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Muslims Take 250 Women And Butcher All Of Them To Death In Mass Murdering Spree

By Theodore Shoebat ISIS terrorists in Iraq butchered 250 women in a mass murdering spree, as we read in one report: An official for the Kurdistan Democratic Party told Iranian news agency ABNA ISIS has been forcing women into arranged marriages with ISIS fighters — and executing women who refuse. The official said “at least […]

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Muslim Buffalo Bill Is Arrested And Prosecuted After He Rubs Lotion Over Entire Body of Sleeping Woman On Airplane, Says He Did It Because “She Didn’t Resist”

To paraphrase “Buffalo Bill,” He rubbed the lotion on her skin. But in all seriousness, this is perverted and disgusting. And of course she did not resist- she was asleep. Thankfully this man is being prosecuted, but it shows again the world that we live in. There are perverts everywhere, but it is clear that there […]

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Western Europeans Think They Are Superior To Other Nations Because They Kowtow To Muslim Demands

This is a well-written, interesting perspective on the “refugee” crisis in Europe right now about why Germany and Sweden are so obstinate in their forcing Islamic people and Islamization in their societies. The author contends that all of the “compassion” that Germany and Sweden show “refugees” is actually an extreme form of self-hubris and contempt […]

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ISIS Boasts Of Plans For Suicide Bombers And Beach Massacres This Summer, Spanish Police Make Arrests

When this “migrant crisis” began in the late fall, people were already expressing concern that summer 2016 might be a very dangerous and deadly time because the Muslim men, who are already choose to exercise no self-restraint and will rape anybody simply for fun, would wreak havoc on European beaches. Now ISIS has decided it wants […]

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Gang of Muslim Teens In UK Crash A House Party And Beat And Rape A Random Teenage Girl For THREE Hours, Then When They Are Arrested They Tell Police She Liked It

Teenagers, house parties, and trouble have always gone together. However, I can’t ever remember gangs of would-be rapists, let alone Muslims, as well as doing what these teens did, and then to say as though it was some defense that the victim liked being raped and beaten is beyond me. Islam is changing European and […]

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