Turkish Muslim Nationalists Put Gun On The Head Of A Man Dressed As Santa Claus To Declare Their War On Christmas

By Theodore Shoebat

Turkish Muslim nationalists put a gun on the head of a man dressed as Santa to declare their war on Christmas. According to one report:

A group of men from the youth group of the ultranationalist Alperen Hearts protested Christmas and New Year’s celebrations in Turkey by holding a man dressed as Santa Claus at gunpoint on Dec. 28 in the Nazilli district of the western province of Aydın.

The men were dressed in “efe” traditional clothes and danced to the traditional “zeybek” dance, while the locals were watching in shock.

The provincial head of the Alperen Hearths in Aydın, Burak Yaşar, said they were aiming to “bring people back to their roots.”

“Our purpose is for people to go back to their roots. We are Muslim Turks and have been banner-bearers of Islam for a thousand years. We cannot see why there is such sensitivity for Christian traditions and not for our traditions like Hıdrellez, Nevruz and other religious and national holidays. We organized this protest against Christmas celebrations, reminding people that we should be celebrating our own national holidays instead,” he said.


They want the Muslims of Turkey to go “back to their roots.” For one, this statement is ahistorical, because these people’s ancestors were, for the most part, Christians who had in fact been conquered by Sufi Muslims from Central Asia. The Christians of Byzantium combated the these Seljuk Muslims, but were eventually conquered by them and the auxiliaries of their conquered territories. Islam is an Arabian extension of the Arian heresy which had originated from North Africa, and it spread from the Arabian peninsula into Western and Central Asia. The very land in which Arianism was brought to nought was in Nicaea, which lies in Turkey. In the Council of Nicaea, St. Nicholas struck the wicked heretic, Arius, and it was this St. Nicholas who would be known today as Satan Claus. So, if the people of Turkey really do go back to their roots, they will go back to the faith of St. Nicholas.


  • Gloria

    They are ultranationalist and don’t deisre their Christian roots. This reminds me of what is happening in Germany with the same types of groups. I imagine we will be fighting a war with these ultranationalist soon.

  • AnthonyM

    Good info.
    But a typo in the last sentence of the last paragraph. Your spell checker put in Satan vs. Santa.

  • Flame blue

    You put Satan Claus instead of Saint Nicolas!! St Nicolas, Santa Claus!

  • Higlac

    The spell-check in itself won’t help here. It’s a question of semantics that goes beyond an ordinary spell-check (or grammar-check).

    • Grace Ziem

      There is only one “Father Christmas”: God. Please, secularization is bad enough already….

      • Higlac

        So, you’re taking literally that part of the Bible where it says that we have only ONE Father, He Who Is in Heaven?

        What of our earthly fathers? Of those who instruct us in the Church (especially when they’re older than us)? It all is nothing to you???

        • Grace Ziem

          I didn’t say that at all, I just wouldn’t call them “Father Christmas, Higlac. Happy New Year, sir!!

          • Higlac

            Same to you, Ms. Ziem. However, the implication of your being against anybody being called “Father” is plainly obvious!!!

            “Father Christmas” IS a British term that’s known over there as a synonym for “Santa Claus”: there’s no disputing that.

          • Grace Ziem

            Sorry, I didn’t mean to be argumentative, and it seems like an innocent custom. Happy New Year!

  • AnthonyM

    The reason Islam hates Christmas is because Christmas is the birth of Christianity.

    ‘For the birth of Christ is the origin of the Christian people; and the birthday of the head is also the birthday of the body.’ – Saint Leo the Great, Pope.

  • Grace Ziem

    If they want to go back to their roots, they could start with the churches founded by Paul, Timothy and the followers of Christ in the lifetime of John, who described these churches in his vision on Patmos in his last writing: Revelation. They don’t know the real history of their country!

    • Higlac

      No surprise: Islam aims to literally DESTROY every last single remembrance, conscious or sub-conscious, of absolutely anybody and anything “un-Islamic”!!!

      Remember that Caliph ‘Omar, the MONSTER who so wantonly destroyed the Library of Alexandria in AD 640? “If it’s in the Qur’ân, we don’t need it; if it’s not in the Qur’ân, we don’t want it!” Moslems are meant to have ALL remembrance of anything “un-Islamic”, including ethnic origins, family roots, &c. utterly ERASED from their memories. Ergo, they would be almost completely unable to reconnect with their original existences.

