Germany Will Be An Ally To The Antichrist Nations, And Will Be Enemy Of Christendom. Be Prepared For Germany


By Theodore Shoebat

After Britain voted in favor of leaving the EU, I wrote an article with my predictions as to what conflicts will occur as a result. I predicted that Germany will be a threat in the future, with the referendum being a catalyst to a great conflict within Europe. The responses that I received were mainly about Muslim immigrants taking over Europe, or adamant doubt about the threat of Germany. Most people, for some odd reason, see Germany as a purely friendly nation, far away from being even a prospective threat. I don’t know how or when Americans became Germanophiles. People seem to see the Germans as just poor victims, being taken over by armies of Muslim barbarians. Well, an invitation is not an invasion. The inundation of Muslim refugees swarming into Germany is being facilitated by the German government.

So how is Germany a friendly nation, when it is working with Turkey (the most powerful nation in the Islamic world), in flooding Europe of Islamic hordes? The answer is quite clear. Germany is not a friend to the West, but an enemy. There are some more observations that I would like to present to you, to add to my affirmations about Germany. Germany right now is at an incipient stage towards major conflict. The coming conflict will not happen very soon or immediately, but in stages. We are currently living in the movement and development of these stages. We witnessed a very significant stage with Britain agreeing to leave the EU. Each stage is a transition point to a more intense moment, and in the end it will climax with bloody conflict.

People make it out that Germany has been an insignificant nation since the end of WW2, and thus is not worthy of speaking of as a major player in a future major war. There are those who think to the contrary. As George Friedman of Stratfor wrote in 2012, “the future of German strategy is certainly the most important question in Europe and quite possibly in the world.” Lets get beyond Germanophilia and have a realistic conversation. The Germans were bombed. They were bombed by the Americans and the British. Do you really believe that the Germans just decided to forgive and forget, and become a force for good? Thats not how history works. The Japanese arose as a super power in the early twentieth century when they defeated the Russians in the Russo-Japanese War. The Americans applauded the Japanese, with Theodore Rosevelt enabling Japan to invade Korea. After the Russo-Japanese War the United States had Japan sign the Nine-Power Treaty of 1922, which was an agreement that the Japanese would not be an aggressor against China.  Even though the Japanese agreed to the treaty, they still arose again as an imperial empire when they conquered Manchuria in the 1930s. My point is that words or treaties of peace are meaningless in the face of  a nation’s ideology, history and temperament.

The Germans tried to control Europe in the past and they are striving to control Europe through the EU, and once the EU breaks down, they will be pushed to a violent response with the intention of domination. In 2011, Angela Merkel warned the world that the collapse of the Euro would end peace in Europe. In 2011 she warned that the collapse of the Euro would end the half a century of peace that has been enjoyed since the end of the Second World War. “Nobody should believe that another half century of peace in Europe is a given — it’s not,” Mrs Merkel said. “So I say again: if the euro collapses, Europe collapses. That can’t happen.” Merkel was warning that the end of the Euro would spark the end of the half of a century of peace since 1945; that it would, in other words, lead to war.

Germany was not always a united nation, in fact for most of its history it was broken down into various governments. In 1871 all of that changed, with Prussia uniting all of Germany. Through its unification, Germany became economically and militarily the most powerful nation in Europe. This made a change in European geopolitics, the effects of which are still active to this day. After WW2, Germany was no longer unified, but split down the middle into two parts, West and East Germany. West Germany was governed by the Germans while the East was under the Russian Soviet Union. In 1961, president Kennedy and Nikita Krushchev, the leader of the Soviet Union, had a meeting in Vienna where they discoursed over German militarization. Krushchev told Kennedy that if Berlin was not demilitarized, he would block the Western occupying powers — France, Great Britain, and the United States — from entering the city. Western governments responded to the threat by sending in more troops into Berlin, and Kennedy called for a very large increase in military spending. Russia responded by erecting the infamous Berlin Wall in between East and West Germany. (See John Lee Anderson, Che, ch. 24, p. 487)

