“Acts with animals that have a sexual purpose are inherently exploitative whether or not penetration occurs,” Abella said.

The west is becoming sicker and sicker. The Canadian legislature process recently made international news after the Liberal Party, led by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, introduced a new bill seeking to establish two year prison terms for people found guilty of transgender discrimination.

“There remains much to be done, though. Far too many people still face harassment, discrimination, and violence for being who they are. This is unacceptable,” Trudeau said at the time, noting that the bill would expand existing “hate speech” prohibitions to include any public speech or communication that “promotes hatred” on the basis of “gender identity” or “gender expression,” which is aimed at defending transgender people.

So next time Canada is hit with calamities do not get angry when I do not care. What an evil wicked generation full of the devil and on the road to hell!


As it is written:

“For Your sake we are killed all day long;
We are accounted as sheep for the slaughter.”

Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us. For I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities nor powers, nor things present nor things to come, nor height nor depth, nor any other created thing, shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” (Romans 8:36-39)




Rescue Christians

Forum For Middle East Understanding

In The Matter of “Keith Davies” Fraudulent Activity

The Evidence


By Walid Shoebat

Hostile takeovers of charities are common. This is the subject of Keith Davies whom we wrongly trusted and thought he was simply “naive” when every time Keith fell for a scam. Our latest probe revealed otherwise; Keith was calculative and with malice neglected his duty of care and his duty of loyalty and wired donations to scammers while he knew they were outlaws.


Lance Silver founded Forum For Middle East Understanding (FFMU) in 2007 as a nonprofit dedicated to promote the message of Walid Shoebat. Mr. Silver handed the checkbook to Keith Davies (Walid’s booking agent) to only become the self-appointed Executive Director. He then added another board member (without vote from the others) one named Lee Kaplan to concoct a resolution to oust Lance. Kaplan explains:


And by this, Keith became the self-appointed executive and board all in one:

“I am the only one, apparently, I believe that is legal on the board which gives me all the responsibility” Keith explains despite that he illegally entered the board by fraud.

The ‘responsibility’ Keith touts, in reality became control.

From henceforth, Keith (for years) kept Lance’s board in the dark amalgamating the charity where he became the Board, Executive Director, Chair, Secretary, Treasury, Signatory … to even later claim the Shoebat website including even the Shoebat book sales he pocketed to himself as his ‘salary’ which he failed to report to the IRS.

Keith also contracted all the security for the donations and website to Mosheh Avraham, another control freak.

With the two (having all the control) things became difficult. We later insisted (for years) to join the board but Keith resisted. The bank accounts (TD Bank) where set up by Keith. This was a local Pennsylvania bank only Keith had access to where he was the only signatory. Keith continually refused to transfer the accounts to a national bank so that we may access. In 2015, tired of Keith’s complete control, we fought tooth and nail and flew to Pennsylvania on October 27, 2015 and became signatory on the accounts. But TD Bank sent statements only to the primary person: Keith.

Keith refused to send us any bank statements even till now. The only copies Keith provided in 2015 were for the year 2010; old statements from when we did our speaking tours when monies and book sales were mostly for profit which were easy to account for.

Once we decided to inquire, investigate and persist to know the financials is when things escalated to a horror story. After much effort we finally got access to one statement (2017) to only discover Keith’s unauthorized wire transfers. From the IRS 990s 2013 to 2018, Keith had spent five million, which we are still not allowed to examine the detail.

Our probing aroused his two accomplices and the three became hostile (more on that later). To Keith, we had to go. That is when Keith crafted to use the old board and only contacted them when he feared being ‘caught and exposed’.

So he approached Lance Silver to sign a consent Keith drafted agreeing to completely shut down Shoebat.com and get ‘the Shoebats thrown out.


The plan backfired. Lance rescinded and Keith did not succeed.

The law requires that when noticing irregularities in financial statements to raise such grievance to the Board of Directors, which then acts as the final arbiter. The matter ended up with members Walid Shoebat and Theodore Shoebat requesting this special meeting to discuss the recall of board member Keith Davies’s position.

In April (after noticing the irregularities in the financial statements) we decided to deal with Keith (who became such a liability) and began to investigate Keith full time.

We began audio and video recordings, gathering emails, which contained our interactions as to generate an adequate profile of Keith as Executive Director of FFMU, his contradictions, his belligerent callous and deceptive behavior, including his financial mismanagement, unauthorized wire transfers, bad record keeping, his outlandish claims to the public, and his failures to use sound judgment.

But, when confronted with much evidence, Keith had no remorse. Instead, the probe ignited a hostile attempt to takeover the charity by Keith Davies, alongside two of his partners: Keith’s contract employee (Mosheh Avraham) of a defunct software security outfit situated in Israel (MoshehWebServices), and his partner Farrukh Harrison Saif, a publically known embezzler who is still a wanted man in Pakistan. Keith had unauthorized wire transfers of hundreds of thousands to the latter.

