VIDEO: Muslim “Youths” Caught On Live Camera Grabbing Young European Girl, Stomping Her Head And Then Trying To Gang Rape Her


This appears to have happened in France. It was a very close call. Were it not for the security guards who chased the Muslims off, this woman would have become another casualty in the what is nothing less than yet another Muslim invasion of Europe. Here is the video:

Watch this video closely. Notice how the entire group had to have been in on this. They knew what they were doing. They planned this  attack.

Several questions come mind. Did the girl know these people, or was it a random attack? What did the men say? What were the events that lead up to the attack? What was she saying when it was taking place? What ever happened to the would-be rapists?

These are questions that we may never get the answers to. However, one thing is very clear- Muslims are dangerous because Islam in an inherently evil religion, and after many years of refusing to deal clearly and honestly with the problem, we are forced to stand at a proverbial “fork in the road” and make a decision about how to handle the Muslims. Do we fight against them, or become one of them?

For my part, I choose to fight.

Remember that Christianity and specifically, the Catholic Faith is the only Faith which has ever not only been able to consistently resist Islamization, but it has been able to consistently defeat it and then go on to conquer the Muslims. Nobody else can make that claim- simply ask Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, Poland, and many, many other nations and peoples.

There is right now an urge to rise up, defend, and fight back for what is left of Europe after years of inherently destructive actions against themselves. Since self-preservation is natural to any people, this is good to see. Having said that, it is very, very important to remember that it is not some special quality of the European people that makes them superior to the Muslims outside of the Catholic Faith. Indeed, the Catholic Faith is what brought the European people out of the darkness of paganism and all of the evils which it teaches just as it has done for countless other peoples across the world.


Human sacrifice among the Aztecs in Mexico. This abhorrent practice was ended thanks to the Catholic Faith, and it has only returned in recent days due to Mexico turning its back on the Faith and embracing heresy and paganism. While many people will promote paganism as a rustic ideal such as with the concept of the “noble savage,” paganism ultimately leads to identitarianism, idolatry, and human sacrifice.

Europe will not survive if it becomes Muslim. It also cannot survive to resist and overcome the Muslims if it chooses to continually reject the Faith and instead choose to combat the Muslims with a combination of social darwinism and isolationism.

The only weapon that Europe has is the Faith, and that is all it needs. After all, if this Faith leads a man down the path to salvation than it will, as it has done countless times before in the past, give Europe the spiritual piety and material means to combat and defeat the Muslims as it did to Charles Martel, King Sobieski, and the Conquistadors of old and in reality, not that long ago.

Christ came to give us new life. This Christmas, help give the gift of a new life to a Christian in need. Please donate to the Rescue Christians Project.


  • Kevin Nicholson

    Thank-You Andrew: good doctrine and video.
    Godspeed and fight the good fight in Christ…physical and spiritual.

  • Julie

    I am seeing so much and hearing so much about them, that I have to fight the violence and hatred in me for them.

    I am trying to re direct my prayers for soldiers to stand up and fight them, remove them out of our lands.

    I am praying that the Copts in Egypt will take pictures of their cathedral, that there will be many documentations coming forward from what ISIS has done, to what Saudi and Iranian and other Muslims have done to so many people around the world for hundreds and hundreds of years…

    And with all the photos and testimonies of the atrocities of the families of the children, it is time for ISLAM, we say to ISLAM, ‘Enough! Enough!…No More or we burn your books, we imprison your imams and your murderers and rapists and plunderers…we fight and we destroy all the vestiges of your beliefs that have brought on so much suffering in the world since you were born!’

    Maranatha Lord Maranatha Lord!

  • James

    The nations are being allowed to be flooded with Islam while they remain indifferent to their Christian roots. Protestant nations more so because as they have chosen to remove themselves from the Catholic faith they have withdrawn themselves from the protection of the Blessed Mother, hence the far greater severity of these attacks in places like Sweden, Germany and the UK.

    Nationalism is the correct response, but only if it is pursued in the sign of the Cross and under the Blessed Mother.
    St Joan of Arc fought to drive England out of France. It was wrong for England to colonize France (a fellow Christian nation) let alone by Muslim barbarians.

