The Coming Beheading Of Christians Will Spread Globally As The Masses Of The World Follow The Antichrist And Desire For The Destruction Of Christianity

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Sunday Special, continuation of Part I, Part II)

Reading Revelation 20:4 reveals that Antichrist will genocide Christians by beheading them. While many know this, so few examine how the world will get to this point. Will such massive beheading only occur on Muslim soil who are accustomed to beheading? While Islam prescribes beheading, yes, but it is Turkey’s “populist” movement that is reviving Islam. But what about the growing European populism? Is it immune from heading towards that direction where you will witness beheadings, just as we have seen in Syria and in Iraq? In Europe the beheadings will dwarf anything that you have seen in the Middle East.

Enter a shocker. Christians will be beheaded in east (the Muslim world) and west (Europe).

Populism is sweeping throughout the world. I will explain it from A, how it deceives, to Z, how it will ultimately remove all the power pegs stopping Antichrist’s rise to power and how it will create the perfect conditions, where when Christians are beheaded, even you, many of my readers, are very likely not to shed a tear.

You think its impossible to transform you into a callous lawless little tyrant? Think again.

Christ mandated that for one to be Christian they need to be “as wise as serpents”.

Perhaps an example from man’s best friend might help simplify what I mean by ‘populism’. I need to cover “A” (the pudding) before I get to “Z” (the meat).

To rob a home guarded by a fierce watchdog, Myth Busters concluded that throwing it a steak will keep it occupied. This gives the thief just the time he needs to enter. The trick will work, unless of course, the dog is professionally trained to ignore steaks during a break-in.

But how many dogs are trained to ignore the steak? Answer: very very few.

Think of populism in the same way. The populist agenda (the thieves) understand that the only way to unmask them is by training all the puppies “the people”. This is impossible to do.

What populism says is this: corrupt elitists run the nation and its time for the people to take control.

Truth is, throughout history, and in every form of government, there you will always find a handful of thieves standing in the upper balcony, while we will always find the rest “the people” sit in the square below with little room to breath.

Get it through your thick skulls. The balcony only fits a handful of people. The less smart who put the elites on the balcony need to be in the square below and getting all these dumb crowds on the upper balcony will only collapse the entire building

Populism and its agenda knows that only trained watchdogs can spot the bait. But these are so few. All other puppies bite the bait of the propagandist, hook, line and sinker, believing the populist propagandist. So all of the sudden “the people” begin to believe that they are all trained purebred K9 pedigree. With populism, every mutt believes that they are all worthy to guard, bark and even point who is and who is not an intruder and bite at will.

But its time Christians become trained watchdogs by understanding three rules:

The first key in this lesson is this; populist planners realize one hurdle for Christians to sniff their agenda; being conservative, the most difficult time to expose populism to other conservatives is during the time its most popular: now.

Telling the excited masses, that populism is simply a bait, will only gain you shouts of “hang him high on the gallows in social media square”.

After the thief enters, populist organizers realize there is another hurdle for the trained watchdog; a coward is mute during a tyranny in progress, and he only exposes it after it is defeated, so that his heroic-speech is recognized by his peers.

So even after the thief enters, these promoters realize that few will speak out. Who after all wants to be labeled as “against the people” who after all wants to be viewed as against “stopping the Islamization of the West”?

But I too am “for the people,” and I too, want to “stop the Islamization of the West”.

But I am also against populism’s hijacking of these noble causes.

Populist politicians will use everything. Nothing goes to waste. They will use misery, genocide, even noble and great causes, as the steak for the people. They gulp up smaller movements, even partner with opposite views than their own, so long they agree on the main slogans. They will partner with Christians, pagans, socialists, conservatives … whomever … it does not matter. In their worldview the end always justifies the means.

But here, we will remove the ‘bullshitism’ and undress populism’s discursive versatility and behavioral chameleonism and only then, when we parade it in the nude, then it becomes obvious, that it is nothing more than a set of contradictions; its “anti-elitism” only creates new elites who will act as if they alone are “the people”.

With populism, its the new elitists sitting in the upper balcony who become “the people”.

For example, populist Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan declaring at a party congress in defiance of his numerous domestic critics said, “We are the people. Who are you?”

Where his secular Turkish opponents not “the people”?

So in reality, populism has nothing to do with ‘people’ and all to do with representing a different set of values.

And it doesn’t matter if these new values appear conservative-right, left, or a mishmash of both, Islamist or Fascist, these new values then become superior to the current values.

Populism is “King people” which has always been proved to be the worst form of governing. It always contradicts what it claims and is never what it says it is.

Throughout history, old and current, and in every populist experiment, it is pride and not race (as National Socialist believe) or class (as Marxists believe) that is elevated. Real wages always ended up lower than they were at the beginning. While populism claims to want to remove ‘too much politics’, its history brought mass politics. Even the populists crusade against corruption (draining the swamp), often engenders more corruption.

Keep in mind that Marxist revolution is based on class, while National Socialism is based on race. So the far left in Europe is Marxists, which is classist, while the far right are national socialist racists.

While some argue that Latin America ended its populism, reality is what ended is the “super populism” of Venezuela and Ms Fernández’s Argentina, while the continent simply returned back to its “original populism” that has characterised much of Latin America’s recent history.

However it is defined, from Turkey, Austria, Germany, France, Japan and the United States, to Poland, the Philippines, and Peru, the so-called neo-conservative populists are on the rise, while the chaos in Venezuela and Mexico is experiencing violence and mob lynching by “the people” on the streets.

Today this is a typical scene in Venezuela. In this one, Venezuelans observed an alleged rapist without a trial after being lynched by the mob in Caracas.

