What The Media Is Not Telling You: Turkey Is Not Fighting ISIS. Turkey Is Using ISIS To Bring In The Islamic Grand Caliphate And The Islamic Empire That Will Begin The Greatest Slaughter Of Christians

By Walid Shoebat

Is Turkey cleaning northern Syria from all the ISIS cockroaches? This is what Erdogan is saying. If this is true, we must then find a ton of dead roaches, right?


People talk of fake media, but how about a fake war with no real media exposing it?

If you plug “Syrian Army” “ISIS” and “corpses” on google images, you will find truckloads of ISIS corpses, videos of assassinations, atrocities and tons of civilian casualties. The war between ISIS and the Syrian army was real, serious, and you will find oodles of evidence to prove it.

But when you try to search the war declared by Turkey against ISIS in the so-called operation Euphrates Shield you come up empty handed; no photos of corpses of combatants from either side, no photos civilian casualties, no images of beheadings of POWs, no photos of women crying over their dead loved ones … nothing, zip.

Go ahead, try plugging “Euphrates Shield”  “ISIS” and “Corpses” in google and you will find no corpses of any ISIS casualties, no civilian casualties, no beheadings of POWs, no women crying over their dead loved ones … nothing, zip.

Even if I tried it in Arabic searching for ISIS killed by Turkey’s Euphrates Shield (داعش جثث درع الفرات) and I find nothing, zip, no dead ISIS  or living ISIS cockroaches. They simply vanished.

If I tried to find in Arabic “Syrian Army” and ISIS corpses, I instantly find tons of photos of stinking dead ISIS cockroaches scattered throughout the valleys, hills and meadows.

I took my problem to our friends at the Right Scoop and they too spent some time looking to find corpses of any ISIS fighters killed by Turkey’s operation Euphrates Shield and they only could find one photo and one video. At 2:05, the supposed body has no blood, not even a scratch, and the corpse even shaved its own beard which is very unusual since Islam and ISIS especially prohibits shaving the beards.

But what about civilian casualties. Even with air raids, a ton of photos always surfaced showing dead civilian Kurds when Turkey bombed them. ISIS’s Amaq media, was not shy in showing civilian casualties during their war with Syria, Russia and the U.S. But when it comes to Turkey, we only found one video of ISIS exposing atrocities committed against ‘Muslim’ civilians ‘woman and children’ with couple of bodies claiming it was committed by Euphrates Shield. The Turkish killing of ISIS must have been so merciful that ISIS were thanking Allah five times a day. I don’t even find any footage of the regular ISIS prisoners of war we used to see daily from Syria. Nothing. But when Russia bombed ISIS, it wasn’t only ISIS that cried foul about civilian casualties, the whole world was up-in-arms.

Okay, you might think that Turks kills by their kisses, and perhaps they are shy from showing dead bodies as trophies of war. Here, you find them, not shy of dragging bodies of Kurdish fighters:

View image on Twitter

However, you do find a ton of reports claiming casualties, but when you review these reports, all you see are photo ops, zero casualties and a group of supposed fighters entering ghost towns while smoke bellows from some empty hill.


Euphrates Shield after supposedly a massive battle near Al-Bab against ISIS

Even the videos, if you spend a few days searching, you only find Euphrates Shield entering what seems to be ghost towns with the typical smoke bellowing from some hill. Click here and try it yourself. I found several new videos speaking of Turkish media releases on ISIS ‘gigantic losses’ where they report scores of dead bodies, yet not one body can be found in a photo, nothing but entering ghost towns and a few shots here and there aimed at what seems to be Casper the ghost.

Even the air raids, you find the typical bombing of nothing but empty installations with roofless buildings which looks like cattle barns. Here is one where Turkey claims they killed 1,518 ISIS fighters, without providing a single photo of any bodies or anything of value inside these structures. They are all empty. Stop the video at 00:06 and tell me what do you see inside this supposed ISIS installation:

Its the typical reports, in their takeover of Al-Bab from ISIS, the camera is ready, Euphrates Shield shoots a few bullets and when the camera rolls for the interview, the shooting miraculously stops “here we took Al-Bab from ISIS” the fighter says, and then a convoy passes by from Al-Bab just at the right time.