In order to keep Russia in check, America and its Allies determined that West Germany needed to be remilitarized. You cannot blame the Russians for wanting to control East Germany. The Russians did suffer the greatest sacrifice in WW2, with millions dying as a result of the war against the Axis powers. It was only logical that Russia would want to control East Germany to keep the Germans in control. But to the United States, helping the Germans — against whom countless Americans died fighting — took precedence over Russia’s security against Germany, regardless of the fact that so many Russians perished fighting the Nazis. When Ronald Regan said his most infamous words, “Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”, it was not as valorous as they try to make it. Yes, communism is evil. Yes, Russia was evil when it was under communism. But, lets get beyond the romanticism and cult of personality that Republicans have built around Reagan. Russia’s occupation of East Germany kept the Germans in control. Once reunification came, Germany’s economy soared, and now Germany has the most powerful economy in Europe, and the fourth largest economy in the world. Not only this, but Germany has been ranked has having the ninth largest military in the world. This brings to nought all those who incessantly argue that Germany does not have much of a military. Just as Germany became a powerful force after its 1871 unification, so Germany became a dynamic force after its reunification in 1990.

Germany is the second (some say third) largest exporter in the world. The foreign consumption of its industrial products are much higher than its domestic consumption. Germany needs the free-trade that the EU provides in order to maintain its gigantic economy. The breaking down of the EU would greatly wound Germany’s power, not only economically, but politically over Europe. Southern European countries like Italy have asked for a bailout from the EU, and Germany is willing to fulfill this wish, but not without the price of national sovereignty. Nations that receive bailouts would not be in control of their taxes or their spending, Germany would place powerful European bureaucrats to be charge of these matters, thereby stripping these countries of their national sovereignty. It is for reasons like these that so many nations want to break out of the EU.

As I wrote in my previous article, Britain leaving the EU will be a catalyst to major war involving Germany. I have a theory as to how this could begin. The EU is in major debt, trillions of dollars worth of debt. Now that Britain is leaving the EU, it leaves the burden of debt on the shoulders of Germany. This, I believe, will provoke Germany to hate two regions: Britain and Southern Europe. From the perspective of Germany, the enemies will be Britain, because it had agreed to leave the EU and leave the mess for Germany to take care of; and Southern Europe, because it was the Southern European countries that brought themselves to a debt crises and took money from Northern Europe. The debt crises in the EU took off in 2009, when Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Cyprus and Ireland could not pay their debts without the assistance of third-party financial institutions such as the European Central Bank (ECB), the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF). Also in 2009, the new Greek government revealed that its former government had been violating EU policy and underreporting its budget information. This led to a huge drop in confidence in the Euro and fears spread that the debts of these countries were unsustainable.

Now, I will admit that I am not an expert in the EU debt crises. But I have my hunches based on my readings on religions and ideologies. Look at the debtor countries said to have caused the EU economic crises: every single one of them is either Catholic or Eastern Orthodox. Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, are all Catholic; Cyprus and Greece are Eastern Orthodox. Germany, and the majority of Northern Europe, is Protestant. Economics most definitely is a significant part of our observations, but we cannot ignore religion and ideology.  Its the North that is financially sustaining the South, and as Alan Greenspan says: “the euro is a very serious problem in that the southern part of the euro zone is being funded by the northern part and the European Central Bank”.  Economic reasons will become the pretext to begin ideological wars. The North will use the economic burdens of the South as a way to transition into religious hatred toward Catholics and Eastern Orthodox Christians. Alexander Gauland, the head of the Alternative for Germany Party, recently pushed for the removal of France, Portugal, Spain, Italy and Greece from the EU, because their cultures are not Germanic:

We (Germany) can have a common currency with the Netherlands, Austria, Finland or Baltic states. They have similar cultures of stability like ours… But the French have a different one, not to mention the Italians, Spaniards, Portuguese and Greeks. They don’t want austerity at all.