    In his speech at Clermont, Urban II called the Arabs and Turks a vile race that Christians need to destroy from the lands of their Christian neighbour.

    “On this account I, or rather the Lord, beseech you as Christ’s heralds to publish this everywhere and to persuade all people of whatever rank, foot-soldiers and knights, poor and rich, to carry aid promptly to those Christians and to destroy that vile race from the lands of our friends. I say this to those who are present, it meant also for those who are absent. Moreover, Christ commands it.

    “All who die by the way, whether by land or by sea, or in battle against the pagans, shall have immediate remission of sins. This I grant them through the power of God with which I am invested. O what a disgrace if such a despised and base race, which worships demons, should conquer a people which has the faith of omnipotent God and is made glorious with the name of Christ! With what reproaches will the Lord overwhelm us if you do not aid those who, with us, profess the Christian religion! ”

    Of course this doesn’t mean that God doesn’t love the Turkish and Arab people as he willed all of them (as he did us too) into existence through his love, but what it does mean is that they are in a debased and vile state because they are Islamic, if brought into the Christian faith they would be fine, though, even had the Turks and Arabs been Christian also they still would not have had the right to have taken over the Greek East, just as England didn’t have the right to colonise France.

    There has been a lot of mention lately on “neither Jew nor Greek” but it is only meaning that all are welcome to enter into the Christian faith, we still have to be the ‘nations’ and the ‘peoples’ as we are told in the Bible, Globalism is always wrong.

    We are still the descendants of differing tribes of Israel each with their allotted portion and there are still different gates of the heavenly Jerusalem for each tribe to enter.

    What is encouraging is that new Catholic Nationalist leaders are starting to emerge; Francois Fillion in France, a far more promising prospect than Le Pen and also Paul Nuttall as leader for UKIP in the UK.

  • magaforever

    Muslim slaughter coming soon .can’t wait to see animals like this brutally executed

  • Julie LaBrecque

    Brute beasts – I hope they were caught.

  • Eric Mueller

    This seems like a pretty good article to present my next personal favorite from TSO. For me, I like the joy this song makes me feel. I like that it has a feel of unity and camaraderie in it. This song makes me want to join in and rejoice with the birth of our savior, Jesus. It also makes me wish we could all have a bit of this unity today and all return to Jesus before it is too late.

    ” Christmas is how
    In every nation
    That hope is passed
    Through generations

    From old to young
    And sometimes i’m told
    It’s actually passed
    From young to old

    Yes, our angel had been quite impressed
    With this youth that he had found
    But then across the street he heard
    An old familiar sound

    It was a multitude of voices
    From the old cathedral’s choir
    Singing out about this night
    And the hopes that it inspires”

    “On this night of hope and salvation
    One child lies embraced in a dream
    Where each man regardless of station
    On this night can now be redeemed

    Where every man regardless of his nation
    Ancestral relations
    On this night the past can fly away

    And that dream we’ve dreamed most
    That every child is held close
    On this night that dream won’t be betrayed

    All as one
    Raise your voices!
    Raise your voices!
    All as one
    On this christmas day!

    All rejoice
    Raise your voices!
    Raise your voices!
    All rejoice
    Anno domine!

    On this night when no child’s forgotten
    No dream sleeps where he cannot see
    No man here is misbegotten
    And this night’s dreams are still yet to be

    Realizing that the past can be forgiven
    The future be rewritten
    On this night where every child is safe

    And that dream we’ve dreamed most
    That every child is held close
    On this night that dream won’t be betrayed

    All as one
    Raise your voices!
    Raise your voices!
    All as one
    On this christmas day!

    All rejoice
    Raise your voices!
    Raise your voices!
    All rejoice
    Anno domine!”

  • chinese

    These Bas-tards should be burned in the Lake of Fire.

    • Kamau41

      Judgement Day is coming.

    • Julie

      As I said in the dog article, the Hound of Heaven will give the devil plenty of their due in hell.

  • Violent and heartless. Unless they soon repent what they dish out will be coming on their heads, or even worse.