The other key that populist leadership knows, is that the masses rarely study history. Populism caused the German Peasants War. It resulted from the Protestant Reformation, which ended up with massacres and civil unrest when the urban population wanted the removal of the “elites”.

Populism also caused the “English Revolution,” (English Civil Wars and Commonwealth 1640–1660) another war, which ended up with a lack of significant social change for the people, followed by a ten-year period of “bourgeois republican” government called the “Commonwealth” (the new elites).

It ended up with the old ruling class who came back with new ideas and new outlooks, which were attuned to economic growth and expansion and facilitated in the long run the development of a fully capitalist economy.

But all this crept into the French Revolution (the bloodiest in Europe) of 1789. It was a struggle for political, economic and religious power, waged by the middle class, the bourgeoisie, which grew in wealth and strength as capitalism developed.

In reality it was not led by “the people” but by the wealthy intellectuals who were the cause for all this manifestation of supposed populist sentiment against the elitist excesses (the swamp).

So it wasn’t really about “the people” but an agenda to remove and replace the Church.

These new elitists, then used nationalism by positing the people as a “mystical unity” and the driving force of history, in which the divinity finds its purpose, that the French since they were a “special people” because of their equality, liberty, and fraternity; this pride-building made the French believe that they can never be wrong. It caused a massive shift of power from the Roman Catholic Church to the state were populists complained that the church owned 10% of the land.

We all know how the guillotine stood as the principal symbol of the Terror in the French Revolution.

There is where the people ended up on the ‘upper balcony’

But it is this type, the ideological populism, that is most concerning. That is what is currently rising in Europe and Turkey. Prophecy reveals:

“…and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and who had not worshiped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands …” (Revelation 20:4)

It is obvious that we are seeing markings, neopagan tattoos on arms these days spreading throughout Europe.

But there is another key to unlocking what is happening. With the European racist identitarian strand of populism, the end result will not be patriotism, but racial divisiveness, where what emerges is the transformation of the populist planners (not the people) to become this new ‘elite’.

But one thing needs to be taken into consideration as to how we will get to ‘beheading’.

One of the differences between tyranny and liberty is the treatment of minorities. Wth all these Identitarian movements focus on race, this will remove the sense of charity and compassion towards all other races, be they Egyptian Copts, Armenians, Assyrian Christians, Jews …

So by abandoning the idea that the greatness of a nation can easily be measured by its treatment of minorities, Christians and Jews living as minority, when massacred, the populist will not shed a tear.

While populism festers in Europe, and to a lesser degree in the U.S., where it will end up creating a Nazistic fifth column within the structure of U.S. society.

And it is not about combating Muslim immigration as the mutts are told. It is about feeding pride to whomever believes they are purebred German shepherds, to make believe, they deserve the steak more than all the other breeds be they Muslim, Jew or foreigner Christians.

The current strand of European populism is really about pure unadulterated racism. This is especially true when their moderate apologists say that their movement is “not about racism”. Racism in fact, is the signature of the nationalism assumed by the National Front from France, the North League in Italy, the Flemish Block and recently the New Flemish Alliance in Belgium, SVP in Switzerland, the Austrian FPÖ, and the Dutch PVV.

These propose a type of nostalgia for a mythical world of racial and cultural homogeneity.

And to create the perfect alibi for Germany to usher this sad course of events, it introduced mass immigration of Muslim refugees. This was another key element to cement their populist cause. The trained smart dogs know that populism in Europe is not about Muslim immigration as claimed, but the ushering in of fascism as a value to replace the current values by using the excuse “Muslim immigration”.

For example, the Flemish Block proclaims the principle “eigen volk eerst” (the indigenous must be the first), which leads to a complete separation from Belgium – Flanders of the Flemish, Wallonia of the Walloons (the Francophones), Europe of the Europeans (whites).

This is not about combating Muslim immigration. Its about proclaiming that there is Jew, and then there is Gentile.

This is key to understand the shift and the change of theology that is permeating and accepting the paganistic form.

While the trend of right-wing populist parties is to denounce Islam as the evil “other,” they also seek to explore variation among populist discourses and strategies concerning religion.

The populists in Europe oppose traditional faiths and church leaders. And just as the Nazis did, there were neopagans celebrating the strength of pre-Christian Europe, prominent neopagans alongside conservative Catholics were involved in the founding of the French Front National.

And in Austria, the FPÖ had a strong anti-clerical component. The Lega Nord in Italy even promoted neo-pagan rituals. In the Netherlands the Lijst Pim Fortuyn (LPF; Pim Fortuyn List) and the PVV gave zero precedence to Christian values over libertarian views on ethical, economic, and social issues.

While church leaders are said to be considered part of society, these conflict with the church and only use Christian symbols for show.

The Italian Lega Nord cultural base is neo-pagan, made of Celtic crosses and veneration of the god Odin in which they administer every year the purification rites.

Smart dogs need to pay attention, populists speak of identity while true churches speak of faith.

While European populism calls to stop “the Islamization of Europe” by banning headscarves and the construction of mosques and campaigns to prohibit circumcision and halal food in Norway, the victim in the end will be two groups: Jews and Christians.

Most puppies don’t think. They simply chomp at the steak. Jews also have circumcision and ritual slaughter of animals which is also being challenged in Norway and Germany.

And with the new racial identity, the Jews and foreign immigrant Christians into Europe are also made to feel like outsiders.

Moreover, if a mosque is a worship center, the church where communion is observed, is also a worship center. Whatever they will inflict on a mosque they will also inflict on a church.