Farrukh (whom Keith always describes with superhuman ability) through Keith’s help (money wires from FFMU) left his wife and child behind and became a drifter who hid in Spain then Sri Lanka then Thailand (where he obtained a German passport) and now resides in Germany. All three schemed to make threats and embezzlements without concern to Keith since the other two lived overseas.

Keith continually stated that he “trusts Farrukh 100%” and made him out to be a “James Bond”.

But Keith’s “100% trust” of Farrukh, turns out to be a contradiction:

Such a person (Farrukh) should not be of such significance to the charity, but to Keith, the entire donations for Christian aid existed only to solely fund Farrukh’s ventures regardless that Keith knows the man is a scammer.

This is why we are addressing Farrukh extensively. The investigation is not regarding all the rescues did by the rescue team in Pakistan. Farrukh in public and in private had claimed all the financial credit to himself (not FFMU) discounting years of our fund raising. He was self-appointed as International Director of FFMU without any such appointment by the board.

After careful investigation of Keith Davies’s activities we concluded his offenses were:

1—Financial mismanagement, bad record keeping, spending hundreds of thousands on exaggerated claims, and failure to use sound judgment

2—Unapproved Wire Transfers overseas to publically known embezzlers.

Notice we stated “embezzlers” (plural). Farrukh was not the only one, there were multiple.

The evidence which you are about to examine, clearly reveals that, as executive Director, Mr. Davies knew the facts, failed to analyze the probable result of his actions to exercise sound judgment or keep reasonable records to (according to law) fulfill his Duty of Care.



If anything, Mr. Keith Davies exercised financial mismanagement and violated his fiduciary duties portraying himself as ‘expert’ investment adviser, deceiving a charitable foundation in order to enrich his associate Farrukh Harrison Saif.

Keith had continually complained by adding pressure on us, that our operating expenses equaled our monthly revenues and that it becomes crucial we invest to cover the cost of his operation in Pakistan.

Keith (the investment guru) then transferred over one million into an AmeriTrade account and began an extremely risky approach. His investments had a realized loss of over $116,000 gambling with charity funds by use of “Puts” and “Calls”.

So grievous were his investments that Wells Fargo’s Scott Vlasi, CRPC, after reviewing Keith’s ‘investment gambling’ considered it “reckless” and “inappropriate for a charity” and so did AmeriTrade. The latter, upon examining, immediately removed Keith’s Power of Attorney (see letter below).




The evidence here clearly reveals that, as executive Director, Mr. Davies knew the facts, failed to analyze the probable result of his actions to exercise sound judgment or keep reasonable records to (according to law) fulfill his Duty of Care.

In late 2015, Keith was informed and repeatedly warned that the middle man he contracted to rescue Christians in Pakistan, Farrukh Harrison Saif, was a known embezzler who (with his accomplices) scammed a YMCA Christian charity for Six Million Dollars.

This was no minor issue. So we informed Farrukh to vanish and to never communicate FFMU matters with Keith and published the facts on Shoebat.com on January 9th, 2016.

But the two continued communication regardless:

Keith then deceitfully maintained that monies would go to the rescue team (not linked to Farrukh) led by one named Violet Parveen. Parveen Keith claimed was completely disconnected from Farrukh. So a budget was set not to exceed $4000 a month. Since 2016, we requested Keith for a vetting process and a bio of Parveen. None was provided, yet he continued the funding claiming that it was small amounts.

But when we requested Parveen’s bio from Keith, it came from an email from Mr. Saif.

This was alarming. In the email, Saif falsely claimed that Parveen worked for “Slain Bishop John Joseph”, a supposed ‘martyr’. Fact was that Bishop Joseph was no martyr, he committed suicide. We insisted they provide proof she even worked for the bishop. No proof was given.

Despite our findings, the two continued communicating. When asked Keith he continually said that he “was not sending a cent to Farrukh”.

This turned out to be false; Keith (without our knowledge) continued and was funneling hundreds of thousands to Farrukh (directly and indirectly) despite his thefts. When we confronted him on such atrocious betrayal of the charity, including his financial disasters, Keith simply shrugged us off as if he is in full control saying:

“what are you going to do about it, hit me over the head?”

In 2016, the two even set up a false conduit to continue funneling money to a front charity they set up in Pakistan (without approval). The “church” was simply paper. It had no pastor or congregants. According to TD Bank statements, Keith then wire-transferred (in 2017 alone), over $200,000 to Mr. Farrukh Harrison Saif (in Germany) and his associates: Violet Parveen and Michael Shahzad in Pakistan; none of which were vetted or confirmed while Farrukh (as Keith knew) was a wanted criminal.

In response to our findings, Keith made all sorts of claims, that he sent money to Farrukh because A) there were limits how much he can send to Pakistan and is why he wired monies to Farrukh in Germany instead. B) That Farrukh in turn would send it to the rescue team in Pakistan.

