Philippine President Declares To Muslim Terrorists ‘Your Human Rights Are Bullsh_t, I Will Strip You Of Your Rights And Slaughter You All’


The Philippines are a majority Catholic country, but the southernmost island of Mindanao has a large Muslim population, and for decades have been executing vicious terrorist attacks against the Filipino people. After years of violence, recent Philippine president elect Rodrigo Duterte has put his foot down. Calling human rights “bullsh*t” and saying that terrorist think the same, he is saying that he is going to strip Muslim terrorists of their human rights and slaughter them all if they try to attack the Philippines:

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte warned on Monday that Islamic State militants driven out of Syria and Iraq could set up in his country, and if that happened he would forego human rights obligations to keep his people safe.

Duterte said the southern Philippine province of Mindanao was already a hotbed of rebellion and banditry and he was worried about “looming terrorism” and an influx of extremists who could exploit the insecurity.

“Once the terrorists of the Middle East are deprived of the land area, the real estate area where they can sleep … they will wander to other places and they will come here and we have to prepare for that,” he said during a speech at a law enforcement agency.

“Remember, these guys, they do not have an iota of what is human rights, believe me. I will not just simply allow my people to be slaughtered for the sake of human rights, that’s bullshit.”

Human rights have been a touchy subject for Duterte, who has vented daily fury at activists and Western governments that have shown concerns about his war on drugs and the high death toll.

A native of Mindanao and mayor of Davao City for 22 years, Duterte said there was a “very strong” Islamist rebellion there and Abu Sayyaf rebels were taking hostages almost every day.

Abu Sayyaf is holding 21 captives, most of them foreign, and despite an ongoing military offensive to wipe them out, its piracy and kidnappings continue unabated.

Duterte said the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia were working closely to keep foreign extremists at bay.

On Friday, he warned that he may use his executive power to tackle lawlessness in the Philippines by suspending habeas corpus, a legal safeguard against arbitrary arrest and detention.

The constitution allows 60-day suspensions “in case of invasion or rebellion, when the public safety requires it” and would permit arrests without warrant and detention without charge for three days.

Duterte mentioned habeas corpus on Friday in the context of both the southern unrest and his war on drugs and said building cases for arresting suspects took too much time and resources. (source)

Now it is important to keep this in perspective. President Duterte is *nominally* Catholic, and his views are very liberal and mixed. He is not a moral person, or even a good man, as he was involved with death squads and even earned himself the nickname “the Punisher.” He is a typical, corrupt Filipino politician in the true meaning of the word.

That said, again, it does not mean that God cannot use bad or evil men for good means. If anything, in spite of his many issues, it is good to hear him address the Muslim terrorist crisis that has been worsening in the Philippines. Perhaps instead of looking to an outside nation such as the USA, which has done little to address the problem (and given our support of ISIS, may have made it worse), he is a reminder of the fact that to stop Islam, we cannot just look to an external person or group to do the work on our behalf. If fighting Islam is one part of fighting against evil, then everybody has a role to play, not just the governments.


In this sense, he is similar to Syrian President Asad, who while also not a good man, understands Islamic terrorism and the threats, as terrorists do not play games but for keeps. They cannot be used as pawns, but must be taken and dealt with seriously and immediately. Perhaps it is that while Duterte may be an undesirable person, he may be somebody who can stop the Islamic assault on the Philippines.



  • luis

    Didn’t he recently claim that God spoke to him and ask him to stop using foul language?

  • richinnameonly

    I hope he means what he says and gets Manny Pacquiao to help him clean house.

  • rodolfo

    Being a filipino living in the Philippines, I have observed that it is a general sentiment in my country to eradicate lawlessness. Mostly are quiet about the EJK (extra judicial killing) of known drug-lords, pushers and heavy users who fuels the crime. Except for right-wingers or who would like to appear righteous and upright. Mr. Andrew did defined our present president. Please correct me if i’m wrong.
    I would like to share this article “Why CIA created Abu Sayyaf in the Philippines”.
    May the peace of Jesus Christ be with us.