In Europe, there is pagan creeds mixed with racism and ethnocentric ideas where neo-Pagan “völkisch” nationalists and Catholic nationalists unite.

So how could the idea of a European federation of ethnic, unite with Catholics who should cling to the concept of the multi-ethnic Nation-State? This should not be the case, unless, Catholics are abandoning key theological concepts.

Christ marked the ends of days as an era of deception where false prophets will “deceive (if possible) even the elect” (Matthew 24:24). And so who has deceived these masses to abandon true theology? Is it exclusively the Muslim who is doing this?

Here we have western (not Muslim) pagan movements, oriented towards the right, influenced by anarchism, ecology and alternative thinking uniting with identitarian, anti-egalitarian who are to fight against the egalitarian and universalist ideas of Christianity described as “Jewish” and “eastern” while Kek and the Sun gods imported from Egypt (eastern) is okay.

Today we have Identity Churches or the World Church of the Creator, which were created in the United States and later became popular among the European neo-Nazis, including the skinheads. But it is also the core of the ideology of the so-called “New Right”, a movement which has its roots in the French think-tank, GRECE (Groupement de Recherches et d’Etudes pour la Civilisation Européenne), launched in 1968, by Alain de Benoist. GRECE distinguishes itself from other traditionalist conservative organizations in displaying specific interest for Germanic and Nordic cultures, rejection of Christianity and monotheism, and advocating neopaganism.

This later spread across Western Europe.

Therefore, European Populism will be the major causer of persecution. Similar to Russian populism, which was anti-czarist-elites and industrialization in the 1860s only became the pre-Marxist socialists which brought in communism. This too killed millions of Christians.

Similarly was the Armenian Genocide, were the populist eugenists “Young Turks,” just like in Nazi Germany massacred millions of Christians.

Then we had National Socialist populism, which also interacted with and facilitated fascism in interwar Germany. And this is exactly what is reoccurring again. Distressed middle–class populists, during the pre-Nazi Weimar period, mobilized their anger at government and big business using demagoguery, scapegoating, and conspiracism.

Just like today, they sounded ‘right’ for the conservative, since Nazis expressed anti-Marxist (class) mobilization. National Socialists (race based) cast themselves as representatives of the commonwealth of the “betrayed and neglected German public” celebrating the populist ideal of the people’s community.

We all know too well the holocausts of Nazi Germany where millions of Catholic Polish and Jews were liquidated.

But now we have U.S. populists, which leads us to Donald Trump. It would be a misconception to brand Trump as a populist Alt-Righter. He did not mind gaining their support, true, but while Trump definitely used populist jargon to win, Trump’s actions revealed he was not this purebred populist. He in fact, somewhat upset this group by simply combining the same old ‘republican guards’, while appointing one of their Alt-Right idols; Steve Bannon of Breitbart.

Trump did this to simply appease the worshipers of Pepe the frog to gain their votes just as he appeased the gays and the Hindus.

However, the populist jargon Trump used caused massive confidence buildup throughout Europe, Russia, Turkey and the U.S., boosting the populist cause dramatically to a point of no return, where the world will not be the same until Kingdom come.

In reality, this is Trump’s first accomplished legacy. He used populism to win because this was the trend globally.

All this boosted the most concerning strand, European populism, which is coming across as anti-immigration and anti-elite.

But regardless how populism is defined, the current Latin American strand of populism as left, or western populism as conservative Idenitarian right, or Russian pre-communist populism as pre-Marxism, or Turkish populism as neo-Ottoman; reality is that populism is sweeping the globe and is simply another form for revolution pitting the people against the political establishment to enforce a set of values over the current set of values established by Christians.

This is true no matter where you look. Even in Turkey’s neo-Ottoman movement, this is what Erdogan’s populism was all about.

After the west defeated the Ottomans, Christendom established The Sykes–Picot Agreement (the Asia Minor Agreement) in 1916, between Great Britain and France to which the Russian Empire assented to break down the Ottoman Empire during World War I, into spheres of influence and control of Muslim Southwestern Asia, and later established a Christian set of values to govern the defeated Muslim world.

After it was all done, from Egypt to Turkey, western civilization thrived with laws and arts that reflected Christian values while Islam was suppressed and the Muslim Brotherhood were viewed as outdated polygamists.

And what we see today in the latest wave of populism, in both east and west, is the replacement of current Christian values.

With Turkey, its to advance Islamic supermacy over western style values that honor human rights. With Europe its about initially advancing a moderate form of neo-fascism, neo-nazism and neopaganism, in hope to gain power first, and then the unrest that follows against Jews and Christians should be most concerning. With Latin America, it was about democratic socialism which is on its way out and the old populism simply got back in.

In reality, populism was no steak, but a hydrogen bomb, detonated by suicide bombers who are simply no-body groups and arm-chair revolutionaries extending their reaches into the hauls of power.

The shockwave will soon be re-gutting several political systems and now the whole world, where the populist radioactive dust and ash, will be carried by the wind of social media (in the next few years) into the four corners of the globe.

Therefore, trained elitist dogs understand populism by what it is, while the untrained mutts believe they are pedigree, when they are not, these understand populism by what it is not, and is why these view us as ‘enemy’ and use vulgar terms that we should be fed to the lions in the arena.

In Europe, the most concerning strand is the ethnocratic liberalism embracing the liberal system of political and economic competition, but considers, at the same time, only the members of an ethnic group as being full members of society.