      That was one reason why the Ottoman-Turkish Janissaries were so feared: their ONLY loyalty was to Islam and the Turkish Sultan (one of whose titles was “Caliph” as the successor to the Caliphs of the Arabs), but they started out as Christian children who were kidnapped and taken by force between the ages of 3 and 10 to Moslem schools and given a rigorous education meant to purge every last single memory of parents, siblings, original religion and EVERYTHING ELSE!!!!! It also is one of the MYRIAD of reasons why the Moslems (above all the Turks, but all Moslems were looked upon – and by rights SHOULD BE looked upon – as such) were HATED AND LOATHED FOR CENTURIES by Armenians, Greeks, Christian-Albanians, Croats, Serbs (including both those peoples dwelling in Bosnia-Hercegóvina), Magyárs (Hungarians), Austrians, Spaniards, Bulgarians, Romanians, Moldovans, Ukrainians, Slovaks, Poles and Russians, Even the Italians weren’t so hot upon those sub-human VERMIN.

      • Grace Ziem

        Dear Higlac, I know we all feel anger, but Christ many times reminds us to, in essence, hate the sin and love the sinner. This is the redemption story of all Muslims and communists who have come to Christ: they felt Christ’s love and the love of believers. Matt 5:44 “But I say, love your enemies! Pray for those who persecute you!” . If we sincerely do this, we will be transformed and Christ can work miracles.
        When you feel discouraged, watch a video or two of a Muslim who came to Christ, see what was instrumental for them. Ask Christ to visit someone, and try to mean it. Watch what He can do in the lives of people; it is glorious. Blessings, brother!

        • Higlac

          On an individual to individual basis, that INDEED is possible – and it does happen (often enough, Our Heavenly Father Be Praised); however, once group interaction comes into play, that becomes quite impossible in virtually all events.

          Remember what battles like those of Poitiers (Tours) in 732, Constantinople (sieges of 717-18 and 1453), Kósovo-Pólje (Blackbirds’ Field), 1389, Varna, 1447, Nicopolis in 1396 and Lepanto (among MANY, MANY others!!!!) entailed. It was “kill or be killed!!!!” – and that’s what then is inevitable.

          Believe you me, I most absolutely HATE such things (including group dynamics, not to mention any and all totalitarianism; however, in all too many cases there’s neither sense nor reason to fool ourselves. There’s no hope (aside from prayer) in doing anything but defending ourselves against who then become absolute vermin that can’t be treated other than with the cruelty they have in mind for us!!!!

          • Grace Ziem

            What about Christ’s command that we love our enemies? This changes our focus and helps us see their spiritual needs. It is easy to not care; that isn’t God’s way, Higlac. Please watch a video of a Muslim who came to Christ and think about it.

          • Higlac

            I have watched a number thereof (Kamal Saleem, Mario Joseph, Taysir Abu-Sa’ada, Walid Shoebat): when one’s not forced into a situation of fighting (or if the enemy surrenders), of course we can care about – and love – them; HOWEVER, when it literally is “kill or be killed”, do you automatically prefer to let not only yourself but your loved ones get sadistically slaughtered?!?!???

          • knightsstrength

            Hello Grace, I see where you both are coming from, and not going to get into arguments.

            My concern is for all to learn history than the skimpy details we learnt at schools as it has missed many important issues.

            If you drink coffee, eat Bagels and Croissants you can thank the King of Poland, John III Sobieski, at the Battle for Vienna.

            Here is Constantine prayed and Christ answered him with a vision of the Chi-Rho, under this sign it was written, “In this Sign, you will conquer” There is heaps to discover in the early years of Christianity as it still resonates today and many people have no understanding of the events.

            History Channel Constantine the Great

  • Nan


  • Nan

    No. The name Santa Claus is a corruption of St. Nicolas, 3rd century Bishop of Myra. Odin has nothing to do with it. All Hallows Eve is the evening before All Saints Day and has nothing to do with the Autumnal Equinox. Eostre has nothing to do with anything; we celebrate the Paschal mysteries.

    • The Penitent Man Shall Pass

      Easter has nothing to do with the pagan god Easter? The celebration of which is on the same day as the pagan holiday of Easter? And yes, Saint Nicholas, I know. One of the devil’s names used to be Old Nick, though. It’s a combination of all these things. It’s fine to participate in them, I think. They’re just not Biblical. And not required.

      • I don’t know what your problem really is. What if the Arabs one day celebrated Christ on Ramadan instead of Mooooooohammad. Would that make you happy or unhappy?

        But please, (I mean pretty please) when you answer, DO NOT GIVE ME EXPLANATIONS. I just want to read one word for a reply “happy” or “unhappy”?

        P.S: remember, JUST ONE WORD.