The Way Through The Year Of Mercy- Have You Taken Advantage Of It Yet?

2016 is a special year in the Catholic Church because for the first time ever the holy Father has designated it the “year of mercy.” This not only means there would be a greater focus on God’s mercy being preached in the pulpits, but that it would also translate to God’s forgiveness from the people […]

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Ridiculous: British Government Investigating “Race Hate Crime” Of Fake Wresting Match Where English Hero “Tony Spitfire” Bodyslams “Hakeem” The Arab

“Hakeem” vs. English Hero “Tony Spitfire” I thought this was hilarious. Nobody ever takes “pro wresting” (i.e. WWE) seriously. Everybody knows it’s a show and it gives people something stupid and funny to laugh at. It’s even better when you have a “English Hero” bodyslamming a guy named “Hakeem” with a big fake beard and […]

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Hungary Fights Back Against Muslim Invaders And Reinforces Its Borders With Serbia

Double the number of Muslims are attempting to illegally cross Hungary’s southern border with Serbia. Thankfully, Hungary is stepping up its borders to keep out as many people as possible. They have been on the front lines of this refugee invasion just like how in the past they were often times the borderlands in the […]

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Gang Of Muslims Savagely Attack Swiss Teenager At Train Station For No Apparent Reason, Beat His Head With Rocks, Nobody Does Anything To Stop Them Because They Are Too Scared

As I have said before, silence in the face of evil is consent to it. This also applies to action. Inaction in the fact of clear, gross evil is consent to that evil. This story is becoming very common throughout Europe, where gangs of Muslims savagely attack Europeans with no motivation other than their pure, […]

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Belgian Muslims Not Only Ran Over Another Muslim Woman And Did Not Care, But They Were Drunk, High On Drugs, And Then Took Pictures Of The Accident Before Driving Into Parked Cars

Two days ago, I wrote about two Muslim men who ran over a Muslim woman in Molenbeek, Belgium and it was caught on camera. The Muslims and corrupt Western Media blamed it on Europeans, in spite of the fact that the men who committed the crime were later arrested and clearly shown to be Muslims. […]

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