Yes,  Austria is traditionally a Catholic country. But lets not forget that it is of the same culture as Germany, and that it was loyal to the Protestant Nazi regime of Hitler which saw itself as continuing Luther’s legacy. This party, the Alternative for Germany Party, is anti-immigrant, which reminds me of what I said in my previous article on Germany: that the German government is bringing in all of these immigrants possibly to entice hatred for foreigners and increase fanatical nationalism. I am not saying that the refugees are innocent or good, but that the violence which they cause could foment anger to the point that the chaos will become the pretense to cover up violent nationalist imperialist goals. The same, I believe, can be said about the economic crises. Britain will be blamed for leaving the EU, and the Southern European nations will be blamed for bringing debt. The culmination of these events, and future ones like it, will implode to war. Don’t forget what Angela Merkel said, “Nobody should believe that another half century of peace in Europe is a given”, meaning that the half a century of peace enjoyed will end once the power of the Euro ends. The fragmentation of the EU means that Germany can no longer have power through economic means,  and thus at that point it will have to dominate by military force. The President of the European Commission, the executive branch of the European Union, Jean-Claude Juncker, made this statement about Germany’s impositions and domination in Europe, in which he obliquely warned about believing in perpetual peace in Europe:

…anyone who believes that the eternal issue of war and peace in Europe has been permanently laid to rest could be making a monumental error. The demons haven’t been banished; they are merely sleeping, as the wars in Bosnia and Kosovo have shown us. I am chilled by the realization of how similar circumstances in Europe in 2013 are to those of 100 years ago.

Now you could be saying that Germany does not have a big enough army to be involved in the next world war. As we said earlier, Germany is rated as having the ninth largest military in the world. In addition to this, we must take into account foreign soldiers that Germany will have for its utilization in war, just as it did in WW2 in which the Nazis used Ukrainians, Croats, Bosnians, Albanians and others, and even supported the Japanese, a people they deemed inferior. As I argued in my original article on Germany, the Germans are working on training up an army consisting of Islamic refugees to take down Bashar al-Assad. People argue that it would be very difficult for Germany to return to its Nazi ways, but this is quite easy to imagine in light of the Islamic refugee inundation.
It would not be adventuresome to argue that Germany’s reasoning behind absorbing the refugees is to obtain more recruits for its military. The Muslims immigrating into Germany will have children, who will speak German, who will be Islamic and love Hitler. An entire generation of German-speaking Muslims who admire Hitler will arise, without requiring any sort of reeducation. These would make perfect recruits for an anti-Catholic, imperialist military force. Germany is already talking about making a united military force consisting of EU citizens. As soon as the Brexit vote transpired, Elmar Brok, a German Member of the European Parliament and the current Chairman of the European Parliament Committee on Foreign Affairs, pushed for a universal EU military to be formed, an idea that is contrary to the EU constitution.  “We need a common (military) headquarters and a coalition (of EU countries) acting in accordance with the permanent structural cooperation of the EU Treaty. From such a group an EU army could eventually emerge,” said Brok. A united EU armed force would “strengthen the role of Europeans in [global] security and defense policy, make Europe fulfill better its responsibilities in the world and would also achieve more synergies in defense spending,” he said.
Lets get beyond the elusive talk and Germanopphilia. Its obvious why this German is talking about forming an entire EU army right after Brexit: the Germans want to prepare for a massive struggle of force to control Europe and revive German imperialism.



  • Eric

    And thus history is repeating. I am once again glad my paternal ancestors left Germany back in the 1700’s. . .very wise of them, given all that has transpired since.

    I’ve been studying the first two world wars out of not only curiosity, but to gouge what three could possibly entail. It appears to be more akin to WW1 than 2. In other words, Turkey and Germany Vs. the Rest of Europe (Along with Russia and the U.S.) One thing I am curious about will be the Asian theater, such as what India will do, for exsample. Only time will tell.