  • exwolf

    Interesting comment about the Catholic Church:

    ‘Remember that Christianity and specifically, the Catholic Faith is the only Faith which has ever not only been able to consistently resist Islamization, but it has been able to consistently defeat it and then go on to conquer the Muslims’

    How do you see the capitulation of the Pope and, by association, Catholic Church?

    • Pamela Sage

      I think it is the fact that the Pope is bringing Muslims into the Vatican, priests giving over their churches and taking down Nativity scenes in deference to the Muslims, Catholic universities stamping out the speech of pro-life students, and pedophiles infesting the priesthood, that indicates that apostasy is infiltrating the last bastions of Christ. There have been eras of the Catholic Church before where the corrupt have permeated the hierarchy, but the corruption was not throughout the priesthood and laity. Now corruption, apostasy, heresy, and worldliness are throughout even the Apostolic churches. We were told to expect this in the Last Days. Continue in the Apostolic faith and support those clerics who remain true — saints remain, but keep yourself unspotted by those who have forsaken the holiness of Christ and his Church.

      • Julie

        I heard one Italian priest was saying nativity scenes offend Muslims.

        Right now we could be celebrating a Muslim’s most hateful time of the year.

    • Julie

      He is trying to convert with the time he has left.

      It is not what he does.

      What bothers me intensely is the silence with the exceptions of public statements, that nothing else is done on behalf of the Middle East Christians.

      It will take them time…to get all their documentation together…the world lmust stand with them…I hope they can some day get the UN to denounce militant Islam and have all their war koran burned up for good.

      • Grace Ziem

        He cannot convert them by making them feel comfortable with Allah; Allah is a moon god and a imaginary being (he doesn’t exist). Frances is not converting Muslims, he is appeasing them, I’m afraid, whatever his intentions.

    • Grace Ziem

      The “success” of any Christ-following group vis Islam is NOT how many they killed; it’s how many they can truly convert. The protestants are making major progress this way; and hopefully Catholics too. But this is how Christ measures “success”.

  • Grandmere

    I guess the victim was able to describe her attackers to the police. PLUS this is classic gang tactics by the Muslims. The same tactics were used in Cologne on New Years Eve. There is video and eyewitness evidence. In another post just today a woman was attacked exactly like this while walking her dog.

  • Lidia

    They took her purse.

  • Flame blue

    It past times, the Popes called for armies of Christians to rise and fight back against the oppression, slavery, and slaughter caused by Muslims waging war on Christians, but Popes no longer command armies in this age. Pope Francis doesn’t seem as if he’s going to do anything about Muslims and their antics and atrocities. Words don’t work for Muslims, not even the words of Jesus Christ himself so how will Roman Catholics stop Islam?

    I have no doubt that once Islam is identified as The enemy of Christianity that comes to conquer through destroying Christians and their religion, that other Christian Leaders will stand with the Roman Catholics, but the Pope is far from putting out that message. How can Roman Catholics save Europe in these times? Simply by non RC Christians flocking into RC Churches, it’s not going to save Europe, no more than if Roman Catholics were to worship in non RC Churches..

    I don’t doubt that all Christians need to unite to uphold the true word of God, his Bible inspired by God himself, through His Word Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit. We can not allow aggressive muslims to plant their lies, their preposterous lies of madness and evil.. We do need to meet up and formulate our defence of our countries and religion and take on our Governments and their scheming to Islamiphy Europe and America, Australia, Canada, etc.

    • Unfortunately Flame, as big as the Muslim threat is, there is a bigger, more evil threat. The threat I refer to manipulates events and Muslims are one of their tools. I feel like we are being stalked by a great evil. I refer to the new world order elite. If one of their generals, George Soros, can destroy the economy and bring chaos to entire nations what about their combined effort? No, they are not gods though they likely think so. And their end and judgement will come soon. It looks to be fantasy to hold out hope for a righteous human army led by the Catholic church to conquer anyone. I will wait for this:
      2 Thess. 1: 7 And to you who are troubled rest with us, when the Lord Jesus shall be revealed from heaven with his mighty angels, 8 In flaming fire taking vengeance on them that know not God, and that obey not the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ: 9 Who shall be punished with everlasting destruction from the presence of the Lord, and from the glory of his power; 10 When he shall come to be glorified in his saints, and to be admired in all them that believe (because our testimony among you was believed) in that day.

