Speech to Hungarian Government on Christian Persecution by Executive Director of Rescue Christians

Transcript of Speech to Hungarian government organized conference on Christian Persecution

Good Morning everyone

I would like to thank the Hungarian government for holding this conference and inviting us to speak and explain more about our work.

Let me give you a quick back ground on who we are and why we started Rescue Christians back in the summer of 2009 less than 7 years ago. Our charity was originally set up in 2004 to educate the world on the issues of Islamic terrorism and fundamentalist Islam. My colleague and co-founder is Walid Shoebat who himself was a former Muslim PLO terrorist who renounced his terrorist past, converted to Christianity and as repentance advocated for his former enemy. God has a sense of humor, he puts a Jew and former PLO terrorist to save Christians. This is not unusual for the great God we serve if we look at the story of Moses and the story of Paul from the Bible.

In 2009 we received a message regarding a case of blasphemy in Pakistan that needed assistance. The person in question was on the run and needed a hiding place as well as assistance to leave the country. At that time we had no experience or contacts in Pakistan to help so we called all the organizations that were meant to be touting themselves as people who were helping the persecuted. To our shock and disgust not one these organizations had any interest in helping, so we decided to start an Organization, which exclusively helps, rescue Christians.

In the last 6 years [we] Rescue Christians has helped or saved about 11,000 people. We are proud of this achievement but it is a drop in the bucket of the problem that faces the Judeo Christian world.

Over these last 7 years God has blessed our mission especially in Pakistan where hundreds of Christians have been falsely accused for committing Blasphemy against Muhammad. We were the only Organization who has successfully rescued persecuted Christians in Pakistan. In the last two years we have liberated and rescued thousands of Christian Slaves from the infamous Kiln factories.

In the thirteen and half years our charity has existed our co founder Mr. Shoebat has reached hundreds of millions of people in the media in the USA and around the world, warning and explaining to the public of the major threat of the Islamic supremacists. Mr. Shoebat’s message of warning concerning the threat of fundamentalist Islam has been accepted by the average informed person of the public, who wishes to inform themselves of the truth, but up to now has been largely ignored by the Western governments because of political correctness and the brain washed masses who hear about the peacefulness of Islam from our main stream media and elected officials. In fact the political correctness is a much bigger problem than the Islamists, as by not accepting the truth of what our enemy is we allow ourselves to be attacked and killed with no real push back to the enemy. Prior the start of World War 2 the dangers of Hitler and Nazism were recognizable but our reluctance to take on the bully only gained steam when the Nazi threat was too great to ignore. Today the threat to the West from Islam is still at the 1930s stage. Most recognize the problem but because of political correctness are unwilling to confront what is really Nazism but this time has a religious twist, which creates the pc nonsense we have to endure.

Ironically the 500,000 Hungarian Jews who perished in the Holocaust have a major link both to the Nazis and the Islamists. For those, that have not heard about this let me explain: Hitler suggested that the Hungarian Jews leave Hungary and go to Israel (The Palestine Mandate at that time) but Haj Amin Husseini who was the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, a founding member of the modern Muslim Brotherhood and a major confidant and ally of Hitler, sent a letter to the Nazi government of Germany telling them not to allow the Jews to go to The Palestine Mandate. It should also be noted that Haj Amin Husseini also founded and supplied soldiers to two Bosnian divisions of the Nazi SS. We know what happened after that; 500,000 Jews were gassed in Auschwitz as a direct result of the intervention of Haj Amin Husseini, an infamous Islamist and the inspiration to the pro Palestine movement of today.

As I just said we are today at the 1930s period with the Nazis. The Jews were the first major victims of the Nazis with discrimination and persecution culminating with the Holocaust. When Israel was founded in 1948 all Jews were expelled from most Muslim countries, I say this because if they were still living in these countries based on what is happening to the Christians today, the Jews would probably be suffering even greater atrocities than the Christians. The proof is clear as when Daniel Pearl a Jewish journalist working for the Wall Street Journal was captured in Pakistan by Al Qadea, he was decapitated in front a camera for the world to see. The common cry from the Islamists which is well documented in the Middle East is, The Saturday people first, the Sunday people next.” The leader of Hezbollah Hassan Nassrallah stated, “If Jews all gather in Israel, it will save us the trouble of going after them worldwide.” So the Islamists equally mark the Jews and the Christians for destruction.
Another great irony of this great meeting in Budapest is that this is the city where Raoul Wallenberg worked feverishly to save hundreds of thousands of Jews in the last year of World War Two. Much of the work we do to save Christians is based on his example, ingenuity and courage. I had the privilege yesterday of visiting the memorial to him at the great synagogue to this hero who tragically did not survive the war.

Let me be crystal clear that the goal of Islam is to eradicate Jews and Christians either by forced conversion or murder. This has not changed in the 1400-year history of Islam. Eastern Europe is well aware of this history and this is why I am probably standing in Budapest today because you and a few other Eastern European countries know the history and have directly felt the scourge of the Islamic imperial desires. The European defense from this threat goes back to the Middle Ages.

The Christians amount to 100 million people as minorities in Muslim majority countries, they are marked for destruction, just as the Jews were marked for destruction in Nazi occupied Europe. There were 9 million Jews in Europe in 1939 after the war there were only three million left alive. Based on this statistic it is very likely that between 50 and 70 million Christians will die if we do not awaken from our political correctness. We can pontificate, we can argue, but we cannot ignore the predicament of the short and long term goal of the Islamist lead by Erdogan the leader of Turkey, to annihilate the Judea Christian culture of the West. The newest holocaust has already begun my friends, the question is will the European governments recognize the problem in time, in order to rescue and defend their brothers. If they allow the holocaust to continue and only when the Islamists become a big enough threat to Europe and the United States i.e when Europe and the USA suffer major attacks that will kill many thousands of people they will only react then in a way that the allies reacted after Hitler invaded Poland. By the time that major attack happens already millions of Christians will have been murdered and the rest of the tens of millions left will be left to the slaughterhouses of Islam. History shows that during Islamic conquests 250 million people were butchered, in India alone about 100 million Hindus were butchered over a hundred year period in the fifteenth and sixteenth century who here has heard of the Baburnama massacres. The skulls of millions of Hindus used as walls for fortresses. Even the Aremenian genocide, which also included the butchery of over 500,000 Greek orthodox and 700,000 Chaldean Christians with an approximate total of 3 million people murdered by the Ottoman Turks before and during World War One. So please no one come up to me after and say this will never happen. It has happened, and it continues to happen anywhere and everywhere Islam has political power and they rule over a non-Muslim population.

Our organization is the only one that specializes in rescuing people. The time for documentation is not over but the time for acting to save our brethren has arrived. I implore the Hungarian government to work with us to help save as many of the hundred million people in need of assistance. We recognize that Hungary is a small country with limited resources but they can do much not only with their limited resources but they can influence other countries in Europe and around the world to take action to save hundred of thousands. We are a tiny organization yet we have helped or saved nearly 12,000 people. It requires a will and purpose, with many obstacles that need to be overcome with a will and determination that was fought to defeat Nazism in World War 2. Raoul Wallenberg was one man with a few courageous assistants and he saved 100,000 people. This time we need more than a few people in order to save millions of people.

Let us start to plan today the Greatest Rescue Mission in History. Thank you for your time and blessings to you all.