Obama Has Been Playing The Race Card Since He Became President, Israel Needs To Play The Same Policy!

Keith Davies
Political Correspondent


President Obama has shown to the American people his true colors and at the earliest political opportunity has proceeded to present his Arab brothers their political victory at the U.N. The earliest political juncture could only be at the end of his presidency and especially since Hillary lost the election, since Obama’s legacy cannot continue, he now is enacting the political wrecking ball in every area that he can.

Most Americans and even the vast majority of American Jews though most support Israel would be even more outraged than they already are, if they knew the history of the “West Bank” and Israel from the 1850s to the present day.

Recommended reading to those that would like to know more would be the Pierre Van Paassen “the Forgotten Ally” and Joan Peters book “From Time Immemorial: The Origins of the Arab-Jewish Conflict over Palestine.” When one reads these books one will be well aware that the premise for a Palestinian state itself is false and pure propaganda. The Arabs want to get what they can through peaceful means and then when Israel’s borders have been sufficiently weakened then use violence to destroy Israel and the Jews. The Arab society whether in “Palestine” or any other Arab majority society is a culture brought up on the hatred of the Jew. This is in their prayers , their main stream media and in their mosques. We have chronologued this hatred hundreds of times on this web site.

Let us summarize quickly the history for those who have not the patience to read the books. In 1850 the total population of the territory of Palestine which included Israel today, the “West Bank” and Jordan was only 150,000. Jerusalem had a total population of about 21,000 people of which 15,000 were Jews. This according to the Ottaman census statistics who ruled the territory called Palestine at that time. The Jews of Poland and Russia began to immigrate to Ottoman Palestine in large numbers in the 1880s and purchased swamps and farm land from the Arab land owners. Over a period of about the next 30 years many Arabs migrated to Palestine because the Jews who had built these farms needed more labor. The Arabs migrated from all over the Middle East because Palestine was the only place to find work. Today about 75-80% of the “ancient” Palestinians are decendents of these migrants, who happened to migrate at exactly the same time that the Jews did. Palestine only had about a dozen family clans who had lived in Palestine for more than a hundred years. Further, the Jews have lived continually in Israel for nearly 4000 years, even during the time of the early Roman dispersion. In 1948 during the war of independence Jews had to flee as refugees from Hebron,Shechem and many other Jewish towns (27,000 refugees) in Judea and Samaria. At then end of the war of Independence in 1948 the “West Bank” was occupied illegally by Jordan. The Arabs hatred of Jews is the problem not the idea of Israel itself. The issue of the land is the excuse to hate the Jew.

In 1919 One Arab leader King Faisal of the Hejaz, recognized as the most powerful and influential leader of the day signed the Faisal Weizmann agreement recognizing the Balfor declaration in order to allow a Jewish state to be created. In April 1920 at the San Remo conference the Balfor declaration was proposed as international law by the League of Nations and in July 1922 was ratified as international law. Within just two months on September the 16th 1922 the first of many British betrayals happened with the creation of an illegal country called “Transjordan” later to be renamed Jordan. In this first betrayal 72% of Mandatory Palestine was given to the Arabs in total contradiction to the Balfor declaration which in July 1922 was declared “international Law.” If true justice were to be administered today the very first betrayal by Britain of the Jews, should now eliminate any claim on Israel on its current borders including Judea and Samaria (the West Bank). But no, the international community despite the history now wishes to take a further chunk of the remaining 28% of territory that Israel has managed to hold on to, despite the agressive military, diplomatic and political wars thrust upon it since its founding.

The concept of “a two state solution, with two sides living in peace” is a hoax. There is no desire now, in the past or ever in the future for the Jews to be left alone in their ancient homeland by their Arab neighbors. What is disgraceful is the West is well aware of this, but chooses the Arab oil merchants as well as the new world anti semitic agenda: the villifying of Israel despite the obvious evidence that the Arabs have no interest in peace. For 68 years Israel has been attacked both militarily and politically with no end in site. Yet Jews cannot accept the truth and reality of the situation. The hope of a true peace is not a reality now or ever in the future. The policy should be political and military domination.

The one last powerful friend Israel has the United States has now betrayed her, just like the British did nearly one hundred years ago. Obama along with his useless sycophant Secretarty of State John Kerry placed a political dagger in Israel’s heart with its abstention at the U.N. by promoting and allowing the anti Israel resolution to be carried.

I have one question to Obama whose policy on Israel is as racist a policy from a US government as slavery was when it was finally abolished in the American Civil War. If we assume that a two state solution is a just solution and the Palestinians are granted a State (G-d forbid) why cannot Jews live peaceably in the land of “Palestine” governed by Mahmoud Abbas and his administration? If it is Ok for Jews to be kicked out of Palestine should Israel in return for such a policy not propose that if the Jews have to leave the “West Bank” because they are Jews then all Muslim Arabs and even Christian Arabs should also have to leave Israel and go to the new Palestinian State. We know if Israel were to suggest such a racist proposal they would be condemned, but throwing Jews out of their ancient homeland is acceptable to Obama, his racist administration and the anti semitic international community, yet this argument is never made by Israel.

Obama has been playing the race card since he became the President. It is time for Israel to start playing the race card too. Peace through strength is Israel’s only choice.