Whether its American, Russian, Turkish or European populists, all these use political hypnotism. They talk of “the people” converting them by capitalizing on their fears, while promising them a utopia they made up from the figments of their own imaginations. They tell the masses that they will govern in the name of “the people”. Reality is that when populists win, the promoters will only make more ‘puppets’ of the very elite state power that the people complained so much about.

And we see this today in all the rhetoric, whether Russia, Turkey, Europe or the U.S., its a shift towards a simplistic and even a vulgar form of political populism, where the solutions demanded for problems are naive.

For example, if we have a problem with the NATO nation of lets say Turkey, the western populist will cry out “dissolve NATO” or they will shout “throw Turkey out of NATO”.

And it all sounds good for the untrained patriot American puppy.

But these give out simplistic solutions without considering that NATO was formed to grip nations like Turkey, to be under western control. A good dog trainer will know that when NATO was being formed, the participation of the United States was thought necessary both to counter the military power of the USSR and to prevent the revival of nationalist militarism.

NATO in other words, was formed to prevent past tyrannies. This is also just as true for the E.U which grips Germany under the control of other European states, lest Germany again goes out of hand as it did during Nazism.

Take out these power pegs established by Christendom and what you have is the lifting of the very powers that have held these old wounded beasts (the Ottomans, Nazis, Fascists, Imperial Japan) and kept them at bay.

That is why its crucial to understand the big picture. Their ambition is not only against the Jew (Jerusalem), but also Rome.

The Ottomans have failed to conquer the Vatican and abolish “the covenant of the sanctuary” in the first rise, but on their second rise, these will succeed to unite with these other elements in Europe, to even attack the fallen church in Europe who “forsaken the covenant of the sanctuary” (Daniel 11:30).

Daniel 11:30 is key which reveals that nature of WWIII.

So now we conclude the significance of all this. St. Augustine explains

“Such a one who merely commands, let him command, until he shall be taken from the midst; that is, abolished, and then the wicked one will be revealed, whom no one questions means Antichrist.” 

Who is this one to be “abolished”? How is this all happening?

You are already watching it happen right before your very eyes.

In fact, most of you are even supporting it. It is about deceiving the elect, remember?

So to conclude, we must again revisit II Thessalonians II, where Paul reminds:

“For the mystery of iniquity already worketh; only that he who now holdethdo hold, until he be taken out of the way. And then that wicked one shall be revealed…” (2 Thess 2:7-8)

The fathers unanimously interpreted that the restrainer involves the loss of the Holy Roman Empire, which restrained heresy.

Indeed. It is no longer “holy” and is turning into a pagan empire where Christianity is mixing with paganism.

And how was this done? Populism.

Rome will lose its effect, as we clearly see from Paul and Isaiah 19 where Christ comes to destroy the pagan idols.

The holiness of the Roman Europe is partially destroyed by Muslims and revolutions from within between Nazi and saint, which we already see brewing the rise of an Alt Right in Europe. The very Holy Roman Empire, many accuse of having been the seat of Antichrist, was the restraining agent, until it is lost to be under the Antichrist.

Luther’s interpretations have been set in reverse of the truth. The Restrainer must be demonstrated to have been active since the time of St. Paul “he who know holdeth” (standing firm) do hold, “until” that is throughout the Church history, until the Antichrist appears, to be an effective agent ‘holding fast’ to the Apostolic Tradition, which is the sole bulwark against the final apostasy must therefore become absent, where the mainstream Church must already have become apostate or fallen into apostasy. So just as it happened at the time of Antiochus Epiphanies, it will also happen in the church, where they will sacrifice to pagan idols. This will continue until Judas Maccabees come (Christ).

Secular society too must experience unprecedented lawlessness and a revolt against all that is godly. The restrainer will be absent from his office, allowing the Rebel Antichrist to launch his rebellion forthrightly in the Church and on the earth.

Lawlessness “mystery of iniquity already worketh,” in the supernatural sense, ‘the spirit of antichrist’ has been working since Christ founded the Church on Peter, making an immediate attack on Peter’s headship.

No human could live long enough to cover a time period which now stretches out over two thousand years except the Papacy, which St. Peter in Galatians 1:18 uses the Grecisised Cephas (Aramaic Kepha) rather than the Greek Petros (Πέτροσ). This is ‘The Rock,” the foundation that is removed out of the way.

This is why Christ called it “Rock”. It is the peg that holds fast the Faith.

II Thessalonians gives the key,  making so clear on how to “stand firm” “stand fast” and remain in the true faith to prevent oneself from falling away. This is so clear in 2 Thessalonians 2:

Therefore, brethren, stand fast; and hold the traditions which you have learned, whether by word, or by our epistle. (2 Thess 2:15)

Is it no wonder why the word “tradition” is so hated by all who say Vatican is Antichrist, when so clearly, as clear as the sun shines, God shines His truth for all to hold fast and avoid the grand deception by holding on to Scripture and Tradition.

Had Turkey’s populist AKP Party led by Erdogan been serious about joining the E.U, they would have reformed Turkey’s human rights record and they would have been welcomed long ago. But reality is that Germany’s populists would like to see a different Europe, just as the neo-Ottomans, would like to see a different Muslim world. And this is exactly what each of these populist movements want, be they German populists, Turkey’s populists or Japan’s populists.

And when all this is fulfilled, all what populism will do, is to take the people on a trip, circling backwards in history, while they are being further stripped, to only return back to the exact starting point, but this time they will be completely naked of all basic rights with no steak to eat.

The populist elites, just like the elites before them, are always up on the balcony, while the multitudes are still in the square way below. If people understood that only one sperm fertilizes the egg, he will cease to be populist. Notice there is only one sperm at the microphone.

