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Ultra-Nationalist Groups All Over Europe Are Now Using The Trump Victory To Take Power. You Will See The Rise Of Nazism In Europe In The Future

By Theodore Shoebat Ultra-nationalist groups all over Europe are now using the Trump victory to try to boost their own image and take power. You will be seeing the rise of Nazism in Europe in the future. I did a video on this: To Learn More About Christianity’s War Against Evil And The Antichrist, Get Our […]

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First The Muslims, Now The European Union Bureaucrats Are Crawling To And Groveling Before Trump That He Will Listen To Them Rather Than The UK

President Trump with Nigel Farage of the UK Americans love the UK, and deep down, the UK loves America back. Now with the UK voting “exit” the European Union and election of Donald Trump to the presidency, he and major UK leaders are already talking excitedly about forging closer ties and working together while EU […]

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