The Amazing Story Of A Woman Who Saw Jesus And Was Taken In A Time Tunnel To Biblical Times To Witness Christ’s Life Story In Great Detail


By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Sunday Special)

For two decades being a Christian I never once believed anyone who said “God told me” until this week when a priest told me of a woman who claimed “Jesus told me”. In the early 1940’s during World War II, she claimed Jesus appeared to her and walked her through Christ’s entire 3.5 year ministry.

I thought to myself, I could refute this in five minutes. As I read her writings, this lady walks you through the life of Christ from infancy to the Crucifixion. I have never seen something like this. Here I reviewed someone who travelled beyond time mentioning hundreds of  historic personalities describing in detail thousands of conversations Jesus and His disciples had, giving the years and seasons as if she was there herself with Jesus.

She includes amazing insight and knowledge on Christ’s ministry and his exact itinerary for over 350 ministry sites Jesus travelled to.

In the 15,000 pages, she did not only hear and see Jesus but she actually felt the experience in every step of the way describing roads, towns, cities, plants that are exclusive to the Holy Land and even in some areas surrounding the very village I lived in Bethlehem which are not even in the map which we knew by tradition passed down from the ancients.

But it wasn’t only her description of Bethlehem during Christ’s ministry which was intriguing, but 254 additional geographical sites mentioned in only one of her volumes alone titled “The Poem of the Man-God” in which she was describing areas many of which were not even listed in the 1939 International Standard Bible Encyclopedia or the Macmillan Bible Atlas.

Finally I met my match. And I know, Christ warned “to test the spirits” and to try to find theological errors before discounting it. The woman is so heavily slandered by many which grasped my interest even more since slander is key to finding the saints.

But before I share her name or all the amazing beef, I must say that one would do the typical and google her name to find out a few lousy comments, opinions, condemnations and unfair views and you would dismiss her and move on.

Not so easy. This is usually the first reaction the lazy servant does.

My research on this lady started the day the priest arrived to bless my mother who wanted to become Catholic. My mother’s conversion began after she started to read about Catholicism on the internet. Apparently after all my writings for a while about my Catholic convictions, I didn’t realize that low and behold, my own mother was accessing my articles on the internet and she was reading my defense of the Eucharist amongst other articles I wrote which compelled her to ask I bring her a Catholic priest.

She said she is ready to sell the Protestant farm, confess her sins, get absolved and take the Eucharist. In obedience, I did as my mother asked and as soon as she met with the priest my mother started to confess what bothered her the most; she had blamed herself for the death of my sister Aida in Jericho which occurred in 1965 blaming herself ever since. I excused myself to let the priest conduct his mission and now with my mother converted, the whole family including my children and my wife are all infected with Catholicism and we pray daily that we never recover.

Most who would listen to my mom’s pains would probably conclude she did not commit the sin she was so much worried about. She too was slandered by my father who blamed her as long as he lived accusing her of negligence thus claiming she murdered her own daughter. It was a dagger that was thrust by my Muslim father into the heart of my then-Protestant mother. She had given birth to my sister Aida on New Years of 1965 in Jericho which was literally the lowest place on earth, 800 some feet below sea level and one of the hottest hellholes in Israel. Keep in mind “below” sea level. Death Valley is only 279 feet below sea level and I lived near there as well. We had just came back from another hellhole, Saudi Arabia where my father worked for ARAMCO (Arabian-American Oil Company).

The heat was so unbearable that one time my mother after bathing my baby sister Aida who was 4 month old she had turned on the table fan my father bought to ease the heat, I still remember the brand-name of the fan: Hulda. On that fateful day Aida caught an ear infection and then a pneumonia hit her and her condition got worse and she died a few days later. Jericho was a hellhole. In Jericho at the time, there were hyenas and wild dogs everywhere. Three of them almost ate my other sister Mona as she took a shortcut through some fields early one morning on her way to school. As they started chasing her, she ran, terrified, toward a nearby hut where a woman there yelled for her to run faster and when Mona got to the hut’s open window, the woman quickly pulled her inside so the hyenas wouldn’t eat her. One day I myself also nearly got eaten by a hyena at the local park called Muntaza al-Bardoni where they kept baboons and hyenas in cages.

One hyena’s cage was locked with a thin wire. As I stood to watch, the hyena stared at me, snarled, then started viciously biting on the wire to break it, I guess because I looked like a plump, tasty little dinner. I was terrified and started screaming my little bloody head off.

My dad bought me a bottle of Coke to try and distract me, but I just kept screaming because I was convinced the hyena was going to break out and attack me. My instincts were dead on: later the same day, that hyena chewed through the wire and got loose. They had to shoot it before it killed someone.

In Jericho we also had deadly scorpions and giant centipedes four-inch-thick and a foot-long. We also had giant pythons the width of a road and asps that would rise up standing.

So why I am telling you all this? Firstly, see if you do not believe me, spend a few months to find out just this little story I told here. See if you find a fan from the sixties with a brand name Hulda, examine if there was a park in Jericho that is long gone named al-Bardoni and even another I attended were I got my skull fractured named Al-Rawda in Jericho where baboons, peacocks and hyenas were caged, see if there were pythons, asps that stand, giant centipedes and even horned snakes, hyenas and rabid dogs roaming in Jericho to check if I am telling the truth. That is if you were an honest researcher with a ton of time on your hands. You will find out that I am telling the truth of things that existed before Israel took that land in 1967, two years after my sister died. All this vermin is now long gone.

Secondly, all this relates to the story of this lady who said that Jesus spoke to her. It takes years to verify my own account I mention here. Just think how many decades it will take to verify the accounts written by this lady in her 15,000 pages of “Jesus told me”?

We kids passed the sin to Hulda, the table fan, but that didn’t ease my mom’s guilt she carried with her for decades. We left a day later in the taxicab while riding on these windy roads from Jericho to Bethlehem going uphill through the deserted hills and steep canyons while my dad repeated so many times “Marilyn killed Aida”.

Aida, my sister’s name is a semitic name which means ‘I will return’; my mom named her in hope one day she ‘return’ to the promised land: the United States of America. She did not return until three decades later when I concocted a way for her to escape with her life. That is another story for a book.

After burying Aida in the family plot in Beit Sahour-Bethlehem we spent a few days sleeping at my grandfather’s home where mattresses are taken from the indentations in the rooms and laid outside on the  terrace as it was the custom where people slept on flat rooftops and terraces.

The priest after asking us to leave as to hear Mom’s confession and gained absolution, we sat for a private celebration. We hit it off with the priest who was partially Lebanese. He was fascinated with one named Maria Valtorta (1897 – 1961). Valtorta, the priest said, was vehemently slandered after documenting her claim to have been visited by Jesus Who passed down to her additional fillers not known in the past from when the Son of God visited earth and had pointed out so much detail of Israel’s typography, historic locations and detail about the life of Christ unknown to man.

Being the doubting Thomas that I was, I said to the priest that this will be a breeze to examine. When it comes to charismatic claims I always leaned more on the side of caution since for decades while I was Protestant I witnessed Pentecostal charismatics express ‘word of knowledge’ and I never trusted a single message since they all lack any serious evidence.

While these correctly referred to 1 Corinthians 12, Romans 12, Ephesians 4, 1 Peter 4 as their foundation, I could not find serious evidence from either their prophetic utterances or their miraculous claims or from the theological soundness when compared to scripture.

After dropping the priest off, later on as I read, I was confronted with not just some short declarations, but with 15,000 pages of the “Jesus told me” type of messages which were printed in 10 volumes given to her, she claimed, within 3.5 years.

As I perused, I finally got my challenge and quest I have been seeking that if charismatic experiences were  true, show me some real evidence?

This ‘Jesus told me’ writings provided intricate detail for what occurred between the events mentioned in the Gospels where the Holy Spirit simply gave a summary, just enough for our Manna from heaven. But in the twentieth century much has been clouded by so-called experts and historic revisionists shedding doubt and causing so much confusion on the events. This is what Valtorta explains was the reason of her 15,000 pages which when printed are the equivalent of 10 volumes given to her within 3.5 years of mystical charismatic experience. She jotted everything in her language, Italian and it was later translated into English.

But why in Italian, why not in Hebrew or Aramaic. Well, why not Greek? God spoke with the known language of the times. He too speaks in tongues.

The claims by Valtorta as it turns out was not some fetish the priest was hooked on. Flashes of my past ways of thinking erupted in my mind as I read from when Luther belabored his “scripture alone” which was etched into our minds. Perhaps I need to drop this. This Valtorta has some serious claims. But if the Evangelical charismatics insist on ‘scripture alone’, why belabor ‘God told me’? Or was it that God only gave messages to televangelists on TV but never Catholics in caves, hermitages, convents and monasteries. We always think that the good stuff must be a best seller and must be mentioned in articles complemented or critiqued by the New York Times.

While many will object on Bible alone, I counter, why would Christ command we test the spirits? If the Holy Spirit, as many argue, had given us ‘everything we already need in scripture’ why all these biblical verses about prophecies, word of knowledge and Joel telling us “your maidens will have dreams and see visions” which Joel promised we have before the ends of days.

Test the spirit for what? Never once did scripture say to “test the spirit to see if this spirit you examine utters words not in scripture,” but to test the spirit to see if what they utter agrees with it.

In other words, the warning verses do not negate that more will come, especially when God in Joel 2:28-29 promises that “upon my servants and handmaids” (simple priests and nuns, not major and popular televangelist) that these “will prophecy” and “dream dreams” of messages directed for us to “enter through the narrow” and not through “the wide gate” of best sellers and New York Times. Angels appeared to a handful shepherds to pronounce the birth of the king and not through the busy streets of Jerusalem. Jesus rode a simple donkey and not a white horse. He was born in simple Bethlehem and not the grand Jerusalem.

On these last days to saints God says: “I will pour forth my spirit”.

And why did God say this in scripture? He knew that the day will come that a cloud of scoffers will twist the meaning of scripture as it was taught from time immemorial. So for this reason the remnant Church must be protected from the wolves from within and from the wolves without. There are even pharisaic church bishops and clergy who would suppress such miracles. Christ assured us always that “if any man hears my voice and open the door, I will come into him and will sup with him” (Revelation 3:20).

To insist on zero charisma, we should ask; did the Holy Spirit cease and was imprisoned in some sort of an ark? And which charism do we track, the Evangelical or apostolic succession or both? Or is it evaluated  depending on who our favorite Bible scholar is?

I have been begging for years for someone to answer me why the evangelical-charismatics cannot produce what the Catholic have shown? But Catholic miracles instantly are given the typical slander ‘if its not in scriptures its from the devil’, so they say.

When one judges without prudence and timely investigation and they speak quickly, they are usually of the devil.

In fact, scriptures said quite the contrary to this notion ‘never go beyond scripture’, God said:

Extinguish not the Spirit. Despise not prophecies; but test all things, and hold fast that which is good.” (1 Thessalonians 5: 19-21)

This alone nullifies this strict ‘scripture alone’.

In other words, God set this verse and other verses for a reason telling us that ‘there will be more’ than what is in scripture which will never contradict it.

God did not only inspire a few hundred pages and said ‘see you on the other side while being left behind’.

Not so. Whatever we are given it should never be considered equal to the Scripture but instead is judged in light of it.