This is why Christians need to view God’s strategy. In God’s strategy, the key is to show there is only good versus evil and that there is nothing new under the sun. That it is not always a case of ‘conservative’ versus ‘liberal’. It was conservatives after all, that conspired to kill Jesus Who gave a prophetic example of the good Samaritan over the Pharisee.

Christianity at times, will give latitude to liberals who at times can also expose evil better than many biased conservatives who sold out on single instructions regarding the faith. Beware when someone says that “all media (except theirs) is corrupt” for such vulgar statement is in itself ‘corrupt’.

Christianity is neither right or left, it has a set of pillars and it prohibits removing a single peg lest the whole structure falls.

With Europe’s populism, that one peg is “there is neither Jew nor Greek”.

Thats it.

Populism is not what it claims to be. It has little to do with ‘people’ and more to do with representing a set of values claiming it to be superior to the current values.

Lets get one thing straight, populism is not nationalism or even anti-multiculturalism, for it loves Japan’s imperialist pagan tradition and ancient Egypt’s paganism.

Populism is not going back to heritage as claimed, remember, its a contradiction. Unlike true nationalism, populism claims to be anti-establishment. Reality is it wants a new establishment, with an old set of values predating the history of the nation.

Populism promotes authoritarianism and nativism for it rejects ‘ordinary people of foreign descent’ and formulates demands in the name of ‘the people’ by herding them to believe that the powerless can now become powerful (pride) by simply opposing ‘the elite’.

Therefore, “anti-multiculturalism” is a steak that the masses are swallowing (much more on that next week). So for the New Right, the rebirth of authentic European values, it is only possible if the peoples of the continent go back to their roots by refusing multiculturalism and dropping the Christian values which they claim was imposed upon them.

But turning the crucifix into a cultural symbol serves to detach us from faith, religious practices and their spiritual content.

All the focus on ridding the system of minority rights, emphasizing on nativism, favoring mono-culturalism over multiculturalism, all this ends up with what was already experimented and failed miserably: Nazism, Fascism, Ottomanism, Japanism, Pharaohnism, Nordicism … its all paganism.

And how you can usually recognize them is simple: their apologists will always say that they are not racist. This is usually a sign that they are. So when they trumpet “we are not Nazis,” this is a sign that they are the face of the moderate Nazis, just as the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR are the face of moderate Islamists.

One can usually recognize them by their claims of what they are not.


  • racarrera

    An addendum: few ever talk about the idea that most of this neo-pagan gibberish, outside of well-documented Greco-Roman pantheons, is artificially constructed rubbish that was recorded by Christian writers who wanted to understand the cultures they were bringing to Christ. These nuts have nothing else to go on except these sources from the people they most hate.

    • Thats interesting Racarrera. I was thinking that Egypt is a focal point for these neo-pagans because Egyptology is extensive and to them is not ‘second hand info’ or ‘tainted’.

      My problem is that I never dreamt that the day will come where we have to combat Nazis and Pagans. I mean whats left? Human sacrifices, heart plucking and blood drinking?

      • Taurnil Oronar

        Walid, I seriously doubt there there is anything left.

        If there is any accruacy to this report human sacrafices are more common than being reported. I do seem to recall reading last year about albino Africans being murdered/sacrificed for “medical” usage, though do not recall where I found the info, excluding that report.

        As for heart plucking again IIRC there were some articles about that last year or before highlighting the debasement of the drug cartel leaders in Mexico.

        So again I don’t think there is much left.

        • Christendom

          Great comment!

          I believe it’s already prevalent throughout the West too despite being well hidden and covered up:

        • “albino Africans being murdered/sacrificed for “medical” usage”

          Gosh. I could not get to the link. Does this have to do with racism?

          This brings tears. I hate racism Taurnil. I really really hate racism. Lord have mercy. Lord have mercy.

      • “Human sacrifices, heart plucking and blood drinking?”

        Already happening. Cannibalism has never disappeared and I wouldn’t be shocked to see it roaring back with satanic vengeance. The Mexican narco-witchcraft cult are doing this. I also recall extensive documentation produced by Theo of ISIS committing cannibalism as well.

      • Owen Schumacher

        Right, Walid. Today’s pagans reflexively hate Christianity, Jews, Israel, etc., but respect ancient Egyptian or Greek paganism. Pagans naturally hate the God of Israel, but they’re open to all other false gods. Find the bad guys in the Bible—the Egyptians against the Israelites, the witch of Endor, Simon the sorcerer, the Greeks against the Maccabees—and these are the ones today’s pagans would respect. Nothing in the world is new. As the Apostle Paul says, “What fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness?”

      • racarrera

        I say this because of where the pagan movements are strongest. I deal with this in music, and the most powerful pagan scenes are coming from the Baltics, Belarus, Russia, and even my own maternal ancestral lands of Old Prussia, whose traditions modern pagans are clinging to come from Simon Grunau. He’s literally the ONLY reference to pre-Christian Prussian culture, and he wrote on the subject centuries after the fact. In Iceland, where a pagan temple was built, they only know of their ‘heritage’ through the work of Christian Snorri Sturluson, and not a lot else. It’s dreamland, a product of Romanticism. This is one of the reasons I hate the so-called Enlightenment so much. The West abandoned God, and the vacuum was filled with crap, affecting terribly the culture even into the Church.

        • Стефан Евгений

          Russian Rock is just awful, I can’t take it to me it’s evil.

          • racarrera

            It’s pretty bad, though there are great independent bands and jazz which I deal with.

    • Grandmere

      How many SNAPS can you handle, Rudy?