When such ‘limits’ were debunked, he continued to claim that he sent money to Farrukh because Parveen was “being audited by the government”.

Farrukh, (as Keith claims) was simply a conduit.

But after inspection, this too was false; Farrukh could not prove that he sent all monies directly from his bank account to the team in Pakistan.

Keith (on video) even admits he never vetted any of these individuals. In turn, some of the money ($9,000) went to a Raja Imran Maqsood, a Muslim who Keith (on video) never even knew, yet claimed (without any evidence) that all the monies (distributed by Farrukh to Muslims) “must be righteous Muslims”.

As far as Violet Parveen, for months we have requested Keith and Farrukh that we vet her via Skype. They initially agreed, but later on, both claimed her as a ‘hidden secret’ since she lives in ‘danger’ from being caught by the ISI Pakistani intelligence.

With the two, everything was as Keith puts it “like a James Bond movie”.

Keith’s vetting process was nil, yet he claimed the money was sent to “Farrukh’s employees on the ground” who aided victims of the brick-kilns in Pakistan.

But as it turned out, all of Keith’s financial accountability were simply claims Keith was unable to substantiate.

Dealing with the financial disaster (since Keith provided no evidence to any of his claims), we then turned to Farrukh requesting evidence. Farrukh made similar claims that he got little money from Keith ($14,000), which he wired such monies (so he claims) to Parveen from Germany.

He (as corroborating evidence) then sent us a copy of Violet’s bank statement, which revealed only Keith’s deposited wire transfers but had no evidence of any deposited transfers from Farrukh. So as it turns out, Keith was double-funding the two.

Having found the irregularities and contradictions we then requested Farrukh to send us copies of all wire-transfers including his bank statements for 2017-2018 to cross-reference the wire-transfer copies he sent, which should corroborate with his bank statements.

Farrukh, (knowing his flimsy one page accounting was fraudulent) and knowing that he had Keith in his league, began to show his hostilities informing us that he will no longer cooperate and that we cannot prevent him from directly communicating and dealing with the other two co-conspirators (Mosheh and Keith).

He then stated that we will not be able to vet Parveen and declared that such vetting will “soon be seen by the whole world” since Parveen will appear publicly alongside “with the slaves” and with her “passport in hand”.

This was rather a shocking revelation since both Keith and Farrukh for months alluded that this ‘Parveen’ was ‘a locked up secret’.

When noticed, Keith also refused to provide any financial statements for 2015 despite multiple requests believing that soon we will be ousted anyway.

So we resorted to the Internet. In the 2015 IRS 990 (which Keith never sent us), 2015 appears as another financial disaster. FFMU had 2.1 Million in revenue and 2.1 Million in expenditures.

This was extremely disturbing, especially that the charity’s average expenditures was between $300,000-$700,000 yearly.

There is an unexplained and unaccounted for million or more for 2015 alone. So we started emailing Keith continually requesting the 2015 bank statements. He completely ignored us.

Keith who previously knew Farrukh is an embezzler, currently even denies that he engaged one. He writes director Lance Silver stating what he knows is a lie:

“in 2015, 3 days later I get a call from Walid saying that Farrukh was liar and that he ripped of the YMCA in Pakistan.  We have proof that Farrukh did not receieve any financial gain from the YMCA scam.”

So now Keith claims “Farrukh did not receive any financial gain from the YMCA scam”.

This despite that we have several recordings: Keith himself, few days prior, admitted the crime:

And in 2015, Keith’s own voice, confronting Farrukh who admitted he stole $20,000 in kickbacks, which can be viewed here:

There are even confirmed reports provided to Keith (see also here) Farrukh and his gang (the board) embezzled over six million dollars worth of property from the Christian charity (YMCA), and then sold it to Muslim investors in Karachi Pakistan. In 2015, we even obtained voice recordings from Farrukh himself and published our expose on Shoebat.com. We recorded him admitting the embezzlement while claiming he will ‘repent publicly’. Yet Keith had the article unpublished without our knowledge to continue his money dealings with an expert scoundrel.

Keith even knew that Farrukh is a liar and a scoundrel.

Was Keith “naïve” as we always thought, or perhaps Farrukh was exactly the type of person Keith was looking for? Keith of course disagrees and maintains that Farrukh ‘repented’, to later contradict himself claiming that Farrukh did not get a cent from the YMCA embezzlement. Farrukh (despite the evidence) also contradicted himself to claim his innocence. Even police records in Pakistan, are dismissed by Farrukh as “fabricated”.

abricated application representing Farrukh H. Saif

So Farrukh (even though he admitted) still denies any wrongdoing.

So we have a contradiction.

But even if such police records are ‘fabricated’ (as Farrukh claims), the evidence against Farrukh is overwhelming since the details of the trial and his own voice confession are well established.

