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Terrorists Take Thousands Of People And Are About To Slaughter Them All, Christian Man Comes And Rescues Them All From Being Annihilated

By Walid Shoebat When we talk about terrorism, we usually reduce it to Islamic criminals holding people hostage or killing a bunch of innocent people in murderous sprees. Rarely if ever does it get taken into account that abortion doctors are in fact terrorists who kill for an ideological objective against humanity. No one in the […]

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Major North American Islamic Figure With Long-Standing Terrorist Group Connections Loses Huge Libel Lawsuit In Canada In Big Victory For Free Speech

When lady justice comes, sometimes it is by a path one might not expect. Dr. Ingrid Mattson a convert to Islam and former President of the Islamic Society of North America, has lost a major libel lawsuit in Canada. What makes this so significant for me is that I was one of her students: Dr. […]

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