  • Trevor

    Ted, to reinforce your point, I share this article (H/T RodK1975) that revealed a secret agreement between France and Germany to obliterate the national borders and make for an United States of Europe.

    This move has enraged Poland, and I would not be surprised to see Andrew write about this in the coming days.

    Regardless of what the article from Express tries to implies, any agreement that is collectively made by the EU will always benefit Germany. France has to make some serious decision in coming days if they are going to break free from Germany’s growing iron fist rule.

    Additionally, in today’s news from Japan, this should also reinforce your point, Ted, Abe is closer to his goal of reforming the post-war constitution, more specifically, Article 9 of the constitution which bans all form of military adventurism by Japan.

    I am now beginning to anticipate a Trump administration moving to consolidate America military forces to be more “isolationist, protectionist” policy.

    Finally, there’s an article I stumbled across from the New York’s Times that predicts that America will withdraw from NATO in…wait for it…2023.

    • Eric

      Trevor, that is fascinating. I have a feeling France will withdraw support for Germany. France was an enemy of Germany in the first two world wars, and aligned themselves with England and Russia instead. This fact must not be forgotten by analysts. (I’m not saying you forgot that. Just pointing it out)

      Like I have said before, the reason I am studying the first two World Wars is to see what we can expect. Obviously, between the two World Wars, alliances remained relatively constant: France and England were aligned. Russia, too, was part of that orignal alliance in WW1, and eventually joined the alies in WW2.

      Italy, too, was part of the Alies in WW1. They were, unfortunately, part of the Axis Powers in WW2. However, I anticipate WW3 to be closer to WW1 than WW2. Italy will be on the side of the Allies this time around. I have a feeling that Austria will, as it did in the past, support Germany. During WW1, it was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and during WW2, it was under Hitler’s rule. As for Hungary itself, I have no idea where it will find itself ending up. Probably on the side of the Allies.

      The idea of turning Europe into a single country WILL NOT work. Europe has, for two long, been separated by culture, language, and so on. A “United States of Europe”–USE for short–WILL NOT go over well, and will only increase the desire of states to leave. Poland has absolutely has every reason to be outraged. Other European nations will be as well.

      The reason the U.S. works as a series of unified states is because it was designed that way from the beginning. We share a language, and a common culture. Europe, meanwhile, has a whole host of different languages, and in many cases, their cultures are sometimes drastically different.

      This is just another scheme for globalisim that will fall flat on its face and implode.

    • Gloria

      Thanks for bringing this up Trevor. I just heard this today too, it’s alarming.

      The EU superstate in which I am sure Germany is eager to control. What is it with their never ending powering grabbing?

      At the same time we have these 8 countries wanting to exit the EU – France, Holland, Italy, Austria, Finland, Hungary, Portugal, and Slovakia. I have heard speculation that some will go to Russia for protection. This will be volatile I imagine.

      • Trevor

        That does not surprise me at all. I have been expecting it.

        As for your question on power grabbing, it is the devil who want to be worshiped and he’s using people to achieve his goal.

    • Grandmere

      As you know, I saw that 2023 for an exit from NATO as well. The whole NATO organization is just a sham to get us to pay for their military. It may have been worth it in the 50s to 80s but not now.

      • Trevor

        I agree. The NATO is a bloody mess

      • richinnameonly

        I’d love to see us out of NATO and the UN but we have to get and keep idiots out of the White House for it to happen.

  • Flame blue

    I have believed for years, since the wall between East and West Germany came down that Germany will cause the next World War, like she caused the first and second. Obviously, unpredictable at the time that Germany would link with Islam to carry out its plan to dominate and rule Europe. I wondered if Germany could be the harlot riding the Islamic beast thinking that she controlled it when in fact as soon as it is expedient the Islamic beast will turn on Germany and destroy her, and make itself the

  • China Rising

    Thanks Brother Ted for this great article.