    • Raph Sebastian

      A real lesson on the lesser of two evils. Extrajudicial executions or killings, is a two edged sword, many would think it’s a right balance to kill a drug pusher/dealer/lord which then prevents hundreds of drug related deaths and family hardships, but what is stark is that it’s still the murder of a person.

      If indeed we believe that all lives are sacred, should the state execute individuals without due process?

      And here is the dual edge, if one can step out of line and not render due process, how many others would be denied this? Would a corrupt president now seek to summarily execute his opponents? What about a corrupt police force, would they now use their “powers” to exact personal revenge or to blackmail or extort? As it is we have seen this happen during the reign of Marcos where summary executions were quite common.

      The state has the God given authority to execute criminals in the pursuit of justice but one must first be fairly treated.

      In India they have this thing called “encounters” where the police set up road blocks and ambushes on known criminals and summarily execute them. Which leads to further lawlessness in the end, because Indian police are notoriously corrupt who often do the bidding of politicians and crime bosses.

      I have a vague idea what the political, economic and social conditions of the Philippines are, but certainly there must be a lot of outcry as well for wrongful executions. Anyway, I pray for your nation, may the LORD bless the Philippines.

  • Flame blue

    Duterte is now free, free to deal with Islamic crapbags. Who would have been his main critics if he ” violated” the “human rights” of Muslim terrorists, well it would have been Obama and Clinton even to the point of bringing him down, taking him out, inciting and funding an uprising against him. President Trump will not be taking any actions against Leaders who violate the human rights of people who violate the human rights of those who won’t accept Islam! Assad is celebrating too, no more demonising him in order to remove him and put in the terrorists the Muslim Brotherhood. No more sanctions and lies to support wars and terror against those who don’t want demon terrorist Islam! Haliluja!

  • Flame blue

    For too long, countries that refused Muslims entry were branded racist by the American Government, and sanctions and war talk, lies and propaganda was directed against them, in order to Islamophy the World. It’s over, may it be over for good. Let the walls go up, the no entry signs to Islam. President Trump understands the problem. Muslims may cry because their jihad will be dealt with and their enlargement through immigration stopped. For those Muslims who don’t wage war against the Western nations, they will not be deported or harmed because above all we are civilised people who have civilised nations on the whole. All Muslims in the West must be encouraged to become Christians because it is good for them. No more do l ever want to hear in my homeland of my ancestors going back thousands of years, that l must accept Islam if l know what is good for me which is definately delivered as a threat accompanied with the words ” we Muslims are becoming more dominant, and soon you will accept Islam”

  • boucle

    Good for Duterte.
    He knows what it takes to get rid of that savagery.

  • Raph Sebastian

    No there is a difference, murder is never justified. Execution after a trial with due process is the exercising of the government’s authority under law and the execution of a convicted criminal is a lawful taking of a life, murder as in it’s very definition is an unlawful taking of a life.

  • Marie Halligan

    In that case it sounds like a just war but I am not totally au fait with all the conditions for a just war.I do believe leaders have amoral duty to protect their citizens though and if they are Christian leaders,it is a God-given duty.

  • Disqus_disqus

    Um, I’m from the Philippines so I know he’s anti Catholic. He’s uttered some things against the Church. So yeah, in this regard, I know more than you, so lay off the snark.

  • Indian Christian Crusader

    We need a Duterte type also in India, to stop this out of control rapists among Hindu men, protect our women and stop the Hindu fundamentalists out to torment the lives of Christians and the poor. Our politicians are either corrupt or have criminal records or Hindu extremist men. The democracy here is nothing but a load of trash, where criminals get elected. Lawlessness, rape and murder is rampant in India. In northern India, entire Punjab and other states are under the grip of drugs. Sometimes God raises a powerful leader to stop spread of evil and discipline a country, does not have to be a saint.

  • Raph Sebastian

    I agree.

  • Raph Sebastian

    No I made a clear distinction in my reply. The comment is not about terrorists in the reply to Rodolfo. it was about Extra Judicial Killings or Executions in the Philippines. Obviously for some reason, that point was missed by you.

  • Disqus_disqus

    YOU’RE the disgrace. Another low life Dutertard.

  • shiv naryan

    Thats the way to say it no bull shi…g