So if this Farrukh truly ‘repented’ why then continue to deny it in public?

The reason is simple: Once you confess, you risk “going to jail”.

And this is exactly what Keith feared when we confronted him:

When Keith was asked: “do you stand with FFMU or with Farrukh?”

Keith responded with: “I do not stand with anyone at the moment. I stand not go to jail”.

Keith broke his duty of loyalty. According to the IRS:

The directors of a charity owe it a duty of loyalty. The duty of loyalty requires a director to act in the interest of the charity rather than in the personal interest of the director or some other person or organization.

Keith himself fears imprisonment, yet he still loves complete control over the money. There has been ample discussion with Keith asking him why he refuses to have us control the website (Shoebat.com) or appoint a financial controller to sign the checks. He refused:

Therefore, the most crucial issue for Keith is not the poor, but his access to millions.


Keith refuses to transfer Shoebat.com to us (he claims he owns it), even though we are the Shoebats. It is the main conduit to raise the bulk of the funds. We built it from a simple scheduling for my speaking engagements to become what it is.

It became obvious that he wants it gone despite the major impact: complete financial loss.


1) To remove Shoebat.com is to silence us. Now he (through his lawyer) is bargaining to trade the website, but only if we pay him $750,000 and sign a gag order. He insisted that Mosheh, in Israel, has the control of the domain name.

Mosheh in 2015 has expressed that if we ever fire him, that he would shut down the website (Shoebat.com). His threats finally came to action prohibiting us access to Shoebattube, then he shutdown the FFMU Facebook insisting we ‘pay $9,000 or get shut down’.

But even this coercive request to pay Mosheh was termed as “severance package” by Keith who this whole time defended and aided Mosheh. Keith writes:

“Moshe has requested we honor his severance agreement., which is three month pay which is $9000.  Please confirm that I can pay him this money. The Shoebat.com and Rescuechristians.org urls have been restored to my FFMU control” [Full stop].

This “severance agreement” was a complete hoax and Keith had no control of the domain names and continually cooperated with Mosheh to facilitate the blackmail.

Then a countdown was in progress “you have 9 days” before the website expires, mind you, this was the main portal to raise all the funds.

But to Keith, a complete ‘shutdown’ did not matter since he already planned to resign (see his attorney’s letter) and partner with Farrukh on a new venture: Rescue Christians Inc. In the attorney’s letter, he asked for Rescuechristians.org, a website with all the brick-kiln ventures he did with Farrukh.

2) So to destroy his future ‘competition’ the shutdown of Shoebat.com would aid his plan.

When the monies were not sent, Shoebattube was turned off making public access “forbidden”. They sent the first warning to pay or else and then the FFMU Facebook page got the same treatment and was also shut down.


The evidence is overwhelming; the three conspired to harm FFMU.

So why keep Keith, the man who is such a liability? When did we ever do such malicious acts to these? And what gratitude did these have, especially since the funds we raised supported Keith, Mosheh and Farrukh for years?


But Keith’s focus on “mission” was by creating exaggerated claims (by play on numbers that his partner had superman abilities) stating in public and in email that Farrukh single handedly rescued 35,000 slaves. Farrukh himself declares that there are only 20,000 families living in brick kilns. So by this, Farrukh (and company) rescued 30% of all brick kiln slaves in Pakistan. Keith on several occasions publicly reiterated that Rescue Christians in Pakistan was a “household name” and “the 911 call for Christians”.

Fact is, in Pakistan, brick making employs around 10 million (two million children) with a mixed population of both Christians and Muslims.

While Keith geared the funds towards Pakistan, the rest got crumbs. The sad reality is that nearly all of the charity’s donations designated to aiding the poor went to Farrukh’s accounts while all other global cases got measly few dollars; cases Mr. Davies insisted are to be put on a ‘loan’.

Keith was generous to the unworthy and stringent on the poor.


For example, a Christian woman from Aguililla, Michoacán Mexico pleaded for help. Her husband (David Zapien Torrez) and another martyr (Sacramento Mendoza) were part of a neighborhood watch protecting their community from the Narcos who murdered them. The bodies were riddled with bullets from an AK-47, AR-15, and a 9mm pistol then set aflame, charred beyond recognition.



We vetted and confirmed the story. The wife, being pregnant and desperate with several children had the martyr’s brother plead we help. He requested we aid Zapien’s wife; open a small stand so that she could sell canned goods, pinto beans and tortilla in order to earn a living enough to feed her children.

Keith, upon hearing her desperate plight responded with: “$5,000 was a lot of money” and told us: “tell them that she would be put on a loan”.

We called David’s brother who was distraught, “how can she afford a loan. The little shop will barely earn just enough to eat.”

To Keith, an $80,000 “business venture,” a macadamia nut farm in Cambodia, is “little money”. He wanted to get our approval to wire this “little money” for his venture (which we found out later, the venture was Farrukh Saif’s).