    I have high interest on End Times informations and I am following very closely on the Axis of evil and its Goat nations.

    Daniel 11:44, Tidings from the East is coming after the Antichrist.

    God bless.

  • ezekiel22

    Here is a thought. Germany trains an army ostensibly to overthrow Assad then instead turns that Islamic army loose on Southern Europe with the idea of them resetting in the conquered territories.
    Germany just lost trillions of dollars and I am sure they will not take that laying down. The last I heard Merkel was a bit upset.

    • Grandmere

      They want to wring it out of Greece as well. They spent a boatload of money bailing them out.

  • juanisaac

    Twenty years ago my German teacher in college told me that the worst thing to happen during his life was the reunification of Germany. He sighed and told me “we are going to have another world war involving the Germans.” How prophetic he was.

  • susan

    The scenario you presented Ted is very, very realistic. The skeptics will be proven wrong…once again.

    • Kamau41

      Indeed, as they always have been.

      • susan

        What astounds me is how some of these guys have been reading his stuff for years and still don’t “get” it. The Shoebats have been on the right track for 20+ years now. What’s it going to take to make them notice?

        • Kamau41

          Unfortunately, I doubt that the sleepy heads will wake up until it’s too late!

  • filomena seiffert

    What can anyone expect from protrestants? the USA is a protestant country, look at the genocides it spread around the globe?

    • waffle_anna

      Bavaria, south of Germany, is still very Catholic. Maybe not metropolitan areas like Munich, but rural Bavaria.

      Historically, Bavaria has always been against Protestantism, and its ally Islam.

      The Bavarian constitution declares it as an autonomous state, even though it is part of Germany. And even now, Bavarians want to secede from Germany because of its disastrous spending habits and policies. The Muslim issue only reinforces that sentiment.

  • Kamau41

    Another excellent in-depth analysis and insights of the history of Germany and what we can most likely expect to happen during the post Britain/EU exit in the future.

  • susan

    Need more sources to believe an opinion? Or the whole end time scenario? Or that Germany is a goat nation?

  • Michelle Therese

    Germanophilia came into being when hating Israel and Jews once again became fashionable!

  • Gloria

    Ted thank you for your article, and I am glad for the light you shed on the underlining spiritual struggle here. It is ironic that Germany has clearly been used for evil, and yet we have the Protestant Reformation under Luther taking place there, something I have heard preached as good all of my life. When knowing our Lord said we would know them by their fruits though, I see bad fruit in Germany all through history. Also we can remember that Berlin has the satanic Pergamon Altar now, I don’t know what that means entirely but it’s a bad sign for Germany no doubt and a symbol of the union they share with Turkey.

    I didn’t see before that the countries the EU has put the burden on has been Catholic, that is interesting too and needs a lot of consideration, I need to study more on it and I am. What I am sure of though is denominations like the Lutherans and the country of Germany are the ones most active in advancing Islam in the Christian world.

    I am also sure that the existence of the Pergamon Altar in Germany is no coincidence and serves as a sign that Germany is a goat nation and enemy of God. I hope the Christians there can get out and go to somewhere like Poland while they still can.

  • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

    I am part Sorb by descent, the last Slavic people in what is now the corner of Germany and Poland and the Czech Republic, Lusatia. Ever since the early middle ages, the tale has been of ruthless German conquest and Germanization of Slavic territories, cf. the ‘Wendish Crusade’ for example. German pride and desire to dominate and conquer her neighbors is nothing new at all.

    The word ‘Slave’ comes from ‘Slav’ for a reason….

    But, it will come to an end someday, and the criminal pride of the German Nation will end with them under Islam, with Slavs once again keeping watch along the Elbe.

