There Is A Huge Rate Of Homosexuals In Sweden Attacking And Raping Other Men, Sodom And Gomorrah Is Taking Over, And The West Is Allowing It

By Theodore Shoebat

There is a huge rate of of homosexuals in Sweden attacking and raping other men. Sodom and Gomorrah is taking over, and the West is allowing it. I did a whole video on this:

According to the report:

According to senior research assistant Jens Lindberg and senior lecturer Stefan Sjöström (both from the University of Umeå’s department of social work), male rape poses a huge problem that remains largely undocumented, as the majority of cases are never reported to the police. Controversially, the scientists claim that the phenomenon isn’t limited to male-on-male rape.

In 2015, police in Sweden recorded 141 men aged 18 and over as having been raped, compared to 3,333 recorded female rape victims. However, the real figures are estimated to be much higher. The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention (Brå) believes that only 10-20 percent of all rapes are represented in police statistics. An ensuing problem is that only a fraction of all cases actually make it to court. Furthermore, research on male rape is very limited in Sweden, there have only been a few isolated studies published, Lindberg and Sjöström pointed out. Historically, male rape has been associated with homosexuality, pedophilia, or overwhelmingly male institutional environments such as prisons and the army. Heterosexual adult men have rarely been considered potential rape victims, which is a stereotypical misconception, the Swedish scientists pointed out in their debate article, which was published by Swedish national broadcaster SVT.

According to the traditional gender roles and concepts of masculinity and femininity, men are expected to be strong and able to protect themselves. This preconception makes male rape victims feel ashamed of the abuse which they have suffered and afraid of the potential social stigma, Jens Lindberg and Stefan Sjöström wrote.

Men were recognized as possible victims of rape only in 1984 in Sweden. Today, the misapprehension that “men cannot be raped” is still common, which is why many social institutions in welfare and justice are not necessarily sufficiently prepared to offer help male rape victims, Lindberg and Sjöström pointed out. According to them, many Swedish hospitals have no developed procedures to treat male rape victims, which may hamper the police’s investigative abilities. At present, only 13 percent of all rape cases are solved. In conclusion, Lindberg and Sjöström urged the public to take male rape more seriously and the competent bodies to develop well-thought-out approaches as to how to treat male rape victims and punish perpetrators. Last fall, Sweden opened its first emergency room for male rape victims in Stockholm.

  • rickdeez

    I agreed with almost everything you said until you said that the Catholic church was the only way. Salvation is only found in Jesus Christ, not a man, priest, or church. There is no other name by which men may be saved and everything else is destined for destruction for no flesh and blood will enter the kingdom of heaven.

    • Nan

      Salvation is found in the Catholic Church which Jesus founded.

  • It isn’t safe for anyone there. Either the Muslim’s or the Sodomites want to force their evil on everyone else. In the end, one can only fight and resist. I would leave Sweden if I lived there. It is already a dead state. God will have to rain down fire and brimstone on them all to cleanse the land.

  • Wilma Mills

    My friend , the Decision Review Officer for the VA, has told me this is happening A LOT in the military.

  • 4True

    Homosexuality is on a par with Islam in destroying the earth. Just finished writing a book about it and I’m almost sickened from what I’ve learned.

    • Higlac

      You’re forgetting WHO and WHAT is behind the promotion of the LGBT agenda (as well as the environmentalists, feminists, “social justice warriors” et al.).

      It’s not enough to go after the symptoms: the root has to be addressed!!!

  • Margaret lee Combs

    Pray and repent so that when you do leave (I understand; I feel the same) you will go straight to Heaven. And pray for others to do the same. There will be no such horrors there.

  • paulette barrow

    Wasnt it Sweden that just had that satanic ritual at a new tunnel?If so no wonder this is happening there