We refused. Keith, as it turns out, wanted to send Pakistani Christians to leave the brick-kilns in Pakistan to be further exploited on macadamia nut farms in Cambodia.

Finally we confronted Keith, his callousness can be watched here:

In other words, the bulk of our efforts, monies wired to this ‘Farrukh’ are not put on a loan, but monies wired to desperate Christians we find must be “put on a loan”.

The other case is a Christian named Azzam Achkar, a Syrian who pleaded to move several Christian relatives from ISIS torn Syria to Canada. Keith gave a loan holding Azzam’s small business (a small cigar shop) as collateral. Azzam was barely scraping a living, and with the loan payment (and having to still support his relatives in Syria), he became desperate and began the process of moving from his rental. We caught up with Azzam. His plight can be heard here:

To reveal the type of person we dealt with, in one email Keith writes us when we requested donations for another case (we carefully vetted) in Africa, Keith stated:

“I proposed loans to the lady in Nigeria (for her victims who you vetted)”.

Victims we vetted in starving Africa now must pay loans, yet Farrukh (the embezzler) gets a free pass.

And in another email he writes our contact in Africa to submit to his loans:


These horrific stories are simply an appetizer to the ways Keith ran Rescue Christians that we tirelessly raised eight million dollars, monies Keith dwindled to 2.8 million and now wants a piece of the leftover pie he scarfed.

Keith’s original plan with Farrukh was to distribute funds as “loans,” even to improvised Christian brick-kiln slaves in Pakistan. FFMU was to be converted into a money-churning machine and a loaning apparatus where PR becomes key. Countless objections were met with “but the loans have zero interest”.

In other words, ‘we will rescue you, use it as media promotion, but if we can, will try to churn the money back’.

Keith had given Azzam a loan instead of aid to help his Christian family’s petition to emigrate from Syria to Canada.

We intervened on both cases, fought tooth and nail to grant the monies to the widow and return all the payment monies (year and a half worth), back to Mr. Azzam.

Victims are to be given aid, not loans.


Yet outlandish claims got the highest ‘donations’ from FFMU and were the modus operandi rather than focus on strong administrative practices. He writes Director Lance Silver with:

“This work comes out like a James bond movie, I am not joking.”

Keith is serious and has proposed insane missions and spent the bulk of charity monies designated for the poor on his outlandish endeavors. From his failed attempts running cross borders operations, boats to cross the Mediterranean, armed assaults for rescue missions, farm ideas in Africa to even a Ballywood movie … Keith kept us in such concern that he became a major liability; he was someone we had to continually watch lest we have another financial disaster.

Keith hardly did any administrative work and whatever work he did (like his IRS 990s) was fraudulent. Even all the meetings and votes we did, Keith told us that he “documented all the minutes” to only find out later, that throughout all the years, not a single minute was kept:

Keith wanted to continually prove that there was no board but him. The only way out for Keith is perhaps a psychological evaluation (as Mosheh did) since his actions (when taking direction from Mr. Saif) are almost a living fantasy. But even such proposal came true. To escape the law Mosheh (because he stole from the charity) obtained medical records and was diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Taking advantage of his ‘power’ Keith never conducted any formal budgets, reviews, revisions, corrections or adjustments. When the idea was raised, he would say it was not necessary, that in order to ‘rescue Christians,’ one must revert to all means, even dealing with nefarious individuals so long the transaction from his end was ‘legal’ (as per his voice recording). That to Keith, it did not mater what the other end did illegally should not be a concern for the IRS. To Mr. Davies the ‘end justifies the means’.

If Farrukh was a thief, to Keith this meant: “if that is the case why not?”

Keith made outlandish claims to the public claiming his partner, the James Bond, Farrukh rescued 15,000 slaves in Pakistan and then the numbers doubled to 35,000.


But Farrukh is not the only scoundrel Keith partnered with. He previously partnered with another scoundrel (we have the email exchanges) by the name of Michael Murrell claiming a plan to rescue 15,000 orphans from Syria in Suruc Turkey (which turned out to be another scam), an embezzlement where Keith’s trigger-happy fingers wired tens of thousands to a man in the Philippines named Michael Murrell.


Murrell and Keith were birds of a feather. And like Keith, Murrell provided no corroborating evidence to any of his outlandish claims. He was happy to accommodate Keith who also made similar claims.


As you read the email above, Keith (to please us) required vetting from Murrell. Murrell then responds making the claim “we spoke to the local government” and that “National Emergency Management” in “partnership with UNHCR” confirmed the numbers.

That’s it. No U.N. reports. No confirmations. No references; just two worthless lines.

This was amongst other outlandish programs that were fraudulent. There was another named Butch Maltby who claimed was special advisor to Benjamin Netanyahu. Matlby received $13,000 from Keith for providing a two-page worthless document.

Keith’s proposals were always exaggerated with high numbers and expectations that were simply a fantasy.