Indeed, what must one do with the works of Valtorta, and who can dedicate the years to examine ten volumes each with a thousand or so pages of ‘God told me’? The priest had spent 30 years examining her work and could not find any problems but gave me thousands of pages just to refute the slander leveled on Valtorta.

After spending a few days, perusing hundreds of pages including so many critics, I wondered, perhaps I should let this go and perhaps I should remain on the side of caution despite the most amazing things I found. For me, the Bible was clear, that a prophecy is to be examined on the basis of correct predictions and not just accurate descriptions of Christ’s history that was never known.

But these descriptions as I read the first lines of her claims immediately noticing that even the traditions of the Holy Land was at every line. Before I dismissed the priest I told him that I will examine what Valtorta says of Bethlehem and see. The first thing in searching “Bethlehem” where the shepherds after hearing the angels announcing the king is born they bring “esparto containing small whole round cheeses”. The cheese was round then and is still round now.


We call these Jameed. When we first moved to Jericho from Saudi Arabia, the first thing the neighbors brought to my mother was this Jameed. It is not some ordinary cheese. It is literally a rock.

It is then broken by hitting it against stone and it is then soaked in water and then scrubbed against the harsh clay pot with water for an hour until it dissolves back into milk.

One can stash these rocks for years when traveling and all you need is water from a well and a clay pot and you are in business, you have this yogurt that is out of this world and you dip bread in it and is what we ate for dinner for years. The gifts Mary and Joseph received was what my mother received including the two pigeons they sacrificed the day I was born.

It is obvious and is the first thing you bring as a gift. I will not provide the links for these stories, do your homework, search “esparto containing small whole round cheeses” on google and then “Jameed” and you will come back to me to tell me I was telling you the truth.

Sure Valtorta wrote and expressed what she saw in Italian, but as I read and think in an eastern mindset it all adds up as if this was translated from a Semitic tongue. So when she says the shepherds brought “tanned hides” I know this is lambs hides which were all over the place where I grew up and it was obvious for blanket and as you read on, when these shepherds arrived to Joseph and he asked what they wanted, they offer these gifts saying here “wool”. Was it tanned hide or wool? It was both. It is as if she saw these hides flipped on one side in one scene where you only see the skin and then the other side in the other scene when she can see the wool.

Valtorta describing a simple conversation between Jesus and Mary and after finishing the discussion, they lit another lamp and headed outside to go to sleep:

They light another little lamp and go out to go and rest.

A westerner reads this and asks “why sleep outside?”

Someone like Valtorta with some fanciful imagination would have missed and said they just slept and one would presume they slept inside their home. This would be the usual presumption. But sleeping inside during summer nights is not the case in old-times holy land. Summertimes in Bethlehem as I grew up there during the sixties, an era just before the ancient gave up its tradition, the place to sleep was usually outside, on the flat rooftop or the wide square porch which was built for gathering and sleeping.


Shepherd’s Fields, 1930. Sleeping outside and even next to the sheep and donkey was not unusual in old times. Door sill and stairs going to the roof was the usual and where people slept.


This photo is British loyalty meeting in Hebron with the son of Lucifer, Haj Amin Al-Husseini, July 1940 which shows a typical home with huge terrace is where people met and talked and also slept outside as the beddings are inside rolled onto wall indentations. This is the same setting as it was at my grandfather’s house, the Mukhtar of Beit Sahour, Daud Salameh Shoebat who met Haj Amin Al-Husseini in a similar setting with the exact looking home.

Also, one must come up with fire. How did Valtorta know that they used “flint” which is called Siwan and with a flick of the two Siwan rocks it lights up the wick soaked in olive oil? Why not presume they rubbed sticks? They didn’t have matches, but they did have Siwan.

Even Manger Square in Bethlehem and the Shepherd’s Fields below in the valley were I grew up was described to such detail and given the proper title as a place for “shepherds” in “the valley of Bethlehem”.

“I had planted a bomb in Manger Square as a teenager just before Christmas in 1977,” I told the priest as we drove to bless my mother. I told him this before he told me about Valtorta. Then few hours later as I began to read to only find out that she wrote of that spot, when the Maggi came to visit Jesus when He was a toddler.

ms2 copy

Should I slander Valtorta and claim she made up her massive 15,000 page stories? I too was slandered when the Jerusalem Post and CNN claimed that they checked all records and that there were no explosions in Manger Square during 1976-1977. Before you slander Valtorta, or after you read all the slanders, spend a week and read this.

Being slandered on a national level is one of the most painful experiences, but it is also a blessing I endured. God allows it so we can relate to Jesus who is the most slandered person in history.

Truth is found only where slander abounds.

It took me months to find the United Nations reports that proves my bombing. Ironically it was the Jerusalem Post itself that reported a bomb in 1977 to only deny it decades later saying there was no bombing in Bethlehem Manger Square at the time. The Jerusalem Post (which has always been fair to me in the past) hired an apprentice liberal journalist to do a story on my life. The man was evil. The Jerusalem Post regretted what they’ve done and allowed me to publish a rebuttal column on their newspaper. But who reads rebuttals, the damage is done and CNN picked on it and believed it and it circulated to Tinbuktu where every person who loves slander jumped on it.

Now that I found the United Nations records, slanderers would say that I manufactured it including all the  bombing incidents on the list just to make up my story. Anyone is welcome to click and read.

Mind you, this incident is only forty some years old and the might of the media could not find any records. So how did an aesthetic like Valtorta who was not an archeologist, historian or is even someone who lived in or ever visited the Holy Land, have access to ancient history and describes it in a holy land setting to such detail that is virtually extinct? She would have to dig so many archeological sites that were still covered up until Israel returned to spark their love for archeology.

She described the panorama, topography, architecture, geography, ethnology, chronology only known by some scholars and some by no one. She describes the plains in Jericho where I lived and where Jesus and Lazarus hid in the “thicket of low trees” which is a signature of how I witnessed Jericho having lived there for 5 years. As Valtorta described everyone from Jerusalem or Bethlehem must first go to “Jericho to cross to the other side of the Jordan” which is still done today. And when Jesus says to Peter during a conversation on their way to Jericho “Let us cover with a veil the faults of our brother,” this metaphor using “a veil” to cover sins is something passed down by lost tradition which we still use in Bethlehem. The veil as we called it sutra, as in a clothing for when even a woman is married she is now “veiled” by her husband since an unmarried woman is frowned upon unless she is dedicated for a higher calling. Everyone seeks to be ‘veiled’ of their sins and embarrassments. This is how traditionally we spoke.

How would she describe in detail of Pella (Arabic Tabaqat Fahl) and of Geresa (which we know as Jerash) north of the Jordan to even have a story of Jesus healing a boy named Jai’/Jaia. This was before Trajan annexed the kingdom of the Nabataeans in 106 AD were Arabic was the language and the boy, his name “Jaia” matched his condition in the story since the name means “starving” in Arabic where Jesus fed the poor boy. Valtorta spoke no Arabic.

I read Valtorta’s translation, her attempts to transfer her thoughts in Italian and I read it translated to English but I can see the conversations in semitic sense and imagine it in a semitic language and a semitic setting and it all adds up just as when I read the scriptures in English.

Indeed, 15,000 pages is a lot to read. But was it not John who already revealed in the Bible that there is more: “But there are also many other things which Jesus did; which, if they were written every one, the world itself, I think, would not be able to contain the books that should be written.” (John 21:25)

But again, God chose not to provide all these records in the past. Did I make the wrong judgment? I leave this up to you. I stick with prophecy as the yardstick to measure visions, dreams and charisma. But I will give a fair review. God forgive if I err.

Valtorta knew of the Jericho I lived in describing the Tamarrisk (Carob) trees which are unique to the area. She described tunnels under Jerusalem which I recall using during my terror days. She knew of the other Bethlehem and the other Thamara, a village in the north. I once had to write archeologists about another Thamra (Thamara) which many believed was located at Ein Haseva and they keep also confusing it with Asasan Thamar (Hazazon Tamar) south west of the Dead Sea. Try to to find that Thamara on any regular map, you can’t. It is only known by few Bethlehem locals. It exists south east of Bethlehem and north of Zatara known as Ta’amra and is today called the ruins of Beth-Tamar (Bait Ta’mar) exactly as it is written in the Copper Scrolls (Latitude: 31.67201 Longitude: 35.225515) which still houses un-excavated and undiscovered temple treasures:

45) In the cistern which is to the North of the mouth of narrow pass of Beth-Tamar, in the rocky ground of Ger Pela, everything which is there is a sacred offering. In the dovecote of the fortress of Nabata…


Even the archeologists still can’t find “Beth Tamar” believing the Copper Scroll was speaking of Hazazon-Tamar in Ein Gedi, yet the Copper Scroll does not say “Hazazon” but “Beth”. Even the archeologists follow maps instead of asking local shepherds or someone who hanged out with them like myself.

In fact, it was a shepherd from Beth Tamar named Muhammad Dheib who accidentally discovered the most valuable treasure in history: the Dead Sea Scrolls. He was thinking it would make good leather, he sold it to a local shoe repair shop named Kando in Bethlehem until a Christian priest knew this was holy writ.

Some might think that identifying ancient places should be a breeze. The problem is that Israel became a desolation after Jesus and the Temple destruction. Imagine the whole nation of Israel was nothing more than thousands of ghost towns with scant population scattered here and there some of whom passed down names of village locations while other places where completely lost to history. It takes another thousand years to discover all the lost ruins.

Ezekiel 36 even predicts this utter destruction and reconstruction of everything:

“The desolate land shall be tilled instead of lying desolate in the sight of all who pass by. So they will say, ‘This land that was desolate has become like a garden of Eden, and the waste and desolate and ruined cities are now fortified and inhabited.”

Besides small spots of population, the land was mostly empty. One historian after the other agrees to a major fact the Bible already predicted long ago. It is here where perhaps I can bore you with some history to show you why Valtorta’s rediscovery of these cities is crucial: 

Dio Cassius describing Israel when it was destroyed by the Romans:

“Of their forts the 50 strongest were razed to the ground, 985 of their best known villages were destroyed…..Thus the whole of Judea became desert, as indeed had been foretold to the Jews before the war. For the Tomb of Solomon, whom these folks celebrate in their sacred rights, fell into it’s own accord into fragments, and wolves and hyenas, many in number roamed howling through their cities” (History of the Romans, lxix, 12-14 cited by DeHass, History, pp 55-56).

Did I make my hyena stories up?

In 1590 A.D, an English visitor to Jerusalem road wrote,

“nothing there to be seen but a little of the old walls, which is yet remaining and all the rest is grass, mosse and weeds much like to a piece of rank or moist grounde.” (Gunner Edward Webbe, Palestine Exploration Fund, Quarterly Statement page 86).

It was only in 1697 that Tiberius was being resettled by Jews from Papal states, whose immigration was approved by a Papal bull, Nazareth was continuing it’s decline. A Franciscan Pilgrim writes:

“A house of robbers, murderers, the inhabitants are Saracens…it is a lamentable thing to see thus such a town. We saw nothing more stony, full of thorns and desert.”. (DeHass, History, p337, citing The Palestine Exploration Fund, Quarterly Statement, 1925, p197).

In the mid 1700’s, British Archeologist Thomas Shaw wrote that the land in Palestine was “lacking in people to till its fertile soil.” (Thomas Shaw, Travels and Observations, London 1767, p331).