I recall air raid videos, where the U.S. were hunting ISIS through night vision and they kill every roach running or hiding where they trace them from the body heat. Yet with this Euphrates Shield, the cockroaches vanished and only the empty roach motels are being raided by roach bombs.

This is Paliwood on steroids.

And our claim is not without merit. ISIS is simply handing over villages to other Islamist gangs allied to Turkey which previous reliable reports from Middle Eastern sources reveal:

… the footage that are recorded in the region refute the claims of Turkey and state that there is an extensive military deployment in the region as opposed to an operation. ISIS gangs are reported to have evacuated 4 villages and handed them over to gangs affiliated with Turkey …

Indeed. In all the footages we see simply reveal “explosions on empty hills”. The same reports reveal that:

“ISIS gangs have been crossing from Jarablus to Turkey in groups of 10-15 arriving at Turkey then were given different uniforms and sent back to Jarablus, and emphasized that Turkey’s operation was a mise en scene”.

ISIS Caliphate, is simply back in circulation to serve Turkey’s Caliphate.

It is no secret that Turkey looked the other way when their Hatay airport was used as an ISIS hub. ISIS back in September 2015, recognized when many of their their fighters began to flee to Europe, issued a statement that according to the Quran:

“and if they abandoned [Jihad], Allah will exchange you for other people and they will not be like you” (Q 47:38).

In other words, it is permissible in Islam to allow other Muslim nationalities to replace the Arab Muslims when they flee.

So we have evidence to show the full circle.

Therefore, ISIS found the excuse. There is no problem for Caliph Al-Baghdadi to allow an exchange of ISIS by Euphrates Shield under grand Caliph to be Erdogan. This way instead of a minor Caliphate in the Levant we will soon see the grand Caliphate.

Now the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said on Sunday that after taking control of al-Bab, Turkish troops and Free Syrian Army forces will continue on to Manbij and Raqqa in northern Syria. Heck, he even claimed northern Iraq as well.

“We have been trying to cleanse the region of terrorists. Al-Bab is almost finished. Manbij and Raqqa are next. Al-Bab is not our final target. Our final target is to clear the region of Daesh [Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL)]. The real center of Daesh is Raqqa,” Erdoğan said during a press conference at Istanbul Atatürk Airport before departing for a trip to Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Erdoğan said Turkish troops and Syrian rebel allies have entered the ISIS-held al-Bab, adding that its capture was “just a matter of time.”

What he truly means is that video you watched from Al-Bab: Turkeywood emulating Paliwood.

“Our target is to create a four to five thousand-square-kilometer terrorist-free zone. By creating a safe area we want to stop the flow of refugees and asylum seekers, and by establishing settlement areas we want to return people living in camps in Turkey to their land,” added Erdoğan, stating that he has already “shared Turkey’s plan to establish new cities in the area with US President Donald Trump and other coalition forces including Germany”.

With the U.S, parties change, but foreign policy doesn’t. Germany of course will support Turkey.

Since 2015, we maintained that Turkey will replace ISIS:

“the United States will clear the runway for the Ottomans to set its foot in Syria as a peacekeeping force just as the United States cleared the runway for Iran to encroach into Iraq and become the peacekeeping force there.”

Any doubts? And it seems that everything is going according to plan and prediction. ISIS is Turkey’s bastard child. ISIS destroyed all shrines, except “Turkish shrines were off limits”. Its flag “Muhammad is Messenger of Allah” was brought from a replica of Muhammad’s signet ring at the museum of Topkapi in Istanbul Turkey.




“The bulk amount of weapons, according to reports and investigations and according to Resolution 2170 came from Turkey.”

We said it back in 2014, three years ago, that “ISIS serves as a dismantling machine of all secular regimes to prepare the runway for the soon emerging grand Caliph Erdogan” and Erdogan it is, as we stated, not the U.S. or Russia or the U.N. When the world said Erdogan was on his way out during the so-called coup, we opposed every media and stated that he is on his way in, permanently. Any doubting Thomas?