Keith always kept shoving embezzlers at us:


Embezzlers were magnetized to Keith and Keith was always magnetized to them.

Another embezzler Keith insisted we meet (another one of Keith’s contacts), a man (he supposedly vetted) named Alan Goetsch. Keith introduced the man as an X-CIA for another of his ‘daring missions’: an armed a-team assault to “kill ISIS terrorists” and “snatch kidnapped Christian women held hostage by ISIS”.

Wanting nothing to do with such nonsense, after the meeting, we vetted this Goetsch which took Theodore 20 seconds to find his mug shot.


(Mugshot above: Alan Goetsch)

The man was sent to prison for impersonating as a CIA officer. This one even memorized and knew how to belabor Scriptures like a parrot, while claiming to be a decorated hero, a Green Beret and member of the US Army Special Forces unit.

‘Farrukh’ as part of his schemes, had suggested to Keith last month to take slaves from Pakistan and have them work at a Macadamia nut factory in Cambodia. He called us for permission to wire $80,000. We refused. If truly this were about Rescuing Christians, why would someone want to take brick-kiln slaves to become ‘cotton pickers’?

Our mission became: to rescue Christians from Keith.

The lack of written documentation meant that there was no paper trail, no confirmation of concerns throughout the years, and no proof of poor or inappropriate behavior recorded anywhere that we could refer to. That with an active board would have helped to make the path to Keith’s termination much smoother. In fact, an exposé of his partner (Mr. Saif and company) was taken down by Mr. Davies to conceal such evidence.

Keith was overspending and indulged in invest-gambling of the charity, which was an addictive behavior while rationalizing his unlawful conduct. Keith’s significant access to the organization’s funds and financial records caused him to believe not only that he can commit the fraud or aid in the embezzlements but also that he can successfully conceal his conduct from the board’s scrutiny. The board produced several recordings of Keith concealing the true amounts and the transactions sent to Mr. Saif including Mr. Saif’s recordings reveal the two orchestrated their testimony to somewhat match.

But their testimony stating “we only did 2” or “3 wire transfers” in two years for $14,000” contradicted the record (7 wire transfers of over $200,000). It was the same type of lie he confessed regarding the YMCA charity he robbed. Fact is, Keith wired over $200,000; $56,000 to Farrukh (who now resides in Germany) and over $150,000 to Farrukh’s direct agents, one named Violet Parveen (who resides in Pakistan):

FEB. 2018

02/20 WIRE TRANSFER OUTGOING, Farrukh Harrison 1,500.00

02/06 WIRE TRANSFER OUTGOING, Violet Parveen 7,500.00

02/20 WIRE TRANSFER OUTGOING, Violet Parveen 7,500.00

MARCH 2018

03/27 WIRE TRANSFER OUTGOING, Farrukh Harrison 7,200.00


1/17 WIRE TRANSFER OUTGOING, Farrukh Harrison 10,000.00

FEB. 2017

1/17 WIRE TRANSFER OUTGOING, Farrukh Harrison 10,000.00

MARCH 2017

3/6 WIRE TRANSFER OUTGOING, Farrukh Harrison 9,000.00

3/6 WIRE TRANSFER OUTGOING, Violet Parveen 13,500.00


4/28 WIRE TRANSFER OUTGOING, Farrukh Harrison 3,675.10

4/19 WIRE TRANSFER OUTGOING, Voilet Parveen 18,900.00

MAY, 2017

05/15 WIRE TRANSFER OUTGOING, Farrukh Harrison 15,000.00


08/14 WIRE TRANSFER OUTGOING, Violet Parveen 10,000.00

08/21 WIRE TRANSFER OUTGOING, Violet Parveen 10,000.00

SEP 2017

09/12 WIRE TRANSFER OUTGOING, Violet Parveen 10,000.00

09/22 WIRE TRANSFER OUTGOING, Violet Parveen 5,000.00


10/10 WIRE TRANSFER OUTGOING, Violet Parveen 10,000.00

10/26 WIRE TRANSFER OUTGOING, Violet Parveen 11,000.00

NOV 2017

11/09 WIRE TRANSFER OUTGOING, Violet Parveen 10,000.00

11/30 WIRE TRANSFER OUTGOING, Violet Parveen 10,000.00E

When confronted, Farrukh lied several times:

Then Keith then lied:

Keith was busted and admitted that his partner Farrukh was a habitual liar:

To date, no accounting was sent by Keith for anything, be it book sales, donations or charity.