1793, Count Constantine F. Volney claimed that the population of Jerusalem was less then 14,000; Hebron had 900 men, and Bethlehem had only 600 adult men.”

J. S. Buckingham described his visit of 1816 to Jaffa, which “has all the appearances of a poor village, and every part of it that we saw was of corresponding madness.”.

Buckingham described Ramle, “where, as throughout the greater part of Palestine, the ruined portion seemed more extensive then that which was inhabited.”.

After a visit in 1817 – 1818, travelers reported that there was not “a single boat of any description on that lake (Tiberius)”. (J. S. Buckingham, Travels in Palestine, p 146).

French poet, Alphonse de Lamartine, 1835 A.D writes: “Outside the gates of Jerusalem we saw indeed no living object. Heard no living sound. We found the same void, the same silence that we should have found before the entombed gates of Pompeii or of Greece. A complete eternal silence reigns in the town, in the highways, in the country; the tomb of a whole people.”.

British Counsel in Palestine reported in 1857: “The country is in a considerable degree empty of inhabitants and therefore its greatest need is that of a body of population”.

In 1863 Samuel Clemens writes: “a desolate country whose soil is rich enough, but given over wholly to weeds – a silent mournfull expanse …. A desolation is here that not even imagination can grace with the pomp of life and action… We never saw a human being on the whole route.” (The Innocence Abroad).

In 1867, Mark Twain described the Jezerel Valley now verdant in Galilee as being devoid of a single village; the Galilee:

“unpeopled desert; Jericho is a moldering ruin; Bethlehem as untended by any living creature“; and “renowned Jerusalem itself a pauper village.” “Palestine sits in ashes,” he lamented. (Mark Twain, The Innocents Abroad, pp. 349).

Historian and writer De Haas records:

“The real source of the interest in the problem was the condition of Palestine; empty, silent, waste, ruin between 1840 and 1880” (De Haas, History, p. 407).

God said it: “it will be a desolation” and it was. How did some lady named Valtorta know how to unravel all these towns and describe them so meticulously?

Do you think it was easy for me to convert from Islam? It was this type of prophetic evidence that I witnessed, saw and lived which convicted me of the truth: God came down. He died on the Cross. He resurrected from the dead. He is alive and He speaks, always.

Valtorta, in her Adoration of The Maggi in her visions she describes Jesus as a toddler when the Maggi visited Him at Bethlehem Manger Square. And it is still there today similar to as it was.


Manger Square, drawn, hundreds of years old. Empty and desolate. The little left fork dirt road goes left and then turns sharp right and went down to the Shepherd’s Fields “Valley of the Shepherds”.


The same Manger Square, photo 1900


In the middle of the photo is Manger Square (cars parked) the slope road going east (forward down) goes towards the Shepherd’s Fields (Beith Sahour). To the right edge of the photo, the arched series of shops, is where Bank Leumi was (last towards the back unseen in the photo) where I threw a bomb in 1977


The detail in which she describes Manger Square with Jesus as a toddler. Why didn’t she simply describe Christ as just born infant with Maggi visiting a newly born baby? This gets to explain why Herod commanded at Matthew 2:16–18 that the Massacre of the Innocents included boys up to two years old.

Christ according to her visions was born prior to the appearance of the Magi who journeyed for months to see the baby King.

Valtorta knew towns unknown to any historian. Towns that were not discovered by archaeologists until way later when Israel retook the land and excavated ruins. I spotted her accurate descriptions the moment  I laid eye to where Jesus instructed his disciples:

And when you arrive in Jerusalem go and join the shepherds in the valley of Bethlehem, and come with them to Me, in the place you know, and we will celebrate together the holy feast.

A typical ignorant would simply say ‘shepherds’ in ‘Bethlehem’, but she used “shepherds” in the “Valley of Bethlehem”. This would be a place where for years daily I would roam to and fro from Bethlehem where I went to school down back home to the valley through a steep road east towards Beit Sahour which was known as the Village of the Shepherds, a huge portion of it was owned by my grandfather where we still call it till today the Shepherds Fields or biblically known as the Fields of Boaz. This is the “Tower of Edar” (Tower of the Flock) where Jacob settled after his wife Rachel died. Eusebius (AD 265-340) says the tower, 1000 [1480 meters] paces from Bethlehem, just a stone throw aways from where I was born, marked the place where the shepherds received the angel’s message. It was to our village where my grandfather’s land stood that the message regarding the Kingdom of Heaven was first transmitted:

“And thou, O tower of the flock [Tower of Edar], the strong hold of the daughter of Zion, unto thee shall it come, even the first dominion; the kingdom shall come to the daughter of Jerusalem.” (Micah 4:8)

Way before Jesus’ birth, Targum Yonatan, paraphrases Genesis 35:23 and Micah 4:8:

“He spread his tent beyond Migdal Edar, the place where King Messiah will reveal Himself at the end of days.”

It was a few yards where I lived at my grandfather’s home, the Mukhtar, where Mary and Joseph thirst on their journey to Bethlehem and the water gushed forth from a cistern hewn by Jacob which history attests to the day of my own family having witnessed hymns and the voices of nuns praising.

Catholic Riccoldo da Monte di Croce visited that very well to be blessed. It was from Riccoldo da Monte di Croce that Protestant so-called reformer, Martin Luther, had to adjust his prophetic interpretation when he learned about the threat of Islam from di Croce to change his mind and say: “ … the Turk (Muslim) is the flesh of antichrist …” while he kept the Catholic as the “spirit of Antichrist”.

The full lie was finally induced with truth making his interpretation a half-truth.

It was here in my village where miraculous healing of nuns and even my Muslim relatives who publicly baptized their children as result of seeing Mary appear which my own family attest to have seen visions. Go ahead, see the historic link and use Google translate to understand what was said in the Arabic.


Greek nun, had few months to live, healed as Mary appeared to her telling her to drink of this well. Photo taken 1969. I witnessed she built a little church atop the well. Locals cared less about the well and for whatever reason during the construction I witnessed for weeks they brought a pump and pumped the water oozing it into the street. The water level remained the same and the source remains a mystery. They could never empty the well and they eventually gave up realizing God willed it.


Mary’s Well or Mary’s Cistern


Bethlehem, 1939, women at the well.


Mary does appear. A real photo of how Mary would appear. This is taken in Zeitun Egypt April 2nd, 1968 which saved the Christians of Egypt from Muslim persecution.

Had Valtorta made up her story, she would have been caught. Ancient Bethlehem is bigger than it is today which included areas outside the vicinity of the town we know today as Bethlehem. Even today so few consider Bethlehem includes another village called Beit Sahur (the Shepherds Fields) and today is commonly known as a separate village from Bethlehem, yet it is officially on record still as Bethlehem:

“The Bethlehem agglomeration also covers the small towns of Beit Jala and Beit Sahour. The latter has biblical importance as the reputed site of the “Shepherds’ Field.”

This is why she says “shepherds in the valley of Bethlehem“. Yet she describes the area perfectly without ever having been there. Likewise in ancient times, these locations were not considered separate, but one.

According to the New Testament, an angel announced the birth of Jesus to the shepherds. According to tradition, St. Helena built a convent at the site [in Beit Sahour], which is today known as the shepherd’s cave.”

We all have mystifying experiences we can’t explain. I myself, as a child, having lived there, in a dream, I had been taken on a vision hovering over that whole area as young as 6 to even remember things as young as 2 and I had asked my mother about the typography way before modern homes existed there: “why is everything [the Shepherd’s Fields that is] all look square from the sky?”

“You have never been in the sky, so how would you know” my mother replied realizing I was speaking of the typography as fields are separated one from another by borderlines which a child would not notice unless he is in a plane.

And even to this day, my elder son, a carpenter who unlike Theodore, my younger, the carpenter never read a lick of any books after high-school. He completely hates books and loves working with his hands. I write his exact words as he too, like Valtorta, is taken in a dream from a church he’s never heard of and named it as the Church of the Tomb of the Virgin Mary (which was the Church of the Assumption of Mary) to the Temple Mount describing intricate details he never knew:

“as I exited the church of Mary, where Christians were celebrating Mary [most likely the Dormition of the Most Holy Mother of God], I see a courtyard with walls and I walked adjacent to the wall on the right side”.

He has never been to Jerusalem. He describes what he saw. As you walk out there is that wall.


Church of the Assumption of Mary

I finally had to show him photos “is this the place?” and his face shines “yes”.

He then enters the Temple Mount describing inside the court walls and arches with columns that had no ceilings, the staircase on the side of one of the walls he said was “going nowhere”. He did not realize the staircase was for the arrow sharp-shooters during Crusader era which I knew well. He even described the octagonal outcroppings even the tiny one besides the Dome of the Rock. He then describes jumping into a confrontation, a drama where people who were celebrating began to flee the wrath of the Antichrist where he would confront him with fervent Catholic style prayers as in casting out demons and then the New Jerusalem emerges describing it as a city with golden walls and gates from a text of the Bible I know he never read.

Such miracles that we experience personally is beyond time and puts us in the event as traveling in a time-tunnel.

But in Valtorta’s case she had this type of experience in an immense volume “she included over 500 personalities within a perfectly flowing and internally consistent narrative, with hardly a correction, was written in a period of 4 years and often out of sequence! So much timing information is given, including years, seasons, Jewish feast days, months, days of the week and even time schedules for our Lord’s ministry itinerary for over 350 ministry sites, that nearly every episode in the Poem and in all four Gospels can be dated! Further, Maria Valtorta not only heard and saw but she actually felt the experience. She felt the hot Palestinian summer sun, the cool mountain breezes and the cold winter air. She also could smell every scent in the air, from the fresh cut hay in the fields to the spring blossoms of orchards to the tempting aroma of hearty meals in preparation or fresh baked bread just out of the oven.”

“All this speaks of a mystical but very real presence! Her actual presence is also evidenced by the fact that what Valtorta saw was determined by where she turned to look. The scenes in this “revelation” were wrapped completely around her. She was literally in the midst of this experience. The only modification to this reality seems to have been in language. Valtorta hears almost everything in her native Italian. But so did the Jews of the Diaspora hear the Apostles at Pentecost in their own languages. Adding to the certainty that Valtorta’s experience was of an eyewitness is that several times she is brought to the scene right in the middle of a discourse or conversation. (Vol. I, p.324)”

What about how Jesus described to Valtorta, as she claims, the similarities between the Veil of Veronica (which He intended to be as a gift to His Mother to remind her of His presence) and the Face of the Shroud of Turin which scientists discovered only for the first time in history decades after her death and while she was bedridden for most of her life during these encounters where she wrote the thousands of handwritten pages in mostly 31⁄2 years amidst multiple chronic illnesses and with only a catechism and a Bible at hand.

She relates on February 22, 1944, Jesus’ words, as she claims, way before His shroud, the shroud of Turin was examined by scientists which He prophesied: “Compare – you who proceed with arid investigations, o rationalists …”:

The veil of Veronica is also a stimulus to your skeptical souls. Compare – you who proceed with arid investigations, o rationalists, o lukewarm people, o you unsteady in the faith – the Face of Veronica’s Veil with that of the Shroud. One is the Face of a living Person, the other of a dead One. But the length, width, somatic types, shape, and distinctive features are the same. Superimpose the images. You shall see that they correspond. It is I. I who wanted to commemorate for you what I looked like and what I became out of love for you. If you were not astray or blind, those two Faces should be enough to bring you to love, to repentance, to God.