      • Flame blue

        Soros hopefully will go to Hell soon. He is Evil. His idol is money, and it buys him power which he uses to do evil. I cannot understand that man!

        I am not being funny here but when people are ill they expect the doctor to help them, and they expect to work for a living not have God drop down manna from Heaven. Of course, we can view doctors as God’s servants and we can view our employment as a gift from God, and l do, so l also look to our soldiers as instruments of God to protect their nations, but we know that sometimes soldiers just do the will of the Government even if they are being ruled by Evil so in the end, people are allowed to defend themselves, and set up defenders of their nations for righteousness.

        When the Gospels say that Jesus will return and take vengeance, l do believe he will, but it seems He returns because we won’t defend ourselves! Something has gone wrong when we have lost the will to defend ourselves and our children.

        • I agree with what you say Flame. And it is very true that something is wrong when we don’t defend ourselves and our children.
          I believe the Lord returns when the insult to him cannot be ignored. Of course, he is standing for those who believe in him. the ultimate insult will be an effort to destroy all those who believe in the Lord and setting up an in your face “I am god” situation. The period of God’s grace is going to end. I think it is soon.

          • Flame blue

            I hope so, Craig, but it seems that the Muslims must kill the Christians in the West leaving just a few thousand survivors, same as in the East before the Lord returns. To date Christians still outnumber muslims.

            I think we have to witness and suffer for a season longer. Meanwhile let us have joy and a Merry Christmas.

          • We are going to try and have a joyful Christmas Flame and wishing you the same. I fear it may be our last one. The suffering is going to get much worse. There was a moment of relief when Donald Trump won the election. And he really did, by a landslide. The U.S. and Canada and all the west dodged the bullet. Now I watch this nightmare unfold as the evil are determined to undermine him and even steal the election away. Their fake recount effort failed. Then they started droning on about how the Russians hacked the election. And it has spread. Merkyl now blames Russia for her woes and they say Brexit won because of the Russians. It has now been firmly established that John Brennan from the CIA is a liar with this evil Russian hacking. An ambassador has come out to say it was not a hack but a leak from a DNC insider. He knows who the insider is and he isn’t Russian. And yet the lie is still perpetuated and they are aiming to corrupt the electoral college. If they succeed and no president is chosen it will fall on Paul Ryan to be President. Well, these leaked emails reveal that Clinton paid persons such as Carli Fiorini, Jeb Bush, John Kasich for their help. Also on her team are John McCain, Lindsay Graham and Paul Ryan. If these people succeed in this evil plan it isn’t hard to think of what it will mean in regards to all freedom. Freedom of expression and religion will likely be gone. Muslim’s will be untouchable for now and Christians will be persecuted. I can see the writing on the wall.
            Our God is great in mercy or as St. John wrote of the Lord Jesus that he is ‘full of grace and truth’. Yet he won’t ignore sins forever, especially very serious sins. Sins unto death. So in hindsight I think we may have been a bit foolish to think that with Trump we were given another chance or a reprieve. God will not just give a pass after more than 40 years of baby slaughter and devil worship. So, do enjoy this Christmas because life is likely to become much more difficult soon.

          • Flame blue

            It is concerning the wicked underhand methods they are using to dislodge Donald Trump, but there will be civil war in America if they succeed in stopping Trump from becoming president. Obama has said that the Democrats and liberal loony tunes have a right to riot in the street, yet the Democrats are saying to Trump supporters that when they dislodge Trump if his supporters riot, they will feel the full force of the Law!

            I do not recognise the people of my culture anymore, they don’t hold the values that were held in my youth. There is no truth in them, they are wicked and dishonest people, liars, and worse they don’t respect law. I didn’t think much of Clinton prior to this behaviour but the fact she doesn’t present herself to her supporters and tell them that she supports Donald Trump for President as the lawful winner of the elections, and she wants no overturning of his legal and moral rights to take office, makes me realise how evil and desperate she is, at all costs, she will steal his prize.