      • racarrera

        As many as can be made, dear Grandmere!

    • I wonder if we should look at Hagar being the mother of all abominations since she was an Egyptian.

      • racarrera

        I wouldn’t be so harsh on Hagar, simply because she seems to have been grateful to even live. We have no record that I know of about what Ishmael did with his blessing, but that’s where the trail should start.

        • Didn’t a group of people called the Ishmaelites bought and sold Joseph into slavery?

          • Yes. So you better not fall into a well Trevor. And if I (the Ishmaelite) dangle a rope to pull you out, beware even the more 😉

          • The only way I would be in a well is if my brethren betrayed me and tossed me down there!

          • racarrera

            Yes, but it’s seen as a reference to a past group. This is one for Fr. Alexander. It’s a fascinating angle to the topic, Trevor, thanks.

          • Who is Fr. Alexander?

          • racarrera

            My priest. He’s a linguist, has his Ph.D. in Philosophy and was a world-class violinist before he went into the priesthood.

          • I would be interested to hear his take, you have my email.

            On a side note, it also occurred that St. John of Damascus called the Muslim Saracens which means “Sara sent away destitute.” It seem there is again another connection to Ishmael’s offspring.

          • racarrera

            Give me a few days to chat with you. My back is acting up pretty severely again, so writing has been hellish.

          • Sorry to hear that. Hope you get your back checked out for underlying issues.

  • Paul

    Thank you Walid.
    Such a treacherous world we live in can only be navigated by having oil in one’s lamp
    Pray pray pray and read the Holy scriptures every day. Cling to Jesus like velcro.
    Pray for discernment and wisdom continually. God knows how to deliver his people from even the best laid plans of the devil.
    I noticed this in a translation of the book of Jasher regarding the flood of Noah:
    “And all the sons of men who knew the Lord, died in that year before the Lord brought evil upon them; for the Lord willed them to die, so as not to behold the evil that God would bring upon their brothers and relatives, as he had so declared to do.”

  • “All Men (all Divinely Created humanity is) Are Created Equal”

    Amen to that.

  • Tom_mcewen

    I am seriously worried about the mood in America, the democrats has lost their fix on power, which is a drug and have lost the plot, the plot is the Constitution and the peaceful transfer of power. They either intentionally or not pushing the drum beat for assassination of Trump. If Trump is harmed the United States could unwind. There was 3141 counties in the vote, the democrats won 57 the rest to Trump, but in their mind the American people were Betrayed and they actually if properly educated would have voted 3141 counties to zero, this is maddness and danger not to see the mood of public disorder. The 20th cannot come to soon. Looks dangerous as only mad men can.

    • Christendom

      The last man who dared to take on the Federal Reserve Bank was JFK.

      The CIA as far as I can tell is a militant arm of this bank in truth and they were likely involved in the JFK hit (it’s not an area I’ve studied). Trump just today publicly bashed the CIA Director via twitter:

      The last public figure I can recall who locked horns with the CIA was journalist Michael Hastings whose car mysteriously blow up in the middle of the street whilst driving “before” he could publish the “smoking gun” evidence he had in his possession.

      There is no question the American establishment is in the midst of a civil war internally.

      Every American of goodwill needs to hold Trump in his/her prayers.

  • There is “Kurdistan during first world war” but its by Kamal Madhar.

    “امیر ارسلان الأرمن كردستان

    Could not find it. Maybe perhaps its not on the web.

    But it seems we are returning to pre WWI era getting ready for WWIII, maybe in a decade or two, who knows.

    • Lance

      Nimrod . . . “was a hunter of men.”

  • richinnameonly

    “Bullshitism” is rampant today. I must confess to using the variation without the “ism” on many occasions. It’s sophistry, misinformation, disinformation, deceit, and lies, all from the father of the lie, and with a motive to mislead, divert attention, deny responsibility, or gain followers. Our air is thick with it.

  • Bill

    Japan is not even 2% Christian, yet somehow they have the fortitude to keep the Islamists at bay in their nation.

    • infowolf1

      that’s just because of loyalty to their own race and paganism.

  • jmaggief

    Everyone is Anti-Christ who doesn’t believe Jesus is the Son of God. Jews, Muslims, atheists, etc. That is right in the Bible. And St. Paul condemned the Jews who fought him and his message of Christ as the Son of God. I don’t think Jews are going around killing people like Muslims are but since they both disrespect our Lord and don’t follow him please explain how Jews are getting into heaven? They aren’t according to what Christ said. I am a Catholic who follows the Church. And I would like to know why you don’t talk against the Jews who have rejected Christ? Christ even told them to their faces that they follow their father who is the devil and they don’t know His Father! I know God told Abraham that he will bless those who bless him and curse those who curse him but I don’t think St. Paul was cursed when he condemned the Jews who fought him because they rejected Our Lord. All I know is God is not letting the Jews off the hook because they never proclaim His Son as His Son! It is really sickening! And I have never seen any article from you about their rejection of Our Lord!

    • Christendom

      Article contributor Thomas King committed to writing an article on the Scriptural proofs that prove Jesus Christ is in fact the Jewish Messiah of Bible prophesy back on July 1, 2016. He wrote this in response to a message I wrote requesting it, under an old handle ‘MB’ that was since deleted “In light of your suggestion, expect something from me on this topic soon.” Thomas’ message is still there:

      I agree that a piece like this would be an important contribution to’s body of work. As Christians we have been given a duty and responsibility to share the Gospel first to the Jew and then the Gentile.