It wasn’t until many decades later from Valtorta’s writings that scientists (on their own accord) did just that very thing “Compare – you who proceed with arid investigations, o rationalists …” they began their investigation on the shroud and God allowed the faulty carbon dating, the slander, the quick dismissal in order to divide between prudent and foolish, diligent and lazy servants, faith and skepticism, wheat from tares …

Truth is what is ridiculed the most. I previously used prophecies by Anne Catherine Emmerich, another bedridden Augustinian nun in Germany who from a vision gave such intricate detailed locations and exact description of a house in Ephesus Turkey dwelt by St. Mary, the mother of Jesus, which helped discover the home built for her by my favorite apostle John. He was the one who wrote Revelations that were a breeze for me to understand and where a mystery for the scholarly who dismissed them.


But people who believe in “Bible alone” would doubt since these accounts were not in the canon. Think about it. Had the miracle of Jesus healing the bleeding woman (Veronica) by touching the hem of Jesus’ garment (Luke 8:43-48) not been in scripture, or the aprons and handkerchiefs the disciples passed around for the sick to touch and be healed also not been mentioned in scripture, these too would have been denied by the ones who are too quick to comment negatively. I see them every day on the comment box acting foolish.

If one just searched Valtorta, there are several geologists and mineralogists who point out how Maria Valtorta described and correctly named several towns and villages that were not even discovered until after her death. David J. Webster posted a landmark 31 page article that fundamentally proves the authenticity of Maria Valtorta’s writings.

The “Poem of the Man-God” may be the very first Private Revelation ever to be scientifically proven genuine. David meticulously and methodically examines Maria Valtorta’s strikingly accurate descriptions of first Century Palestine for every piece of topographical evidence. He then compares this evidence with currently known facts that are only now being proven authentic. “Over thirty percent or 79 (all entries marked with * and **) of the 255 geographical sites in Palestine mentioned in the Poem were not listed in the 1939 International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (ISBE) Atlas. 62 (all**) of these 79 were not even listed in the 184 page Macmillan Bible Atlas (MBA) published in 1968. [Maria Valtorta died in 1961]

Where did Maria Valtorta get all these names? For a first century eye-witness to include so many obscure and unknown names would, of course, be expected. And most surprising is that these names, obscure and unknown in the 1940’s, are only now being proven authentic. 52 of these 62 have no biblical reference whatever, and 17 of these with no biblical reference have been either indirectly confirmed as authentic by recent “ancient external sources” found in the Macmillan Bible Atlas (1968) or actually listed in the Harper Collins Atlas of the Bible (1989). This makes a total of 29 confirmations since the 1939 ISBE atlas listing.

Also among those 62 sites are mentioned the ruins of 6 ancient Palestinian cities some corresponding to the modern consensus on location. In addition, Valtorta’s precise descriptions of the natural topography of Palestine from numerous locations and the information about the outside pagan world of that day, including people, places, customs, Greek and Roman mythology, related in the conversations of that day, are strikingly correct.

Caecilius Maximus of the Roman army simply named by Valtorta in a brief dialog between two Roman soldiers at the beginning of the year 29 A.D. In the Work, he is not invested with any role. His name, unknown to historians when the work was published and seemed as pure invention. And yet, the historical existence of this personage is today verified by the discovery of a little silver tablet near Pompey in 1959, mentioning the presence of Caecilius Maximus in Pozzuoli (Puteoli) in July of the year 29. Coincidence?

How could it be that on August 5, 1944, a year before the United States dropped atomic bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 6th and August 9th 1945 respectively, Christ speaks to Valtorta about World War II and what I find amazing is that it confirms what we have been warning you about all along before I discovered Valtorta’s claims, that these same enemies, Turkey Japan and Germany would still be the spear of the Antichrist. He tells Valtorta:

I solemnly tell you that what many people think is the victory over the Antichrist, the peace now close at hand [after WWI and WWII], will be only a pause to give the Enemy of the Christ time to acquire new strength, to dress his wounds and gather his army for a fiercer struggle. Since you are the “voices” of your Jesus, of the King of kings, of the faithful and truthful king who judges and fights with justice and will defeat the Beast and his servants and prophets, ensure that you know what is your Good and follow it forever. Let no false appearance entice you, let no persecution terrify you.”

The “beast” here is the continual threat to God’s people and not just in the end of times and Christ says it is wounded and this wound will soon heal. Years before I read Valtorta’s writings we warned of the same enemies of World War I, the Ottomans and World War II, Japan and Germany with a myriad of articles warning that this will be “only a pause to give the Enemy of the Christ time to acquire new strength, to dress his wounds and gather his army for a fiercer struggle.”

My habitual readers know this. How many are the times me and my son Theodore spoke of the wounded Ottoman and how Japan simply wants to revive its aspiration and why Germany is the most dangerous nation in Europe.

He also reveals to Valtorta how we must behave in these times:

“do not let it blunt your minds with the savour of quietism, considering yourselves already saved because I have shown Heaven to you … I have invited you to superhuman deeds by means of superhuman visions and lessons, so that you may be of greater help to Me. I make you partners in My work. But I have never had and I never have a minute’s rest. Because Evil never rests and Good must be always active to make void the work of the Enemy as much as possible. We shall rest when the Time is accomplished. Now we must proceed untiringly, we must work continuously and sacrifice ourselves unremittingly for the harvest of God … Do not be like the old rabbis who taught the Revelation but did not believe in it, to the extent of not being able to recognise the signs of the time and the messengers of God. Ensure that you recognise the precursors of the Christ in His second coming, because the powers of the Antichrist are on the march and, making an exception on the limit I have imposed on Myself, because I know that you drink in certain truths not with a supernatural spirit but out of thirst for human curiosity …”

Christ partners with His saints. It is through Theosis, being one with Christ that what emanates from the saints is what emanates through Christ “I make you partners in My work”. “Good must always be active” and as we were telling you all along, there is no room for lazy servants who are damned. This is time to gather the harvest of God by conversion to Christ and you are the workers. He urges we “recognize the signs of the times” and then He introduces a warning of the Antichrist.

The doubting Thomas needs to think. Who in ancient Egypt was able to replicate the miracles of Moses or the celebrated apparitions in the year 1858, to Bernardette at the rock of Massabielle, near Lourdes, in France and then her body incorruptible is laid for all to see the incorruptible body awaiting its appointed resurrection?

Astronomical details in Maria Valtorta’s writings have been proven strikingly accurate.  If you want to spend the time and read the detailed evidence presented by Harvard educated Theoretical Physicist Lonnie Lee VanZandt have at it. But in summary, in Valtorta’s visions in her The Poem of the Man-God she observed that in March of year 33 AD seeing Jupiter, Mars, Venus and stars of Orion: of Rigil and Betelgeuse, of Aldebaran, of Perseus, Andromeda & Cassiopeia and the Pleiades all jointly appeared from Gadara.

Such visibility of these stars is uncommon. These planets were indeed visible on March 8, 33 AD at 11 PM, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Orion, Perseus, Andromeda, Cassiopeia, and the Pleiades were all visible and from  Gadara which is modern day Uum Qais in Jordan, coordinates 32.6500° N, 35.6833° E.

This along with a waning moon in the night sky.  Mind you in the 1940’s there was no complex Astronomical computer program. The professor discovered that this was only possible for two days in March of 33 AD confirming her account.  Again, this astronomical scenario doesn’t occur for many decades (before and after) except for those two days in March 33 AD.  The birth of Christ according to the calculation places Jesus’ birth in December -1 AD, Herod’s death in -2 AD and the Crucifixion on April 21st, 34 AD which flies in the face of biblical historians who all disagree with each other.

Many will argue: astrology is not an enough sign of divine knowledge. While God knows well the science of the planets, the alignment of planets is also known by devils and the Book of Revelation warns not to add to this book (Apoc 22: 18-19). For Valtorta to say “the Gospel According To Me” is a serious claim. Public Revelation ends with the death of the last Apostle. However, and since many would take this stand, private revelation will not end until the end of time as St. Thomas Aquinas affirms that “God sends prophets to every generation”. That plus the Apostles themselves attest that they only recorded a small number of the actions, words and miracles, and events of Jesus (see John 21: 24-25 and John 20:30). Private revelation and Public Revelation are two separate theological issues. Valtorta never asked for her writings to be included as scripture.

But besides all this, what counts and in her words from Christ, she explains from His words how we are to commune with Christ and how to transform and regenerate:

In the souls regenerated in the Grace of Baptism and maintained and fortified therein by the other Sacraments, the soul’s being attracted to its end takes place in divine fashion because Grace—that is, God Himself—draws His beloved children to Himself—ever closer, more and more in the light, the more they rise by degrees in spirituality, so that separation diminishes and seeing is more intense; knowledge, vaster; comprehension, broader; and love, more perfect, to the point of arriving at contemplation which is already fusion and union of the creature with the Creator, a temporary, but indelible, transforming act, for the embrace of the Fire of the Divinity closing over its enraptured creature impresses a new character on these living beings, who are already separated from Humanity and spiritualized into seraphim, expert in the Wisdom God gives them, for He gives Himself to them as they give themselves to Him.

But not everyone is a scholar to decipher Valtorta’s work. The other method to determining truth from falsehood is to examine both sides and see which side produces fruit. Jesus said “you shall know them by their fruits”. Like Israel of the past, the Vatican includes the saint and also the most vile. It has evil bishops, cardinals and archbishops who would not hesitate to carry out the most evil plans which has always infested the system from playing dirty politics to pouring in pedophile priests in order to inflict the most damage to the flock. One of the best ways to know truth from falsehood is to examine the sources of critics and supporters. Archbishop Pasquale Gagliardi was a corrupt archbishop who slandered Saint Padre Pio causing the latter to be forbidden to say Mass in public and being forbidden to see or write to the faithful! What determines sheep from goat is that the goat is a lazy servant, always too quick to make judgment and always has evil intents in his heart. As we say in the east, the snow someday will melt and all the crap under will be revealed. The thing about Valtorta is that the more the snow melts, the more nuggets we find.

To God be the glory.

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    To God be the glory, indeed.

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        It is so good to hear from you. From this article, it explains why you have been absent from commenting.

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            No need to apologize. As you can see under the thread about priests ability to forgive, we held our own.

  • “… i think …”

    You hardly think, for if you knew what being born again means you would abandon your ways and you would never write short blunt unprocessed quick comments saying “I think”.

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    Going to take some time to read this but what I’ve read so far has brought me peace. I found this link to be remarkable:

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    What a Powerful Article, Thank you so much, once again!!!

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    You are more versed in anti Catholic disinformation — that poisons your soul, than ever even trying to find out what Catholics truly believe.

    Your belief system is just a few particles left that was drawn from Catholicism.

    A Trinitarian baptism, in the broadest sense, incorporates you into the Body of Christ….and His Church.

    Your comment also demonstrates that your heart and soul is not at the first step of conversion, because if it were, you wouldn’t be wasting your time bearing false witness and judging your neighbor.

    Another one to pray for………you.