            Yes, we are witnessing the destruction of democracy, law and order and the end of morality being supreme as the fabric of our society and Government.

        • Grace Ziem

          No, He returns because His wisdom, justice and love is essential to a just and wise kingdom; we can’t do this ourselves and He knows it!

          He is awaiting our taking the gospel to all people: Mark 13:10 “And the gospel must first be preached to all the nations.” Matt 24:14 “And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come”. IF WE WANT CHRIST TO COME, HIS WORD SAYS WE MUST SPREAD THE GOSPEL.

          He returns to complete His kingdom, not because we are weak! It is not in seeking safety that we save ourselves: Matt 16:25 “For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it”. Blessings and courage, brother!

          • Flame blue

            We will all despair, l think, even though we try to be brave, and we as Christians know all our hope is placed in Jesus Christ. The Gospels say we will despair, and many will even lift their arm up to the sky and clench their fist and curse God, because of their despair, not because they don’t believe in God, but because he’s not returning fast to end their suffering.

            Yes, the Gospels must be preached to all nations, then the end comes. Can we identify the nations where the Gospels have not been preached? Scripture doesn’t say that the Gospels must be preached and accepted, no, just preached. The Gospels surely have been preached to all nations, and that does include Muslim nations which were once Christian nations. Scripture doesn’t say preach to every person in the World and when that’s accomplished then the end will come.

            True, we must suffer for a little while longer, perhaps a season, spiritually how long, l don’t know, and try to win people to Jesus so that they will not be amongst the people who perish.

            Thank you, brother, Christmas blessings to you.

          • Grace Ziem

            I agree on the gospel message, and I do think we are getting quite close to the culmination. Let us all encourage and love each other during these times.

      • Grace Ziem

        Yes, Crag, I too will await Christ’s army; then I can have TOTAL confidence in the commander; in His justice, mercy, power and wisdom!

    • Grace Ziem

      If Frances weren’t the pope, I would call him an opportunist. Since he is, I critique him for behaving as an opportunist. No human leader is infallible; it is not “the Catholic church” or “the protestant church” that will stand up to Islam, as we are seeing; it is the true church of believers (“church” comes from the word “ecclesia” the called out ones; it never meant a specific denomination) who follow God and His holy word! Christ is my “pope”!!

      • Flame blue

        That’s right, we will die in righteousness in the name of Jesus who we live in and who lives in us. We will overcome death, and be raised to Glory. There’s no doubt of that!

        I don’t want to see needy children, babies hurt and afraid, crying for their parents, separated from their love and care, neglected and hurt by callous evil brutes, or teenagers who had looked forward to their youth knowing that despair is their fate. I don’t want to see husband split from wives, young marrieds torn apart, old men watching their old wives taken away to a sad fate. Young girls and women used as sexual slaves. These are terrible times, and this can be stopped now, if we overturn our leaders through elections, but we have to have people to vote for who dont intend to implement the same policies. That’s the route, l desire, a political solution that keeps us free to worship our Lord Jesus and enjoy everything good God gives.

        My life is being marred much as l try to ignore that fact, it’s marred by the anti-Christ rising, l resent it, l cannot settle for accepting it and l don’t believe l should look forward to the rise of Satanism with the compensatory view that after the rain storm, there will be a beautiful rainbow.

        Thanks, God bless you brother.

        • Grace Ziem

          None of us wants to live during these times; but Christ has chosen to intervene after all nations received the gospel which is now possible with internet technology, and seems to be get closer with what seems like an anti-christ arising in Erdogan being worshipped and wanting to assault Jerusalem.

          We need to support and love and pray for each other and remember Christ tells us we will not be given more than we can bear. I will pray for you, sir. Ask Christ to help you through this; like any loving father, He wants to help us and remind us that we need Him always.

          • Flame blue

            Yes, l am glad to see your strong faith in the Lord. God bless.

  • Julie

    There are only 4 dogmas. Do you know what they are? Of course not.

    There are about 2,865 doctrines of Who Christ is, what the Profession of faith in God is, morality, the sacraments, the liturgy, prayer. Do you now anything about them?