So let us tell you what will happen. Erdogan will now have his territory in Syria that they call “buffer zone” to “help dismantle the Syrian regime in order to advance the grand Caliphate agenda of Erdogan.”

Many claimed Isaiah 17, the destruction of Damascus was at hand and we said “not yet”, this will only happen after Turkey takes over.

And later in 2014, we stated: “Turkey is currently experiencing what Europe went through prior to Germany’s nazification when Hitler promised not invade the Sudetenland (annexation of Czechoslovakia’s northern and western border regions) when in reality the plan was the incorporation of the Sudetenland into Nazi Germany. Likewise, Turkey’s plan is the incorporation of Syria and Iraq and later Egypt and North Africa into the greater Turkish plan. This will fulfill Daniel 11, but first they need to complete the mission and reverse what Sykes Picot established when Great Britain, France and Russia fragmented the Ottoman Empire.”

When it comes to prophecy, it takes time, have patience.

Back in 2014, we predicted the master plan:

“Turkey needs the ISIS to dismantle nationalistic governments then to later consume them to create its Sunni Axis and its Ottoman dream. Turkey’s master plan is to eventually sacrifice someone in its little ISIS pawn in order to declare itself as the supreme Caliphate taking all under its neo-Ottoman umbrella which will also include an alliance with Iran. Turkey’s brilliant plan is that it needs ISIS to dismantle the Levant while using wealthy Arabs who support ISIS to aid the Caliphate cause, while using the very ISIS to even turn on the Arabs themselves. Turkey then will execute a double-whammy plan using its non-Wahhabist Sufi version of Islam that is neutral towards Shiite Iran, to unite both Sunni and Shiite forces to finally bring about peace amongst Muslims in the region and by this self-fulfilling the Islamic view that a Mahdi will come and bring 7 years of peace after 7 years of turmoil.”

And “consume them [ISIS]” they did, just as we stated. It wasn’t Russia or the U.S. that got the credit, it was all given to Erdogan.

The catastrophe of the Arab Spring began in 2011. That, plus seven years, puts us in 2018, right in time for Erdogan to likely state that he ended the seven years turmoil after he takes over the mantle of Turkey under his new presidential system.

So if you think ISIS did horrific killings of Christians, which in reality Turkey is behind it, and by blaming the West for the death of half million Muslims during that war, which he is not completely wrong (the West supported the Arab Spring), wait till you see what is coming for revenge against the Christian populations where “I saw the martyrs who were beheaded …” is fulfilled.

“Turkey is simply returning to its Ottoman colonial region to re-develop a new relationship model with Arabs, Kurds, Iran or whoever else is in the region. President Vladimir Putin’s Russia is in reality Tsarist Russia wanting his previous imperial map turned to the Ukraine and south Caucasus and it too is aggressively intervening in the Mediterranean and the Middle East through Syria. Iran too is different compared to the 1979 revolution. Today we see a new Persian expansion from Yemen to Lebanon and lastly to Syria. The two rising powers of what used to be Greece (The Leopard) and Persia (The bear) in Revelation 13 will in few years come out of the “Great Sea” (Daniel 7:2) which is the Mediterranean sea (region).”

ISIS, Turkey’s pawn has been sacrificed.

And to rebuild its relations with the Kurds of Iraq, Turkey has officially entered Iraq and is currently working through the Nujaifis and the Barzanis in establishing its own sphere of influence in northern Iraq.

Yet in 2015, when we said that the “Kurds are not your friends“, you hailed stones at us calling us the enemy. Now the Kurds are kissing up to Erdogan. Muslims of the same feather flock together (even after they kill each other).

The Nujaifis are led by Osama Abdul Aziz al-Nujaifi who is initiating a new pro-Turkey Sunni party separate from the the pro-Iran Shiite government. Turkey is also using the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) which  maintains close economic ties with Turkey. So by that Turkey has an entry point into northern Iraq to carve a Sunni-stan, to stop what they fear as the rising Russian-Iranian-Syrian axis.