      In saying that, both Catholic doctrine and Bible prophesy are clear, the Jews as a “collective” will not convert until the end times under miraculous circumstances. In the meantime, there is a balance to be had. I’m disgusted by the mass apostasy of the Gentiles. That doesn’t mean I run around coldly demonising every Gentile as a devil worshiper.

      Christ also said to the Jews on the Cross, this was later than your cited quotation, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.”

      Jew haters love to quote Christ’s harshest words slamming the Jews while entirely ignoring His final words to them on the Cross. This is another tactic that I find “disgusting.”

      • infowolf1

        also they ignore that all the Apostles, Jesus and the first Christians were Jewish, and that before Jesus called the Jews who rejected Him children opf the devil, He affirmed their physical descent from Abraham, so children of the devil is metaphorical.

    • PaulF

      Christ condemned unbelief and so do we, but the story doesn’t end there. The Jews are still subject to biblical prophecy, even in regard to their unbelief, and they will come into the household of faith before the end: ‘I want you to be quite certain brothers of this mystery, to save you from congratulating yourselves on your own good sense: part of Israel had its mind hardened, but only until the gentiles have wholly come in; and this is how all Israel will be saved’ (Romans 11:25,26).
      In condemning unbelief we don’t forget what Israel has done, is doing, and will do for us. We are linked to our elder brothers in faith forever. Without them there would be no Scripture, no prophets, no lawgiver, no Mother of God, no Savior. It was Jesus who said, “Salvation is of the Jews” (John 4:22).
      ‘For verily he took not on him the nature of angels, but he took on him the seed of Abraham’ (Hebrews 2:16).
      We turn against our own salvation if we turn against the Jews.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    Great articulation of this massive, subversive threat to the world – so many tentacles to watch. As the Jewish rabbis had taught – likewise will it be with The Church. – the ancient rabbis taught that the rock that the Temple was built on (a literal rock) capped the entrance, the gate, if you will, to the Abyss – and if that stone was ever moved that the Gates to the Abyss would be opened – now the statement of Jesus to Peter, the Rock that He would built His Church on. I.e., ” the Gates of he’ll would not prevail…” are given their Jewish bsckground, hence, it’s true meaning – Peter’s osdified bones literally lie underneath St. Peters.

  • Dan

    The greatest is, God uses those leaders such as Cyrus. On election day so many of us prayed for our country that our Lord would deliver us as he promised. 2 Chronicles 7:14 If my people, who are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. Against all odds our Lord delivered. Many of us did all this. Many of us turned from our wicked ways, we see are nation going down the tubes and Satan having his reign. Donald Trump maybe as Cyrus. He is everything but perfect but there is a divine calling. We will be one of the 7 witnesses to chase the Antichrist to the pit of hell as you Walid my brother stated. God bless America and he is healing this land.

    • Love your optimism Dan. But what does your horse think? Does he think trump is a Cyrus? If Balaam’s donkey spoke, maybe Dan’s horse can as well 😉

      • Dan

        Haha. He does the neigh, whinny or a bray so I can’t quite make understand except he does the neigh when he sees his girl. I would be much surprised if he did the Mr. Ed thing.

        Your piece of writing was very well thought out and said.

        I trust our Lord that he has a hand in leading our country back. It has drifted so far away from the Lord so I think he allowed us suffer. I hope and pray Trump appoints judges to the SCOTUS to do away with the baby murder they call “abortion”. I hope that those judges will reverse the decision of allowing sodomites to marry as well. I believe than it will be when the Lord starts to bless us again.

        • I don’t know Dan, but I sure would not want to argue with a musketeer riding on a horse and tell them that this “Trump Cyrus thing” might have to “wait and see”.

          P.S: now don’t dismount and start a sword fight 😉 I am unarmed.

          • Dan

            Brother Walid I have no quarrels with you. It is amazing how you’ve brought me around to understanding the prophesies. I hope to ride next to you on our great white horses in the Army of our Lord taking vengeance against those who have the blood of the saints on their hands.

  • Remember, every error in interpreting creates NORE error.

    “Please your mind’s eye, place the Apostles as the Restraint”.

    If you believe the “apostles” were the restraint, then:

    1-The man of sin was already there after the apostles
    2-Jesus failed to build His church for you cannot name me a single Christian who was not Catholic from 100 AD – 1500 AD

    St. Bellarmine’s refutation to all who declared ‘apostasy’ and ‘Antichrist’ prematurely was even specifically addressed by Paul who prophetically foreknew that such phenomenon would arise. To St. Bellarmine, Second Thessalonians 2 is key to solving all controversies dealing with heresies and is why its etched the way its etched in Scripture. Most end-times enthusiasts today skim through the chapter to argue rapture theories. But the chapter itself is all prophetic, as every single verse in scripture is “God breathed” (prophetic) where Paul calls such claimers who prematurely pronounce the Antichrist as “deceivers”:

    “Let no man deceive you by any means: for unless there come a revolt first, and the man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition”

    “Let no man deceive you by any means” means just what it says, that there will arise genius sophists, who will deceive many, proclaiming who the man of sin is, and that the Day of the Lord is at hand. But Paul warns that we ought not be alarmed until the apostasy “revolt comes first” and that whoever misses pointing the Antichrist are themselves deceivers. Paul warns of sophists “Let no man deceive you” and “by any means” these spin artists proclaim who the Antichrist is; Antichrist will not come UNTIL “there come a revolt first“. This renders these sophists as deceivers of the camp of the workers of iniquity whom we see so many today. Ever wonder why in Matthew 7:23 such prophecy deceivers tell Jesus: “Lord! Lord! We prophesied in your name” and Christ says “I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!”