  • richinnameonly

    Walid, I couldn’t leave reading this for one minute. The subject, with your personal knowledge and experience, is just fascinating material. I appreciate your insights and comments about the importance of prophecy outside of what is in our biblical scriptures. Wonderful. Thank you!

    • Trevor

      Agreed. Some stuff in there just amazed me.

  • Owen Schumacher

    Brian, Walid has lived in both worlds. He lived the life of a Protestant for a number of years, and it was through his fascination for the Bible that he began his journey in Christ. I don’t want to speak for him, but my guess is he neither regrets his beginnings as a Protestant nor his shift over to Roman Catholicism.

    Roman Catholicism is Christianity—some would say a more complete and truer understanding of Christianity—but to suggest there’s somehow a contrast between “being born again” and “being Catholic” shows on your part an unclear understanding.

    • There you are Schumacher. Indeed, no regrets, just a journey.

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    so much here!! read through it, will need to study more on it. certainly thought provoking story of maria valtorta.

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    Well, just fascinating, a great article!
    I never heard of Maria Valtorta before today.
    “for He gives Himself to them as they give themselves to Him.” Very true.

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    I have a problem with Jesus’ birth being placed at December – 1 A.D. If you look at Luke 2:8, it says:
    ‘And there were shepherds living out in the fields nearby, keeping watch over their flocks at night.’
    This happens in the springtime when lambs are born. The shepherds keep watch all night long for newborns. According to this information, accounts of the planetary conjunction described, and the Torah calendar (backed up by the dead sea scrolls), the date is more likely Nissan 1 (March 20), 6 B.C.

    • “This happens in the springtime when lambs are born. The shepherds keep watch all night long for newborns. According to this information, accounts of the planetary conjunction described, and the Torah calendar (backed up by the dead sea scrolls), the date is more likely Nissan 1 (March 20), 6 B.C.”

      Where is that in the Bible? All it says that shepherds were watching the flocks.

      And for your assumption that shepherds in Bethlehem do not graze the sheep in December, boy I have news for you, we DID, especially in December.

      • racarrera

        Protestants imagine Israel’s weather patterns to be like Europe’s or worse, America’s. This is where taking a trip to the region comes in handy. I’m looking forward to a month-long stay next Pascha.

        • Exactly racarrera. So you are going to the Holy Land next year?

          • racarrera

            I am. A friend of mine, who is Roman Catholic, invited me along. It’ll be a good experience. I hate feeling like a caged animal, and will feel good walking around there (watching my back in the process, of course).

          • Just try to avoid Palestinian villages.

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            Most certainly.

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          Yes, this the climate that the blue painted English under the Romans making wine from the vineyards in not chilly, foggy Britain.

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    I will admit I am like your older son, I hate to read. These Sunday specials however have been worth pushing myself to read.

    • Great luis. The more you read, the more knowledge you gain and the more knowledge you gain the more responsibility you will acquire and the more responsibility you acquire the more sacrifice you have to give and the more sacrifice you have to give the more suffering you will endure and the more suffering you will endure the more blessed you become and the more blessed you become the more you will suffer, but with joy.

      • Saved_by_Jesus

        I had tears reading this story. The sufferings of your mother, and the pain you have endured throughout your life…… Reminds me of my mother and how she suffered. Yet we never missed a Sunday Mass, no matter how much pain she was in. She endured….

        • You were saved by Jesus through your mother and I was saved by Jesus through mine 😉

      • Tom_mcewen

        I have been worrying about not the end of the world but the end of being human. We have cut off, terminated, killed, murdered last count I had was 1.3 billion unborn children. Now it was once thought that children were a blessing from God. How what happens when God just stops the blessing. I was talking to my friends at the academy about the Zika virus, it’s damage is horrible and it is unstoppable in its spread, viruses are not alive, just a subprogram to make more copies using the DNA of the cell to make more. What would God give us a world of truly brain damaged children. This is scary and bad and a horror for mothers.

        • You are right brother McEwen. I am not worried about some asteroid hitting the earth more than I am worried about the world turning into Sodom and Gomorra. But perhaps Zika is the mercy we need. Aids was a great virus. And now we have sexual disease that condemns do not help. The world needs the cleansing. What we hate at times is what the world needs. Bless you Tom. I should do an article on the great Zika. I just pray these mosquitos do not target the innocent.

          • Tom_mcewen

            Virus are not alive so they cannot be killed, disassembled or the RNA made into inoperable by a binding molecular structure. The virus can be transmitted person to person without the mosquito and once in the body stays causing damage to the unborn. If God has rejected further generations this is a great virus.

  • Saved_by_Jesus

    Beautiful Story Walid. God Bless You!
    Today’s Reading: John 10:27-30
    Jesus said:
    “My sheep hear my voice;
    I know them, and they follow me.
    I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish.
    No one can take them out of my hand.
    My Father, who has given them to me, is greater than all,
    and no one can take them out of the Father’s hand.
    The Father and I are one.”

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    You know nothing about the Bible, then. Poor Protestant.

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    Never heard about this Maria Voltarta. She sounds like one of the true saints or visionaries. It was sad to hear about your mother carrying around all the guilt over your sister. Your father sounds like he lashed out at her out of frustration over everything. He must have eventually made up with your mother though, I hope. Losing a child is one of the more sorrowful deaths a person can experience, so the experts say. Your life story could be made into a book. It’s pretty interesting.

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    I must say Walid, you brought back childhood memories of wolfs eating people back home in Carpathea, and beattles in the cracks of the log homes,
    this looks like our house back home, people on top and cows on the bottom.

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    Paul never contradicted Christ what a foolish statement.. And as for the council of nicea who wrote the writings you believe in God or men that God chose?? We’re you there to see or hear God speak to them ??

    • racarrera

      God worked through Man always.

  • Shannon Courtney

    You’re treading on thin ice. Until you search the scriptures for yourself and begin to dig deeper than you ever have before, the mysteries become ever so clear- crystal clear… God’s word is plain yet his truths are rubrics cubes- keep turning the squares until they all align- and your mind will be blown away… unfathomably so and yet he desires to share his most precious heart with each of us. The ‘scared Heart’

  • Shannon Courtney

    To be Catholic is to be Christian- catholic stands for oneness in Christ. To be Catholic is to be inclusive, complete whole. And then the antithetical Protestant- obviously- protest against Catholic is where it got it’s roots. We all believe in God and yet the depth and breadth of Catholic teachings are not comprehend – and Catholic practices are immediately shut down by all appearances and man’s interpretation which is wholly due to ignorance and misconception- volumes have been written to oppose. Somehow with your word choice “more concerned about being Catholic than ‘born again’- feels like the media against ‘Trump’- putting Catholics on defense. continue to observes words as you search the scriptures. It will blow you away.

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    “Truth is found only where slander abounds.” Yes indeed and we just keep on rowing. Truly fascinating, deeply impactful, compelling and amazing story of both Maria Valtorta and your family, brother Walid. The pictures you shared combined with your incredible insights of history and experience is awesome. Glory be to God!!

  • Shannon Courtney

    I don’t think I will ever be able to go to Israel in my lifetime, so the pictures and preserved history has been so good to see for a backdrop to the words you share. I am very moved with these Sunday writings and other theological articles you’ve shared. It’s not happenstance I stumbled on YouTube or this website. Blessings and heartfelt gratefulness for your willingness to ‘blood sweat and tears’ your way through this… it is evident.

  • DANTEontheLake

    “all my faith is in Jesus alone”
    Sounds good Brian. Can you cross an ocean without a ship or plane? Would there be protestants today without the prior 1500 plus years of the faithfulness of the Orthodox and the Catholic? Would there be a Bible today without their faithfulness? Since coming to this site, it is now impossible for me (a protestant) to not be thankful for the extreme suffering and faithfulness down through the ages of the Orthodox and Catholic,

  • David, I hope they forward it to me. I don’t get the email directly for security reasons. I will call and check. If you prefer, call the number and leave it and I will be glad to call you brother David G.

  • Bless you as well brother Jim.

  • Стефан Евгений

    Mike , Just were on earth did you get this info? really way out there,
    The Council of Nicea decided what is “Bible” , not God…..wrong! it was on the relationship of Christ to God the Father and setting the date of pascha (easter)……… main accomplishments were settlement of the Christological issue of the nature of the Son of God and his relationship to God the Father,[3] the construction of the first part of the Creed of Nicaea, establishing uniform observance of the date of Easter,[6] and promulgation of early canon law.[4][7]

    Here is a Orthodox link

    St Constantine let the BISHOPS OUT OF PRISON, he kissed the horrable woundes lead was poured on their hands, noses cut off,toungs slit ect.

    It was the Synod of Laodicea 396 AD that set the BIBLE .

    As for St Paul, yes he is a Apostle ἀπόστολος ἀπό- (apó-, “from”) and στέλλω (stéllō, “I send….. by Christ himself no less.
    Whoever gave you the Greek meaning, had kasha for brains.

  • Стефан Евгений

    luis. i could not make out half of what he said. If you don;t know Greek don’t use it, some of us that read Walid’s blog do speak it.

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    As i was saying, Mr. Walid is one of the 144,000. He is even from the land of Jacob. What can I say? Sure am glad to be one of his disciples. SNAP

  • Tom_mcewen

    No, Jesus did start a church and put authorities over it. It was even named in Acts 9:31 ‘ ekklesia Kath olo tes’ church Catholic. To be born again, you must have used a church for the Baptism. A rite that comes thru Christ’s Church. Genesis, and the spirit of the Lord moved over the waters, we have understood the spirit and the waters and being reborn, since it is typology understood by Peter, the apostles, the apostolic fathers, the councils, we know our theology, we know the Logos which is Christ, the protestants in your bible translate it as the Word, bad translation, in Greek it means also reason for being, the Why, the universe was created by God with meaning, the what and also the why. it is not new from the 15th century at least to us.

  • Glad you liked it BJ. The Evangelical part was regarding my experiences with charismatics in that movement and regarding the strict application of sola scriptura which I am sure you do not adhere to. No insult intended.

  • I initially thought the same thing you thought, but I also learned that a quick strike of the pen instead of patiently studying is the signature of scoffers. I am by no means saying that you are scoffing here, but I have 6 volumes in front of me analyzing the very issue you bring from top Catholic scholars and they do not agree with your assessment. Had you read these volumes as I am doing, you would not jot what you just jotted which is what I wanted to initially jot, but God taught me patience.

  • For not doubting my testimony, you have become my friend BJ.

  • Because they announce that God has a Son.

  • Jesus was too was condemned by the Vatican of His day: the Sanhedrin. Galileo too was also condemned. I read Mitch Pacwa’s and as well as Pope Pius XII views on Valtorta. I chose Pius XII’s view over Pacwa and the office of Pope John XXIII which really stems from someone else under him. I have 6 huge volumes that deal with these issues and more. Had you read them, you would not type what you typed. But since it takes all six volumes to explain it all, I advise that not studying the sources, including the critical sources for both yay and nay, is the signature of scoffers.

    I am by no means saying that you are scoffing here, but I have 6 volumes in front of me analyzing the very issue you bring from top Catholic scholars and they do not agree with your assessment. Had you read these volumes as I am doing, you would not jot what you just jotted which is what I wanted to initially jot, but God taught me patience.

  • PelayoHSV

    Wow. Amazing. Bravo. Thanks Walid.

