DESTINATION HUNGARY…European Christians fed up with their nations’ “suicidal Muslim migration policies,” are fleeing their own countries and heading to Hungary

By BI: Soon to become the prime destination of choice for many angry and fearful European Christians, Hungary stands to reap the benefits of ‘White Flight’ from Western Europe that comes with a large influx of highly-educated, skilled, and financially independent Christian immigrants.


New Observer  Writing in the Hungary Today journal, Hungarian-American Adam Topolansky, in an article titled His article, titled “Hungary!—The country of choice for western Europeans by 2030?” asserted that “western and northern European citizens may choose Hungary in large numbers as a destination of choice within the next 15–20 years.”

Topolansky, who is currently living in Hungary but was educated at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs before being employed at the US Embassy in Budapest, predicted that “tens, possibly hundreds of thousands of German, Dutch, French, Belgian, and other western European citizens may opt to move to Hungary in the next 20–30 years and settle there in the wake of the migration crisis.”


Some, he said, might “prefer other destinations like Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, or other countries,” but Hungary “will be on top of their list as a destination country in which they will want to settle.”

He said that this “reverse migration” is a “predictable trend,” because citizens of Western Europe “will want to escape their leaders’ suicidal migration policies and will seek a safer place to retire.”

It is however not only older people, but also “younger folks” who will select Hungary as a destination. The reason for this exodus, Topolansky said, is that “western Europeans do not want to live in fear surrounded by radical Muslims in their own countries.”


Hungary, on the other hand, he said, will “offer them a secure environment in which their accumulated assets and incomes will assure them the good life that they are accustomed to on the western half of the continent.”

Topolansky then launched into a detailed explanation of the insanity which has gripped Western Europe and sent it into a death spiral.

Let’s face it. In the wake of the Brussels terrorist attacks, we have had enough of the whining and commiserating: “Je suis Charlie, Je suis Paris, Je suis Brussels, Je suis the next large city in Europe”… STOP WILLKOMMENSKULTUR! Period.

Mass migration from northern Africa and the Middle East has destabilized Europe over the past decades and altered the way of life, the religious and cultural fabric of European societies. This needs to come to an end.


Topolansky pointed out that “Western Europe’s willkommenskultur and multiculturalism have been eroding European societies and disintegrating European value systems that were built over thousands of years.”

However, he said, “East-Central Europe has chosen a different path.” Partly because of their steadfast nationalist pride and partly because of their newly acquired freedoms, the people of East-Central Europe will go the extra mile to preserve the freedoms and security they fought for.

They don’t want to be Brusselized or live in the shadow of another superimposed guardian society.


As a result of these factors, there will be a major migration wave from West to East, while concurrently, migrants will continue to pile up on the western half of the continent in order to collect higher social benefits and seek higher paying jobs.

This “manipulated breakdown of western European civilization” is, Topolansky continued, “presumably some kind of ill-conceived revenge by the liberal western elite for the two world wars and Nazism.”

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban urges military resistance to forced mass Muslim immigration:

  • Indian Christian Crusader

    Viktor Orban is a hero to Christians around the world. So yes, it is logical for Europe’s Christians who are being besieged by homosexuals and Muslims, to seek protection in the lands ruled by Sir Orban. Sir Orban will keep them safe from marauding Muslim gangsters and Homosexual communists, two pawns of satan.

  • waffle_anna

    What about the weak and infirm such as myself? I’m not rich, I only have my two mites…

  • richinnameonly

    Looks like the coming reality.

  • Flame blue

    That’s what l am planning to do. We will go to Hungary or Poland. I think that we will need to get out in five years now. Prior to the Islamic invasion of Europe, l thought we would go down in 25 years. The Muslims are already celebrating their conquest of Europe although they didn’t conquer us, we handed our Lands over to them freely.

    The problem is the elites of the EU and United Nations are hellbent on providing no refuge for escapees from besieged countries, they intend to impose Muslims in Eastern Europe, so there’s no where to escape to.

    I burn easily as my skin in fair. Poland is extremely hot in summer. Sun creams make me ill so using them daily will be sickening. I am not good with extreme cold either. It’s a big problem for red heads.

  • racarrera

    They can expell their own liberals first.