    What does ‘religio’ mean? It is Latin, ‘to lift up, to bind’.

    Christ did not call us to chaos and disinformation.

    The first primary vocation for a Catholic is to enter into the life of the Holy Trinity. And second, to relieve the suffering of our neighbor.

    ‘Bearing False Witness; Debunking Centuries of Anti Catholic History’ by Rodney Stark, non Catholic.

    • Grace Ziem

      Juie, you are berating someone for not knowing CATHOLIC teaching! These are not scripture in the usual sense. Do you really want to beat up on someone because they critiqued the inquisitions? Are you really supportive of what was done in the inquisitions? Christ remind us that there is no one perfect except God. Surely you don’t disagree with Christ?

      She is wrong that all “religion” is vile; that is throwing out the baby with the bath water. We must be principled in how we voice our differences, because we need to take every opportunity to witness for Christ. I know you also want to do this. Blessings, sister!

      • Julie

        Did you grow up in America and be subjected to the willful bigotry and false witness spread about by these anti Christian cults who claim to be Christian?

        They are bearing false witness.

        It is a derivative of the ‘Black Friar’ narrative put out by English nationalists right after the Reformation.

        “Bearing False WITNESS; Debunking Centuries of Anti Catholic Narratives’ by Rodney Stark.

        They are not Christian. I have many non Catholic friends who are devoted to Christ and witness for Him. These jump on any site with the title ‘Catholic’ on it and start their lies. I have spent many times in the past trying to educate them but they only return abuse and don’t even bother to read.

        • Julie

          P Francis is not appeasing anyone.

          He is demonstrating being a servant vs a slave of allah. He is evangelizing by washing their feet instead of turning them into dhimmi in hopes they will come to Christ and become free.

          • Grace Ziem

            I don’t understand. Frances’ washing feet of Muslims, per se, I can’t critique, but implying Allah is Yahweh is not correct: Allah commands kill your enemies, Christ teaches to love them (VERY TOUGH to do). Muslims don’t become dhimmi unless they first convert to Christ; why would the pope NOT WANT THAT? This life is short; eternity is forever!

            If we blur the lines between the faiths, we do Muslims NO ETERNAL SERVICE; we DECEIVE them. It may please them more in this life, but the pope and all Christ-followers needs to focus more on eternity.

        • Grace Ziem

          If you think I am part of an anti-Christian cult, please feel free to view my comment history. It is NOT my intent to attack people here (well, I did the “Allah Akbar” commenter..) but to help us follow Christ during these VERY difficult times. We need to love each other, and help each other get thru these tough times, to KEEP THE FAITH of our beloved Savior. Blessings!!

      • Julie

        It is good to ask them questions. Hopefully they begin to think.

        Christ did not pass out bibles. Why not?

        Do you also believe in anti Catholic narratives…? You brought up the Inquisition. Do you know about Spain and it was governed by Muslims, and all Christians (Catholics) and Jews were dhimmi, had to wear green badges, could not promote their faith, carry bibles in public, or build churches, and had little if any voice as a witness in civil court???

        Just as Israel wants its identity to be primarily Jewish so did Spain. And for good reason.

        • Grace Ziem

          Christ was the living Word of God; see John first several verses. His words in turn became the gospels of the New Testament, which hadn’t been written when He was teaching. And the jews to whom He taught could hear the scripture read every Sabbath in synagogue: that’s why He didn’t pass out “bibles”..
          Thanks for sharing your views on Spain; my recollection is that protestants were put to death in the inquisition as well, in considerable numbers but it is not my wish to be divisive here; that is counterproductive unless we need to learn from it; my comment was in response to another comment on the inquisition; I didn’t agree with some of her comment, but if we attack someone who critiques the inquisition, they can think we support executing people FOR THEIR BELIEFS. I can’t support that; behavior is another issue.

  • Johnny Thorne

    Castrate and deport.

  • Matthew Bradley

    If it walks like a duck…
    …and it quacks like a duck…
    …it’s very likely…a duck.

    Besides, how do you know they weren’t Muslims?

  • Kelly ann

    Europe! what have you done with your vocation?…