  • Стефан Евгений

    Andy Pascha is a moveable date.

  • Julie

    He never called you to be the Lone Ranger and figure out so much by yourself.

  • “I posted previously about the Vatican’s condemnation of Valtorta and you did not let it go through. You are poisoning your followers”

    Bull to both false accusations. I did NOT sensor your comment. You are making the FIRST false charge. I approve comments once or twice a day.

    And BULL to your second charge that I am “poisoning my followers”. This is your second slander.

    And BULL to both of your other charges. I will respond to one and hope you research the second.

    Quoting a passage out of context with a false unsubstantiated insinuation based on a gross misrepresentation tantamount to lying and contradicted by the obvious context.

    Let’s read the context and you will see that her insinuation of a “love affair” is absolutely, unquestionably untrue and cannot in any way be implied by what is written in the Poem.

    Here’s a little background. The apostolic college had adopted an orphan boy who they named Marjiam. Marjiam was a boy who was starving, living by himself in the woods because his whole family died from a mudslide, and his only relative left alive was his grandfather, who couldn’t house him because he was a slave of a cruel and wicked Pharisee. The grandfather was extremely overworked and ill-treated (like a brute animal) and Marjiam was too young to work and hence wouldn’t be housed by the Pharisee. His grandfather fed Marjiam in secret but Marjiam was otherwise alone, heart-broken, and living in dire poverty in the wilderness. The apostolic group came across Marjiam and adopted him. They kept Marjiam with them for a time prior to finding pious foster parents for him. In any case, Peter was always grieved that he and his wife were not able to have children (due to sterility). He had the heart of a loving father and wanted to be a father. Unlike in modern society, children were considered to be the joy and glory of family life in the Jewish nation in the first century. Peter begged Jesus to let him be the foster father of Marjiam, but Jesus kept on refusing him. Jesus didn’t want Peter to become too attached to Marjiam because that might interfere with his divine calling to be the head of the Apostolic college and the future Pontiff of His Church. Since Peter did not have success with convincing Jesus directly by himself, he thought that he might have recourse to asking Mary, Jesus’ Mother, to see if she could present Peter’s desires to Jesus for him.

    Peter was hoping for an opportunity to talk with Our Lady about his requests, and the opportunity came when Peter asked to go into town with Mary and Marjiam to buy some clothing material to make clothes for Marjiam. This was needed since Marjiam was still in his poor ragged clothes from being alone in the wilderness for such a long time. Jesus approved, and so Peter, Mary, and Marjiam went into town to do shopping. I will start quoting the context of when they left:19

    [A few disciples] would like to keep the Master with His Mother. But Jesus promises to go back some other day, He blesses them and says goodbye. Peter goes away with Mary and is very happy. They are both holding the boy [Marjiam] by his hands and they look like a happy family. Many people turn round to look at them. Jesus watches them go away smiling.

    « Simon is happy! » exclaims the Zealot.

    « Why are You smiling, Master? » asks James of Zebedee.

    « Because I see a great promise in that group. »

    « Which promise, Brother? What do You see? » asks Thaddeus.

    « This is what I see: that I shall be able to go away with a peaceful mind, when the time comes. I need not be afraid for My Church. Then it will be small and slender like Marjiam. But My Mother will be there to hold it by the hand and to be its Mother; and there will be Peter as its father. In his honest rough hands I can place the hand of My dawning Church without any worry. He will give it the strength of his protection. My Mother the strength of Her love. And the Church will grow… like Marjiam… He is really the symbol-child! May God bless My Mother, My Peter and their child and ours! Now let us go to Johanna’s. »

    Peter, Marjiam, and Our Lady do their shopping in the town and come back. Later that evening, Jesus is sitting with His Mother on the terrace of a roof, as the Poem relates:20

    … And once again, in the evening, we are in the little house in Bethany. Many have already withdrawn, because they were tired. Peter is walking up and down the path, often looking up to the terrace where Jesus and Mary are sitting talking. John of Endor, instead, is speaking to the Zealot sitting under a pomegranate-tree in full blossom.

    Mary has already spoken a great deal because I can hear Jesus say: « Everything You told Me is just and I will bear in mind its justice. And I say that also Your advice concerning Annaleah is right. It is a good sign that the man has accepted it so readily. It is true that the people high up in Jerusalem are dull-minded and envious, I could also say that they are filthy. But in the humble people there are pearls of unknown value. I am glad that Annaleah is happy. She belongs more to Heaven than to the earth, and perhaps the man, who has now understood the concept of the spirit, realizes that and he respects her almost religiously. His intention to go elsewhere, so that no human sentiment may upset the pure vow of his girl, proves it. »

    « Yes, My Son. Man perceives the perfume of virgins… I remember Joseph. I did not know which words to use. He was not aware of My secret… And yet he helped Me to disclose it with the intuition of a saint. He had perceived the scent of My soul…

    Also John, see?… How peaceful he is! And everybody seeks him. Even Judas of Kerioth, although… No, Son. Judas has not changed. I know and You know. We do not speak because we do not want to start war. But even if we do not speak, we know… and even if we do not speak, the others realize… Oh! My Jesus! The younger apostles told Me today, at Gethsemane, the episode at Magdala and the other one of Sabbath morning… Innocent children speak… because they see through the eyes of their angels. But also old people have an idea… They are not wrong. He is an elusive being… Everything is elusive in him… and I am afraid of him and I have on My lips the same words of Benjamin at Magdala and of Marjiam at Gethsemane, because I feel the same disgust for Judas as children do. »

    « Not everybody can be John!… »

    « I do not pretend that! In that case, it would be paradise on the earth. But, see, You told Me about the other John… A man who killed… but I feel only sorry for him. Judas frightens Me. »

    « Love him, Mother! Love him, for My sake! »

    « Yes, Son, I will. But not even My love will serve. It will only make Me suffer and make him guilty. Oh! Why did he come to You? He upsets everybody, he offends Peter who deserves all respect. »

    « Yes. Peter is very good. I would do anything for him, because he deserves it. »

    « If he heard You, he would say with his good frank smile: “Ah! My Lord, that is not true!” And he would be right. »

    « Why, Mother? » But Jesus smiles, because He has already understood.

    « Because You are not satisfying him by giving him a son. He told Me all his hopes, his desires… and Your refusals. »

    « And did he not tell You the reasons justifying them? »

    « Yes, he did and he added: “It is true… but I am a man, a poor man. Jesus persists in seeing a great man in me. But I know that I am a poor fellow, and so… He could give me a child. I got married to have them… and I will die without any”. And he said – pointing at the boy who, delighted because of the lovely dress bought by Peter, had kissed him, saying: “Beloved father” – he said: “See, when this little creature, whom only ten days ago I did not know, says that to me, I feel that I become softer than butter and sweeter than honey and I weep, because… every day that goes by, takes this child away from me”. »

    Mary becomes silent, watching Jesus, studying His face, waiting for a word… But Jesus has placed His elbow on His knee, resting His head in His hand and is silent, looking at the green expanse of the orchard.

    Mary takes His hand and caressing it She says: « Simon has this great desire… When I went with him, he did nothing but speak to Me about it, and his reasons are so good that… I could say nothing to keep him quiet. They are the same reasons that all women and mothers think of. The boy is not strong. If he were as strong as You were… oh! he could have faced the life of a disciple without any fear. But he is so thin!… He is very intelligent, very good… but nothing more. When a little dove is so delicate, you cannot throw it in the air to let it fly very early, as you do with strong ones. The shepherds are good… but they are still men. Children need women. Why do You not leave him with Simon? While You refuse him a son of his own, born of him, I understand the reason. A son is like an anchor. And Simon, who is destined to such a great task, cannot be hindered by anchors. But You must agree that he is to be the “father” of

    all the sons You will be leaving him. How can he be a father if he has had no training with a child? A father must be sweet. Simon is good, but not sweet. He is impulsive and intolerant. Only a little creature can teach him the fine art of being indulgent to whoever is weak… Consider Simon’s destiny… He is Your successor after all! Oh! I must say that cruel word! But for all the sorrow it causes Me saying it, listen to Me. I would never advise You anything unless it were good. Marjiam… You want to make a perfect disciple of him… But he is only a boy. You… You will be going before he is a man. To whom then can You give him, to complete his formation, better than Simon? Finally, poor Simon, You know how much trouble he has had, with his mother in-law, also because of You. And yet he has not picked up a tiny part of his past, of his freedom of a year ago, to be left in peace by his mother-in-law, whom not even You have been able to change. And his poor wife? She is longing so much to love and be loved. Her mother… oh! Her husband? A dear domineering man… No affection is ever given to her without exacting too much… Poor woman!… Leave her the boy. Listen, Son. For the time being we will take him with us. I will come to Judaea, too. You will take Me to one of My companions of the Temple, who is almost a relative, because she is of the House of David. She lives at Bethzur. I will be pleased to see her, if she is still alive. Then, when we go back to Galilee, we will give him to Porphirea. When we are near Bethsaida, Peter will take him. When we come here, so far, the boy will stay with her. Ah! You are smiling now! So You are going to please Your Mother. Thank You, My Jesus. »

    « Yes, let it be done, as You wish. » Jesus stands up and calls out loud: « Simon of Jonas: come here. »

    Peter starts and rushes down the steps. « What do You want, Master? »

    « Come here, you usurper and corrupter! »

    « Me? Why? What have I done, Lord? »

    « You have corrupted My Mother. That is why you wanted to be alone. What shall I do with you? »

    But Jesus smiles and Peter recovers confidence. « Oh! » he says. « You really frightened me! But now You are laughing… What do You want from me, Master? My life? I have but that, because You have taken everything… But if You want, I will give it to You. »

    « I do not want to take anything from you. I want to give you something. But do not take advantage of your victory and do not disclose the secret to the others, you most artful fellow who defeats the Master by means of the weapon of His Mother’s word. You will have the boy, but… »

    Jesus can say no more, because Peter, who had knelt down, bounces to his feet and kisses the Master with such delight that he makes the words die on His lips.

    « Thank Her, not Me. But remember that this must be of assistance to you, and not an impediment… »

    « My Lord, You will not have to repent of the gift… Oh! Mary! May You be always blessed, You holy and good… » And Peter, who has fallen on his knees again, weeps, kissing Mary’s hand…

    Now it is clear from the context of the Poem that when Jesus said to Peter “you have corrupted My Mother” (a more proper translation of the original Italian is “you have bribed My Mother”) He was speaking allegorically, and not literally, referring to the fact that Peter convinced Mary to intercede on his behalf to ask Jesus to reconsider allowing Peter to adopt Marjiam for a time. The sense of this word is meant allegorically (not literally) to refer to the fact that Peter convinced Mary to agree with him instead of going with what the Lord would have said otherwise without her intercession with regards to adopting Marjiam. I personally do not find that comment, in its proper context and with its proper distinctions, as objectionable or unrealistic. And neither do many high-ranking clerics and theologians in Rome, among them Fr. Gabriel Roschini, O.S.M. – very likely the greatest and most learned Mariologist of the 20th century – who wrote a 395-page study of the Mariology in Maria Valtorta’s writings and found it inspiring and in perfect line with Tradition, true Catholic doctrine, and orthodox Mariology.