  • Doc

    I have never trusted the Germans or Japanese. Germany started two world wars, why not a third? Japan wants nukes and a revived military so it can dominate the region again. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

  • James

    From Yves Dupont’s Book “Catholic Prophecy: The Coming Chastisement”

    “Old German Prophecy. “When the world becomes godless, revolutions
    will break out against kings. Fathers will fight their sons, and the sons
    their fathers. The doctrine will be perverted, and they will try to
    overthrow the Catholic Church. Men will be pleasure-loving. A
    terrible war will find the North fighting the South. The South will be
    led by a Prince wearing a white coat with a cross on the front; he will
    be lame afoot. He will gather his forces at Bremen for Mass. Then he
    will lead them into battle beyond Woerl near the birch-tree country
    (Westphalia). After a terrible battle at a brook running eastwards near
    Berdberg and Sondern, the South will be victorious.” (p.24)

    This suggests a civil war in Germany. We are also told by Blessed Anna-Katerina Emmerich “I also saw the various regions of the earth. My Guide
    (Jesus) named Europe, and, pointing to a small and sandy region, He
    uttered these remarkable words: “Here is Prussia, the enemy.’ Then He
    showed me another place, to the north, and He said: “This is Moskva,
    the land of Moscow, bringing many evils.” (p.68)

    Only the region of Prussia is the enemy, not Germany so Catholic Bavaria is most likely going to split from the north and be numbered among the sheep nations.

    • Grandmere

      What do you think of her vision of Russia?

      • James

        Well Russia is interesting. Russia has indeed traditionally been the bringer of many evils when it was the Soviet Union. However as good as Russia seems to be under Putin at the moment the Russia Orthodox still (to my understanding) does not acknowledge Our Lady as the Immaculate Conception. Possibly because of this they may join up with Prussia in the future?
        This may in time connect them with the Lutherans.

        Now this seems very strange I admit. Russia is set to defeat Turkey we are told and yet Turkey is on Germany’s side.

        Perhaps though this might make sense in a world in which the EU has been dissolved. Maybe if several nations have left the EU, France and Germany’s differences have driven them apart to the extent that they can no longer trust or stand each other any longer. France allies with other nations in a bloc including Italy and Spain and I would love to say England too against Germany who somehow or other ends up being allied with Russia. Whether Germany would still be a friend of Turkey’s or not, who knows?

    • waffle_anna

      I have had a profound calling, something deep in my soul, to move to Bavaria and leave the north. Germany in the past has been a federation of autonomous states. It is the Protestant states of Germany that have been the enemy of true Christendom.

      All evils, World War 1 and so on have come from Prussia, north of Germany. The region of Prussia includes North-Rhrine-Westphalia, where Cologne is located (and as you all know, we know what happened in Cologne). All Northern states have a disproportionate amount of Muslim Turks, with Berlin having the greatest population of Turks.

      We are already seeing the divide between the North and South, with Bavaria being a bulwark of resistance against Merkel’s policies. It was Bavaria that refused to accept refugee resettlement in Germany, keeping its number of refugees the lowest of any German state.

  • Grandmere

    You can start with reading the history of modern Germany. The internet is your friend.

  • waffle_anna

    Ja.. will schon lange nach Bayern umziehen wegen der Situation in NRW..

  • charles

    I think Germany will enroll the Muslims into Islamic divisions, this will cow the Germans into following those that are in power, during WW11 there were many many Germans that didn’t want Hitler, but were cowed because of the brute force that could be used against them. Brownshirts, Gestapo, same terror regiments. I can imagine the same thing happening if there are a lot of islamic regiments doing the will of the government,

    The rise of the caliphate beast will work with Germany to divide the world, but in effect this is just a ploy to bring about Islam and Shariah by the Islamic Caliphate, Germany is being suckered into believing they would dominate or at least be equal to Islam, and we know what the agenda of Islam is, Submission to Allah world wide.

  • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

    Slavs are indeed human, but generally haven’t had the history of conquest like other peoples, in general. So I hardly see what your point is, after I stated the actual facts. Islam and the Schism are the two main reasons for instability in the Balkans.