    In fact, these heretics who come to Jesus were part of that very “revolt” which is the great falling away or the great apostasy of the church. The context is so clear “revolt” must come first “and” with it, is the man of sin revealed, both together “and the man of sin be revealed” making the Antichrist the causer of this revolt.

    Has such “revolt” happened when Constantine supposedly ‘paganized the Church’ during the fourth century as many today claim? No past historical theory works, therefore Constantine is innocent regardless of whatever claims these sophists slander Constantine with.

    Scripture has the clue. Even a close look at the rest of the verses makes it even clearer:

    And then [when the falling away happens] that wicked one shall be revealed whom the Lord Jesus shall kill with the spirit of his mouth; and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming, him, Whose coming is according to the working of Satan, in all power, and signs, and lying wonders … (2 Thess 2:8-9)

    “And then that wicked one shall be revealed”? This “then” comes right immediately after the great apostasy.

    But this extremely essential chapter brings another major factor: the Church. So long that we do not have the Antichrist, therefore the true church has not yet fallen into apostasy. The text means exactly what it says, that these Antichrist proclaimers are themselves deceivers, followers of the spirit of Antichrist because these falsely accused the true church which has not fallen yet.

    Continuing in reading the chapter reveals that such warning was so crucial that Paul emphasized:

    “That you be not easily moved from your sense, nor be terrified, neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by epistle, as sent from us, as if the day of the Lord were at hand. Let no man deceive you by any means“.

    Why would Paul warn of a spirit (demonic uttering) as in “God told me” or “word” or even “epistle” as in a false apocryphal gospels, insisting “let no man deceive you by any [of these] means”?

    The emphasis by St. Paul on “an epistle as sent from us” was prophetically referring to such deceptions arising in the future after St. Paul’s departure. One example is when John Wycliffe made the first english translation for the false Gospel of Nicodemus promoted by Wycliffe and by the heretical Bogomils and the Cathars who also taught all sorts of heresy, yet these are still supported today by the very Rapture Ready crowd. Therefore, these who deceived for centuries saying that the revolt has come are completely apostatized since they are “deceivers” who accused the true church of being apostate.

    St. Robert Bellarmine, he argues that if the Roman Empire lost territory, indeed, it would be to the spirit of Antichrist:

    the Roman See little by little lost Africa, the greater part of Asia and all of Greece; in our own times they [protestants] cry out that Antichrist is raging, yet all his affairs go so well that he [the pope supposedly being the Antichrist] has lost a great part of Germany, Sweden, Norway, all Denmark, a good part of England, France and Switzerland, Bohemia and part of the Balkans. Therefore, if things going well is a mark of Antichrist, it is not the Pope, who has lost so many provinces, but Luther, who by preaching carnal freedom has seduced so many people and for whom things go so well that from a private monk he became Prophet of the whole of Germany and just as the Pope evades it, he [Luther] rightly can be called Antichrist. Nevertheless, continue.

    All this schism and disaster for simply misinterpreting II Thessalonians II. St. Bellarmine sarcastically argues that the rise of Islam and the loss and weakening of Europe, should be fairly switched to Luther as being the Antichrist, not the Pope.

    Therefore, what the Roman empire loses as far as territory, or as far as churches, it loses to what is to become Antichrist. Where a falling away and dwindling of members happen, they are consumed by a schism. The dwindled therefore are the truth, while the increase, puffed through leaven, are of Antichrist. Where slander is abundant and the slandered responds little, the slanderer is towards Antichrist. This is true no matter how many psych themselves through deception to believe most of the modern works regarding Antichrist.

    And besides Lactantius, St. Ambrose (340 A.D – 397 A.D), speaking on 2 Thess., says that Antichrist is going to come after the disappearance of the Roman Empire. St. Jerome, explaining the same citation of St. Paul says:

    “Christ will not come unless first there will be such a dissension that all the nations which now are subject to the Roman Empire will recede from it and unless the Roman Empire will already have been made desolate and thus Antichrist precede him.”

    This “dissension” is the splitting from Rome receding from the Catholic union. These fathers predicted exactly what would happen way before Luther.

  • Ceirwyn

    Rule # 1: Yep. That’s why we don’t have a democracy in the US. We have a republic with democratic bits. Or as I like to say, no politician ever has your interest at heart; you are just meat for the machine.

    Rule # 2: At this point, every change is moving us one step closer. If the devil wants someone to appear as a false savior, he has to make us unhappy enough to want one who will appeal to our sin nature.

    Also, Steve Bannon knows his stuff, unlike the MSM in the US. He’s their punishment and will be a source counteracting the MSM propaganda. Brilliant move on Trump’s part; pitting two enemies at each other to force more honest coverage and actual news to come out. The American MSM has need a swift kick in the rear for decades.

    Rule # 3: I don’t think the majority are doing this to counter Christianity, though clearly, some people are. I do think countering is going to be the result of unbridled populism. Truth isn’t very popular, and common sense is rare.

    People are reacting to evil that the leaders everywhere are failing to deal with, and populism is the masses weapon to tear down that corruption. It doesn’t usually workout as a good solution to fixing the problem, but that’s humans for you; tolerate evil until you can’t stand it, then tear everything down and scream about it. The only real way out of this is God and realizing you need to act to counter the evil.

    That being said, NATO and lots of older stuff does need to be questioned. The world does changes, and not everything that once worked will keep doing so. The scary part is how everyone accepts everything without asking “Is this working? Why am I doing this?”.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    You and your evil watchtower organization are ANTICHRIST.

  • And? Why should the only topic be about Muslims cutting my head off?