    As a matter of fact, Fr. Gabriel Roschini specifically quoted this exact passage at length in his book and commented on it in this way:21

    Mary’s name is most powerful at her Son’s side! The secret to obtain graces from Jesus is precisely to use “the weapon of His Mother’s word.” Such is the lesson resulting from a graceful, idyllic, and significant episode that took place in Jesus’ second year of Public Ministry. Peter, though married, was childless. For this reason, he wished to adopt little Marjiam, an orphan, and leave him with his wife [when he would be called to travel]. He made his request of Jesus, but Jesus refused. Peter went to Mary, begging her to intercede in his favor with her Son. She agreed to help. Thus, during a conversation with Jesus, she skillfully led the topic to Peter, and said: [here Fr. Roschini quotes almost the entire conversation between Jesus and Mary which I also quoted on the past several pages].

    Fr. Kevin Robinson wrote:22

    With Valtorta, as with the canonical Scriptures, there are difficulties that are easily resolved by distinction from Thomistic philosophy such as: general vs. specific, strictly vs. broadly, properly vs. allegorically, in fieri vs. in facto esse, fad esse vs. ad melior esse, simpliciter vs. quodammodo. These distinctions are usually not needed for the simple faithful as the context gives them the truth without danger.

    Horvat presents a completely absurd, unsubstantiated claim: “Jesus suggests a love-affair between St. Peter and Our Lady”. That is absolutely absurd because Peter was never alone with Mary, but was with Marjiam in a public place doing shopping! When Jesus said, “That is why you wanted to be alone” it meant “not with Him and all the other Apostles present.” Peter was “alone” with Mary and Marjiam, in a public place. There is absolutely no grounds based on the context for anyone to

    possibly consider that what Jesus was referring to was an adulterous love affair between St. Peter and Our Lady! To say something so gross, calumnious, and unfounded is just as bad as the liberals who misinterpret Mary Magdalene’s encounters with Our Lord in the canonized Gospels and try to portray Jesus as having a love affair with St. Mary Magdalene.

    Horvat is guilty of exactly what Prof. Leo A. Brodeur, M.A., LèsL., Ph.D., H.Sc.D. says here:23

    Let us return to the alleged dogmatic or moral errors which some opponents of the Poem of the Man-God claim to find in it. The alleged errors result from the opponents’ own doing: they rarely present complete quotations, they mutilate them; they wrench the quotations out of context, when only the context gives them their proper meaning; they sometimes even go so far as to falsify certain texts. Also, the testimony of those opponents often is not credible because of their lack of knowledge in mystical theology, their ignorance of Valtorta’s work, or their prejudice against it. Some have even gone so far as to declare publicly that they had not read it and did not intend to in the least.

    It doesn’t seem that Horvat ever read the whole context of these passages which she quotes out of context, because if she actually read the context, and still believed that it implied a love affair, then she has some very serious problems with being able to critically analyze a text.

    The above demonstration not only refutes Horvat’s out-of-context quote in this section of her article, but also exposes once again the untenable, unfounded, misleading, and calumnious method that she is using to try to argue against the Poem.

  • out-of-context quotes:

    After John professes his belief and love in Jesus as Son of God, “he smiles and weeps, panting, inflamed by his love, relaxing on Jesus’ chest, as if he were exhausted by his ardor. And Jesus caresses him, burning with love Himself.”

    John begs Jesus not to tell the others of what has passed between them. Jesus replies, “Do not worry, John. No one will be aware of your wedding with the Love. Get dressed, come. We must leave.” (Vol. 2, n. 165, pp. 57-58)

    Let’s look at this passage in context. First, it is helpful to understand that the Apostles did a rigorous retreat in the desert with Jesus to prepare for the Public Ministry. It was conducted much like a modern-day Ignatian retreat, with total silence and each Apostle having their own “cell” (that is, a cave dwelling), but with the added aspect of difficult fasting and long periods of intense fruitful prayers. Apostles could visit Jesus to consult Him, but notice that St. John never did so – he was always alone in his own cave without Jesus. He was alone – just Him and God the Father. The “retreat” has ended, and in the morning Jesus is calling His Apostles to come out of their dwellings to meet with Him to hear His instructions and conclude the retreat. Jesus comes in to wake up St. John because he was still asleep and didn’t wake up at Jesus’ call, and St. John explains the fiery consolations which the Father showered on Him while he was alone in his cave. Here are the passages in context:43

    « And now let us go and wake up these other children of Mine » says Jesus, and He walks down, as His cave is the highest one, and He enters the various caves calling the sleeping apostles by their names.

    Simon, Bartholomew, Philip, James and Andrew reply at once. Matthew, Peter and Thomas take a little longer to reply. And while Judas Thaddeus goes to meet Jesus as soon as he sees

    Him appear at the entrance of his grotto, as he is already ready and wide awake, the other cousin, the Iscariot and John are fast asleep, so much so that Jesus has to shake them on their beds, made with tree branches and leaves, in order to wake them up.

    John, the last one to be called, is so sound asleep, that he does not realize Who is calling him, and in the haze of his interrupted sleep, he whispers: « Yes, mother, I am coming at once… » But he turns round on his other side.

    Jesus smiles, sits on the rustic mattress made of foliage picked in the wood, He bends and kisses the cheek of John, who opens his eyes and is dumbfounded at seeing Jesus. He sits up and says: « Do you need me? Here I am. »

    « No. I woke you up as I did the others. But you thought it was your mother. So I kissed you, as mothers do. »

    John, half naked in his undertunic, because he used his tunic and mantle as bed covers, clasps Jesus’ neck and lays his head between Jesus’ shoulder and cheek saying: « Oh! You are much more than a mother! I left her for You, but I would not leave You for her! She bore me to the earth. You are bearing me to Heaven. Oh! I know! »

    « What do you know more than the others? »

    « What the Lord told me in this cave. See, I never came to You and I think my companions said it was due to indifference and pride. But I am not concerned with what they think. I know that You know the truth. I was not coming to Jesus Christ, the Incarnate Son of God, but to what You are in the bosom of the Fire that is the eternal Love of the Most Holy Trinity, its Nature, its Essence, its Real Essence – oh! I cannot tell, however, what I have understood in this dark gloomy cavern that has become so full of light for me, in this cold grotto where I have been burnt by a featureless fire that has descended into the depth of my being and has inflamed me with a sweet martyrdom, in this silent cave, which has, however, sung celestial truths to me – but to what You are, the Second Person of the ineffable Mystery, which is God and which I penetrated because God has drawn me to Himself and I have always had Him with me. And I have poured all my desires, all my tears, all my requests on Your divine bosom, Word of God. Amongst the many words I have heard from You, there never was one so comprehensive as the one You told me here, You, God the Son, You, God like the Father, You, God like the Holy Spirit, You, centre of the Trinity… oh! perhaps I am blaspheming, but that is what I think, because if You were not the love of the Father and the love for the Father, then the Love, the Divine Love would be missing, and the Divinity would no longer be Trine and it would lack the most becoming attribute of God: His love! Oh! I have so much in here, but it is like water gurgling against a dam and cannot flow out… and I seem to be dying of it, so violent and sublime is the turmoil in my heart, since I have understood You… but I would not like to be freed of it for the whole world… Let me die of that love, my sweet God! » John smiles and weeps, panting, inflamed by his love, relaxing on Jesus’ chest, as if he were exhausted by his ardor. And Jesus caresses him, burning with love Himself.

    John composes himself and with deep humility he begs: « Do not tell the others what I told You. I am sure that they too have lived with God as I did during these past days. But leave the stone of silence on my secret. »

    « Do not worry, John. No one will be aware of your wedding with the Love. Get dressed, come. We must leave. »

    Jesus goes out on to the path where the others are already gathered. Their faces look more venerable and serene. The old ones look like patriarchs, the younger ones have a maturity and dignity, which were previously concealed by their youth.

    Notice that John never visited Jesus at all, and so Jesus’ reference to John’s “wedding with the love” refers to a purely spiritual martyrdom and consolation of love that John experienced in being united to the Father and the Holy Spirit in his solitude in the cave. Horvat’s out-of-context insinuations give readers the impression that this “wedding with the love” refers to homosexual activity with Jesus which is absolutely calumnious and absurd, especially with the context which clearly shows that John was the one Apostle who never even physically visited Jesus and was never near Him during that entire retreat. It is also very clear that this “wedding with the love” refers to the purely spiritual consolation John received from the Father and doesn’t have any sexual connotation. What is meant by “wedding with the love” is especially apparent to those who have knowledge of mystical theology. Analogies with weddings are used all of the time in Christ’s parables and in His Church. Priests are said to be “married to the Church” but that doesn’t imply any sexual activity with the priests and Church members! Also note that the term “caressing” is the English translation of the original Italian word carezza. What we mean today by “caressing” in our modern society tends to imply a sexual connotation. However, the use of the term caressing in the 1940s in Italy (which, by the way, had kissing as greetings and signs of affection as part of its culture and was less “touch-phobic” than the West) can mean like a pat on the head or a touch on the cheek or the hand or similar things, and has no sexual connotation. Synonyms for carezza and “caress” are stroke, pat, touch, embrace, etc. In fact, in some instances in the Poem, the word carezza has been translated into English as “caress” and in other instances as “pat” (i.e., on the head) depending on the context. Canonized scripture accounts that Jesus “imposed His hands upon [the children]” to bless them (Matthew 19:15). Do you honestly think that He imposed His hands in a touch-phobic, cold, 20th century fashion, when the culture of the Jews was so much more affectionate than ours to such an extent that it was even normal and proper for men to even kiss each other as a greeting? The caresses described in the Poem do not have any unnatural or sexual connotation. Fr. Kevin Robinson wrote:44

    Second is the cultural and temporal context. It comes as a surprise for some to realize that Christ our Savior was truly human, and with other characters of the Gospel, was of quite a different cultural stock (from ourselves). Jewish first century styles and customs greatly differ from Western twentieth century ones. Even today, what is normal and proper in Palestine or Italy might be considered queer and sinful in America or England. In these latter countries we know it is not proper for men to kiss each other unless they are of close family, or they are enthusiastic U.K. soccer players kicking a goal. Yet in the East it is entirely proper and even expected. Sometimes they even may kiss on the lips as a sign of special affection without any

    unnatural or sexual connotation. Recall Our Lord at the house of Simon the Pharisee rebuking him for not giving the customary kiss (Luke 7:45). It would be calumny in trying to impute evil motives in the chaste, loving, and manly kisses revealed in The Poem. No one who has read it in context entertains any suspicion on this score, even if they are surprised.

    Horvat also insinuates by her out-of-context quoting that John not wanting Christ to tell the others what had occurred between him and God is really not wanting to tell others about supposed homosexual activity that took place. That is ludicrous! When you read the passages in context, it is obvious that St. John did not want Christ to tell his story about what had occurred between his soul and God when he was alone in the cave. Furthermore, he didn’t want Jesus to tell the other Apostles about His consolations from God out of humility because it is pride and very displeasing to God to want your spiritual consolations made known, which might discourage others who did not receive as much. It is plainly obvious from the context that this is what John was referring to, and it is doubly undeniable because the passage mentions that John is the only Apostle who didn’t actually physically visit Jesus during his “wedding with the Love” (union with the Father in prayer) and so it had no physical dimension at all. As for John resting his head on Jesus’ chest when he was awoken and explaining what had occurred during his retreat, with burning love, it should be noted that the canonized Gospels also reveal that John rested his head on Christ’s chest after receiving the first Holy Communion at the Last Supper, where, beyond doubt, he was probably burning with love as well. As it is written: “Now there was leaning on Jesus’ bosom one of his disciples, whom Jesus loved.” (John 13:23)

    The above demonstration not only refutes Horvat’s most troubling out-of-context quote in this section of her article, but also exposes the untenable, unfounded, misleading, and calumnious method that she is using to try to argue against the Poem.

