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ISIS Is Now Invading The Philippines, They Take Two Christians And Behead Them, Filipino Forces Overpower Twenty Four Of The Muslims And Kill Them All In 10 Hour Long Gun Battle

By Theodore Shoebat ISIS terrorists in the Philippines are now trying to invade the country, cooperating and working with local Muslim militias. Just recently Muslims who pledged allegiance to ISIS took two Christians, Salvador Hanobas and Jemark Hanobas, and beheaded them. Though their religion has not been specified, the fact that one of their names […]

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Muslim “Refugee” Said He Wanted Better Accomodations So He Burned Down The HOTEL He Was Staying In And Painted Swastikas In The Area To Blame “Right Wing Extremists”

A photo of the burning hotel The German media reported this story as a “racist” attack against the “poor refugees,” but they were forced into shame when they discovered that the arson fire which severely damaged the hotel and nearly killed several people was actually a selfish, 26-year-old Muslim who wanted better lodging. Of course […]

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Britain First Holds Peaceful Protest Outside Mosque In East London And Is Savagely Attacked By Rampaging Muslim Hordes Coming Out Of The Mosque

England is no longer England anymore. It is good to see that some of the English are standing up against the Muslims. However, their time is limited. The British Police will not prosecute the people who commit these crimes like they do Muslims, and in addition to that, more than mere protesting is needed to […]

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Two Dozen German Soldiers Defect To The Ranks Of ISIS As Dozens More Are Infiltrating The German Military And Helping To Carry Out Terror Attacks

This report from Russia Today is interesting, but it does not answer a central question- Were these people ethnic Germans or Muslims? You see, this is the central issue because it determines how grave this situation is. If these people were Turks, Arabs, or another non-European race, it would still be a problem, but it would […]

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Donald Trump Slams Republican Party And Their Shenanigans- “The Party Is Playing Dirty. Everybody Has Been Disenfranchised”

“Thousands and thousands of people were lied to and misled during the election. And you know what – that’s dirty stuff and the same things happening right now – the party is playing dirty. And we gotta to show our Republican Party you’ve been disenfranchised. Everybody has. You gotta show the Republican Party that they […]

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French PM Admits That The French Republic Exists To Oppose The Catholic Church And Instead Give Special Favors To Islam And Muslims

French PM Manuel Valls Several months ago I did an article about must-read conspiracy books about the Catholic Church. One of those books was Memoirs Illustrating A History of Jacobinism by Fr. Augustin Barruel. This book was the first expose on the role of Freemasonry and other Christ hating people and groups in the infamous French […]

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