The hostile attempt to take over the charity did not stop there. Farrukh Saif also pitched in to insist that FFMU’s funds belonged to his efforts and sent threats to report Keith to the IRS. The threats never fazed Keith who continued throughout the whole investigation not to defend FFMU but to defend both Farrukh and Mosheh. Keith as it turns out was the main planner. In an email to Lance Silver he expressed in detail a plan to use scare-tactics and threats asking Mr. Silver to sign a consent based on false claims which he then disclosed was meant to have us accept an offer: to grant his new charity (Rescue Christians Inc) $750,000. On May 9th, 2018, Keith writes Lance:

I am asking is to use the threat [signed consent] of throwing him [Walid] off board with 6 directors say so will bring him to the table. You Gordon and Joe can help me.

The plan failed and now is reversed. Both Farrukh’s threats, Mosheh’s threats, including Keith’s threats had one thing in common: they insist we give up funds or else they will destroy it all, since, if reported to the state (so they claim) will close down the charity.

To funnel monies, Keith solicited pastor Garrett Cuzick from Kentucky (see letter below), to act as a conduit by which to funnel FFMU’s charity funds from the U.S. to a church set up in Pakistan. But as it turns out, it was Farrukh Harrison Saif, working with Keith, who had set up the church. Farrukh now claims to be a “pastor” when in fact a Catholic laity (as he also claimed he was) can never to be “pastor”. The police report even says he is Muslim.

Almost everything Keith says once one request the “evidence,” its proven either an exaggeration or a lie. Keith, in a recorded interview, insisted that this church was not “linked to Farrukh” to later admit it was “directed by Farrukh”.

Fact is, the Pakistan government does not care about releasing brick kiln workers. In Pakistan, plenty are the mega church events that dwarf what we see in the U.S.


Yet all monies budgeted to the poor must go to Farrukh. In the letter (which was filled with fraudulent claims), Keith claimed that he obtained board approval for such ventures when no such board votes were given. We took careful measure to contact all the board members listed, from board members Lee Kaplan, Lance Silver, Gordon Cucullu, Tony Bataglia, Jospeh Pruder, Johanathan Kushner to John Kreiling Jr; none of them heard from Keith regarding FFMU.

Noticing the date of the letter (June 4th, 2016), Keith was still arranging financial deals for Farrukh via a backdoor charity set up by Farrukh, yet it is now involving Pastor Cuzick, an innocent pastor, to be the main conduit.



We found no evidence for any pastor or congregants. It became obvious that Lost Souls Ministries was solely created as a depository for U.S. donations as Keith described in the letter to pastor Cuzick. It was meant to funnel money to Farrukh via a fictitious charity.

And this is exactly what Keith did. In 2015, Mr. Davies diverted additional charitable assets (200,000 euro plus $80,000 USD) to Farrukh Harrison Saif in Spain. Farrukh’s outfit was given full credit and gained media publicity. So now, an embezzler was given public recognition as a generous ‘wealthy donor’ from monies that belonged to FFMU.

Farrukh now became the International Director of Rescue Christians without any approvals whatsoever, completely with money backing from FFMU.

This explains why Keith refused to hand over 2015 bank statements since 2015 IRS 990 records reveals 2.1 million in expenditures wired to Farrukh and deposited in the Asociacion Farrukh Saif Internacional, BBVA Bank, Iban ES94 0182 2638 2202 0156 8962, Swift: BBVAESMM in Madrid Spain.

Mr. Davies failed regularly to conduct board meetings or did adequate research prior to making decisions. Such director can be held personally liable for his or her own actions or omissions breaking federal and provincial statutes that impose specific offences and penalties for non-compliance with statutory requirements. This can result in directors being subject to fines, repayment of debt and even imprisonment.

One claim always touted by Keith as the prima-facie evidence that Farrukh is ‘authentic’ is how quickly Farrukh obtained a German Passport in Thailand claiming that because the German government valued him.


But such a claim even makes it more suspicious since:

1—It takes years to get such passport legally

2—We requested from Farrukh to substantiate this claim. He didn’t. Keith then provided a ridiculous answer that an official “a Mr. Worm” got him the passport:

The German man who told Farrukh that he would grant his passport immediately was Mr. Worm.  Farrukh does not know his title but he is in the immigration dept.

Thats it. This is the type of nonsense Keith provided as ‘vetting’.

3—Considering he left from Thailand, this is the #1 nation globally for selling false passports that pass as ‘authentic’ and are undetected by airport security. A German Passport can be obtained in Thailand for just $2,677:


3—Had Farrukh obtained such ‘high status’, why has he been pleading for a while that he is unable to get his wife from Thailand?

Fact is, Farrukh does not love his wife. He expressed this to us. He is simply a drifter.

4—It is impossible that someone who is an authentic Catholic (when he spoke to us) to instantly become an authentic Protestant (when he was in Hungary with Keith).

If his religious convictions were fake, the possibility of his passport being fake are high.


After our probe, Mosheh Avraham, Keith contracted security specialist in Israel, in an email (knowing he could be caught), admits he stole $1,000 and then $12,000 by claiming to be mentally ill. But we still need to search the possibility of other embezzlements. Prior to his claim of insanity, we restructured his threats via video where Mosheh threatened the charity that he could divert all funds to himself. He was offended when we removed his passwords and then Keith aided him ordering Grid-Nexus to re-establish Mosheh and by this he forced himself in proving that he completely controls everything acting as if he was “the boss” and threatened to divert the funds.