    As Prof. Leo A. Brodeur, M.A., LèsL., Ph.D., H.Sc.D. wrote:45

    Let us return to the alleged dogmatic or moral errors which some opponents of the Poem of the Man-God claim to find in it. The alleged errors result from the opponents’ own doing: they rarely present complete quotations, they mutilate them; they wrench the quotations out of context, when only the context gives them their proper meaning; they sometimes even go so far as to falsify certain texts. Also, the testimony of those opponents often is not credible because of their lack of knowledge in mystical theology, their ignorance of Valtorta’s work, or their prejudice against it. Some have even gone so far as to declare publicly that they had not read it and did not intend to in the least.

    What about the fact that Maria Valtorta wrote that John was “half naked in his undertunic, because he used his tunic and mantle as bed covers”? Is that scandalous? No! There is quite a room for interpretation of what “half naked” means. For example, men at swimming pools who have on swimming trunks but no shirt can be said to be “half naked” depending on your interpretation of that phrase. What the 1940s Italian writer Maria Valtorta meant by “half naked” is probably far less scandalous than what we, 70 years later – in a whole different culture, continent, and time period – interpret “half naked” to mean.

    To understand what Maria Valtorta meant by “half naked” we can refer to another passage in the Poem of the Man-God where she explicitly says what she means. This is from chapter 462 in Volume 3:46

    John is half-naked, that is, he is wearing the short tunic of fishermen, his hair is stiff and smooth as is typical of people who have been in water, he is panting and nevertheless wan. [emphasis added]

    On the following page in this chapter, she refers to John again with the same description: “John half-naked, with a damp tunic, frozen and barefooted.” [emphasis added]

    The fact that tunics sometimes covered less of the body than pants and a shirt do (such as when the man was sleeping alone as John was) was the reality of the way tunics were back then and had no sexual or un-ordinary aspect to it. To prove it – and to show how you cannot be scandalized by what Maria Valtorta wrote without also being scandalized by the canonized Scriptures themselves – I quote just two Scripture passages:

    [Jesus] saith to them: Cast the net on the right side of the ship, and you shall find. They cast therefore; and now they were not able to draw it, for the multitude of fishes. That disciple therefore whom Jesus loved, said to Peter: It is the Lord. Simon Peter, when he heard that it was the Lord, girt his coat about him, (for he was naked), and cast himself into the sea. But the other disciples came in the ship, (for they were not far from the land, but as it were two hundred cubits), dragging the net with fishes. (John 21: 6-8)

    And Jesus answering, said to them: Are you come out as to a robber, with swords and staves to apprehend Me? I was daily with you in the temple teaching, and you did not lay hands on Me. But that the scriptures may be fulfilled. Then His disciples leaving Him, all fled away. And a certain young man followed Him, having a linen cloth cast about his naked body; and they laid hold on him. But he, casting off the linen cloth, fled from them naked. (Mark 14: 48-52)

    A little common sense and cultural/historical understanding can go a long way against the ill- disposed and dishonest calumniations of those who try to find faults by groundless out-of-context insinuations.

    • Kkdgrace

      I guess all them early Christians were homosexual since they were instructed by Scripture to “Greet each other with a holy kiss”. A whole Lotta kissing going on back then! Sheesh!

      • susan

        lol. Jesus had a sense of humor. And it reveals itself through His conversations. Daniel is doing the same type of thing people who are unfamiliar with the Bible do. They take a verse and judge God. God, who is all good and all loving who sent His Son to ransom us. Quite sad really.

  • I called him David G. He said that you had a book you recommended and that he will forward your email. Looking forward to finding out the book. God bless you David G.

  • I have calmed down much BJ. No more Savage style anger. It must be my partaking in Communion.

  • ace

    Thank you, Walid, for this! God continue to bless you in your work! I had to read it in 2 parts, yesterday and today – and it made me late yesterday afternoon with starting my homework and then finishing after midnight. It’s very interesting, but also a lot to digest, and, I need to spend more time going through it again… But, for now, I’m going to bed..

    • Remember ace, as you read the slander against Valtorta, check out Stephen Austin, he responds to all of it in so much detail and when you see the difference, you will know what is true and what is false.

  • susan

    Thank you Walid! I hadn’t heard of this Saint before.

  • What I talk of is ancient and what you talk of is simply throwing modern meaningless arrows and failing darts, for my shield is strong to easily reflect the darts of devils. For what is the use of darts other than piercing boards hung by drunkards at taverns who neither know how to aim or hit the mark.

  • Jereca,

    Perhaps you might reflect on your own encouraging advice and examine the history as you encourage to view Charisma. Here is my quest for you:

    Who killed the Cathars and who claimed they were saints?

    If you can unravel this riddle, you have found gold and it is only then that you are able to decipher truth from error, slander from justice.

    Blessings to you sister.

  • You were never on a cross. The thief was. Had he been off the cross, would he desire baptism? I bet he does.

  • la0508,

    I do not handle this department, but if you call and ask for Keith at (877)832-7200, he will deal with the email and the issue.

    • I spoke to Keith, he will write to you, I gave him your email and he will deal with this immediately. He said there was trouble with the email system on Rescue Christians. But I had him search and he just found your email and says that you should have received the acknowledgments and he will take care of it immediately. We will get on this issue immediately. If you do not hear from someone today, let me know and I WILL solve this issue. Blessings to you and to your family.

  • Thank you charlesruss, mind you I just discovered her last week and have already poured into the reading of volumes and am working with her top apologist. There is much more that I am discovering than we think which will take me some time to unravel.

    There is much to analyze from my perspective knowing the semitic language, both classical and the colloquial mix I lived with a mix of Arabic and Aramaic in Bethlehem including passed down tradition and ancient settings from homes, gardens settings food and tradition and also how we pronounced certain words.

    For example, Valtorta writes: “Amongst the « doctors » there is a group headed by one whose name is Gamaliel and by another old and almost blind man who is supporting Gamaliel in the dispute. This man, whose name I hear is Hillel (I am writing it with an ‘h’ because I hear an aspiration at the beginning of the name) ”

    What do you pick up from what Valtorta is saying here? I can guarantee you would not know unless you have lived there, been there and done that. Even the Jews today simply say “Hillel” having an accent developed from recently immigrated European Jews when Eliezer Ben‑Yehuda (his grandson is my friend) established the Hebrew language for the first time in Israel. He too would not know how to pronounce Hillel. Just a simple name like this and why Valtorta made this comment speaks volumes that she heard the ancient way on how to pronounce the name Hillel. I would have to say it to you in order to understand. At first glance I had thought (because how they misspell the word) that the name was Hilal (crescent), but no, it is Hhallel (Praise) as in command to praise the Almighty and is why she said “I hear an ‘aspiration’ in the beginning of the name. An aspiration is “the action or process of drawing breath” which would insist on a double hh: hhallel, exactly as we pronounce it in my village. We kept the ancient customs. There is much more to Valtorta than what has been discovered.

  • You’re right. At times I do rant in order to put the nuggets in the end and make these nuggets difficult to find so only the wise (that would be you) can find them 🙂

    Its difficult to get the whole volume I ordered the print version. But you can find much here:

  • You are welcome brother George.

  • You can handle it Mr. Crawford, at times the devil uses us to be his darts. While I never meant that you were the devil, I meant it as Peter when Jesus said “get thee behind Me”. I see you throwing darts with little substance and I hoped you would not just bait others with short strikes of a pen criticizing without detailed research. Do your research Crawford and stop throwing darts.

  • Julie

    You are missing out on the development of thought. We are not called to discern by ourselves.

    Christianity, like Judaism is worshipping and centering our lives on God… a gathering of people who are led by those authorized by God to shepherd them.

    The Church is as a mother and guide to nurture us in the Lord through Word and Sacrament… a communion of believers….and points out to us the way to heaven that is binding us to the Lord.

  • Tom_mcewen

    Well, the Catholic Church teaches there are three types of baptism, due to the why life is, one is Baptism by water, baptism by blood by being a martyr faithful until death and when baptism is no possible before death baptism by desire. The good thief was promised to be with Christ in paradise that night. Paradise is not heaven, where did Christ go he went to the prison where those from the time of Noah waited to hear the gospel and the thief was with him, free will demand that you know before you choose. Christ and those in prision are outside of time..

  • Bob,

    As you know I am meticulous when it comes to fact. Although you ask me to read the whole book and due to time constraints I can’t go after every book folks suggest I read. Do you have Valtorta’s quote about the 153 fish? Because I could not find it. Can you show her quote? Or at least give the reference so I can look it up. In order to refute, one must show the both, the quote of the author and the biblical quote so we can examine the claim.

  • susan

    Bob, as I look at your book, it crosses my mind that you too are in the same category as those who claim, “The Lord says”. Except there are no miracles associated with your works. Have you considered how God uses the least likely members of society to accomplish His greatest works? There is what seems to be a cautionary warning by Jesus to all that will read the “megaphone”. Have you read it? 🙂

    • Bob’s comment does not include evidence so I am waiting for his evidence.

      The scene that corresponds to the beginning of John 21 in the canonized Gospels is in The Poem of the Man-God, Volume 5, Chapter 629, p. 823. In this scene, Jesus is indeed on the shore as it is written in the canonized Gospel. Hence, the objection “If it really was Jesus talking He would know that He was on the shore, not in the boat” is unfounded.

      • susan

        Thank you. I’ve been reading a lot of her poem since you wrote about her. It’s quite amazing. It’s as if Jesus is right here. :). I’ll see if I can find that part. I’ve ordered the set along with a few other items. It should arrive next week.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    WOW!! This is the most amazing, startling, mind-boggling, information I have ever heard – I can hardly wait to read this again, print it, want to know more about Valtorta’s writings – esp if she mentioned anything about a severe shoulder wound that Jesus suffered during his passion. Truth truly is stranger than fiction –

  • susan

    Bob, have you had the opportunity to read all of the books yet? I’m working on it. :).

  • susan

    As you wish. CHF is no fun. 🙁
    May God bless you too, Bob.

  • The best learning are the long reads.

  • Cesar,

    I am hardly offended at your suggestion. But if we adjust our reading with the times, we end up of this world. It takes me days to write the articles while it takes you three hours to read it. Perhaps you can break it down and stop at each heading.

    And by the way, I commend you for walking a mile. May I ask you to walk an extra mile? And while you’re at it, may I have your cloak as well 😉

  • susan

    “I would suggest your writings be shorter and specific, straight to the point, written for each subject.”

    Lol. I smiled when I read your comment. I’ve wished studying for college exams were like that too. And movies and tv programs. And even listening at times, I wish people would get to the point. You know…just drive from A to B with no stops along the way. No traffic. Just a wonderful uninterrupted brief scenic car ride. ;). But that way seldom arrives at the narrow road. For the narrow road is just a bit beyond its reach. 😉