“You took me out,” says Mosheh. How dare we eliminate the thief? He then says that: “I can redirect all the money” “I have all the power” “do you understand that?” The bullying was accompanied with countless threats via email.

We were truly held hostage by Keith as if we were slaves. And to set the rules, Mosheh (Keith’s sidekick in Israel) threatened us in 2015 that he has the ability to block the website and destroy us completely. That story too had to be re-constructed when we confronted Mosheh.

“I have all the power. Do you understand that. I control everything” was always Moshe’s slogan. So we better not get him “angry”.

It’s like a banker who completely took the funds hostage. This is a software security firm that turned embezzler, which Keith hired.

We also discovered that Keith had wired monies to the Jerusalem Connection Resource Center, from as far back as 2010 statements and $1,000 to Weinreb Charity, both conduits with links to Mosheh’s Web Services which Mosheh maintains all their security as well.

To investigate such matter (including years of credit card, checks and wire-transfers) is outside the scope of this committee. Therefore, there needs to be outside expertise—such as CPAs experienced in conducting fraud audits (different from the standard annual financial statement audit).

Therefore, we need to take steps to preserve evidence before deciding to file charges against Mr. Davies and is why we contacted attorney (Paula Goedert, included in the Best Lawyers in America list) for direction. Currently, the board has two choices:

A) Probe to see if embezzlement or other charitable asset diversion was done and to investigate quickly and carefully. A thoughtful investigation is the first step the board should take to discharge its fiduciary responsibility to protect charitable assets to find out any schemes that has been sophisticated or longstanding by acquiring a forensic accountant or certified fraud examiner to determine how much has been stolen by Mosheh Avraham and if Mr. Davies was involved. After such investigation, attorney Goedert will see if civil or criminal penalties be levied against Mr. Davies who shirked his responsibilities.

B) The other choice will be to accept restitution and keep the fraud quiet hoping we will not lose funders. While such a choice may seem to be in the best interest of the charity, it must be acknowledged that failure to prosecute allows the perpetrator an opportunity to create another charity. Keith has initiated Rescue Christians Inc.

3—Breach of fiduciary duty and civil fraud. Besides Keith’s errors in judgment in collaborating with embezzlers and negligence in managing finances, Keith reported fraudulent information to the IRS, including claiming the inactive board as working “an hour a week”. He also kept the board without corporate documentation and minutes book, even concealing or destroying them. He failed to establish the policies of the entity at properly called meetings via Skype/telephone; lying and deceiving the board that he did the minutes of all conference calls by the board.

In addition, Keith’s misrepresentation of the financials of the organization on the IRS 990 concealing salaries while acting as the role of “executive director” and “board” solely on his own by fraud. Keith did not properly manage and account for income paid for profit, mingling ‘profit’ (Shoebat) with non-profit (FFMU) and not paying for years worth of book sales by pocketing the monies to himself as his portion of the ‘salary’.

Keith’s actions are threatening the organization’s tax-exempt status under S501 (c) 3

4—Restricting signatory board members access to bank accounts, statements and checks, neglecting to copy board members on anything, be it financials, budgets, tax reports or bank statements.

With limited access to bank accounts, the board failed (for it was limited) to react in force to the obvious signs of trouble, letting conflicts and disagreements with Keith simmer until they boiled over growing quickly out of control. Keith then participated in a hostile takeover with partners overseas. Once Keith discovered he was being probed and recorded, he then stated that he is seeking legal counsel because he is “afraid of going to jail”.

While nonprofit limits personal liability for the legal obligations, but co-mingling personal funds (Shoebat books) with nonprofit funds; or reckless behavior that causes harm, the board should be ready to have Keith be held personally liable.

Keith by using his powers, after mismanaging FFMU now offers his resignation, if the charity donates $750,000 or else he (as his attorney states) threatens to file the case to the state, so that the state once it examines his misdoings, and then shut-down the organization.

In other words, Keith by holding the financial assets, hijacked the ship (FFMU), directed it to unchartered waters by his scheming with questionable characters, and now threatens to sink it. This is a direct threat to the integrity of the organization and her ability to function in her mission and is another reason for the emergency nature of the board taking different action.

We are gravely concerned that Keith may attempt to wire all remaining funds (2.8 million) via a front charity to Mosheh in Israel (who showed interest in the theft of such amounts) or to Farrukh in Germany (who already siphoned hundreds of thousands). We consider this as an urgent top priority since Keith’s pattern of past behavior and his current actions shows a serious, systematic, deliberate, and well-established patterns of questionable ethics and dishonest behavior that threatens the integrity and ability of the organization itself to operate.