Turkey Backing ISIS for 'Neo-Ottoman' foreign policy: Israeli Prof.

It always starts with every sect wanting a piece of the pie. The coalition is called The Iraqi-American-Kurdish-Iranian offensive to capture Mosul, which Turkey joined by approval from the U.S. (as we said will happen) is in reality the The Iraqi-American-Kurdish-Iranian-Turkish offensive to supposedly oust ISIS. In reality, Turkey allows Sunni ISIS to smuggle itself to Syria to re-join back into circulation as Free Syrian Army. It is the war that never was.

In Iraq’s battle for Mosul, they claim to rid the world from the ISIS roaches while replacing them with Shiite pests. The Kurds in Iraq (who are allying with Turkey) will not remain a western ally. The Kurds and the Turks will always use Western democracy for a ride until this vehicle takes them to the next stop: Islamic tyranny where Turkey will consume the whole pie. Lesson learned is that when it comes to Middle East, Americans should keep silent and listen to the Christian voices from the east and quit picking on our English spelling and grammar. In the street vendors market, we know falafel, you know hamburgers. Therefore, stop trying to make Hummus. We are the Falafel King.




  • Darren Neufeldt

    So will this 7 years of peace after the 7 years of turmoil be the famous treaty that everyone is always talking about and waiting for? Or am I putting things here that shouldn’t be?

    Also, just wanted to say thanks for the easy to understand article.

    • “So will this 7 years of peace after the 7 years of turmoil be the famous treaty that everyone is always talking about and waiting for?”

      No. It could jump later at an appointed time.

      • Darren Neufeldt

        Thank you, I thought so, but my brain was stumbling on the statement.

  • I suppose I’m one of the few people who is willing to listen while chewing on hamburger. Back in August 13, I wrote a blog post that exposed how Erdogan is already being worshiped as a savior where “he healed a wound” (an allusion to the so-called July 15 coup which, in reality, was engineered by Erdogan and his stooges to push through his political agenda to replace the secularized, westernized democracy with Islamic caliphate system).

    Turkey has been under a constant state of emergency which have been renewed two or three times already (renewed every 3 months) under the guise of “purging Gulenist Network”.

    As soon as I saw reports circulating on social media that Turkey has entered al-Bab, I knew it was not to purge the area of terrorism (read: the Kurds) or to create a “safe zone” as Erdogan claimed, but simply to give Erdogan the excuse to begin the territory take over of lands lost thanks to the Sykes-Picot and subsequent treaties that redrew the maps after the Treaty of Lausanne. By the way, one of the most interesting tidbits is how Japan were party to witnessing the transference and end of the Ottoman Empire, allying with the West before WWII, but I digress.

    Speaking of those who continue to munch on burgers, The Conservative Treehouse trumpeted the turn-around policy of Saudi Arabia’s agreement to finance the so-called safe zone. I was utterly aghast at what the author was saying. It seem to me the author is utterly clueless that by having the Saudis finance the safe zone, they are only going to further indoctrinate and breed more Wahabbist-allied terrorism, the very beast ISIS is. Second, the author is not looking at the situation of the Middle East through prophecy lens, but through a pure economic leverage prism, that is secular lens, claiming that it shows Trump’s prowess of his reputation of economic leverage.

    Reality is, America is already in check. Russia is going to lose its bishop (Assad) thanks to our idiotic government and intelligence services who still don’t get it. Iran is going to get their nukes and happily send them toward Saudi Arabia as revenge for the destruction of the Ottoman Empire, for its betrayal of Islam through a puritanical interpretation of Islam, and because God wills it in order for His mystery to finally be revealed and finished.

    The devil doesn’t realize he is about to lose his queen, that is the unholy city of Mecca, and for a short time, he will have Jerusalem as his target, knowing that through anti-Jewish factions within the Church will give their blessings as nations rush to remove the Jews…

    Sorry, I’m rambling…

    • Darren Neufeldt

      By reading what Walid wrote and what you and others write, I realize that I am in company that is much wiser and more intelligent than I.

      Though I retain some to much of the information depending on the day, the path from my brain to my mouth and hands remains blocked.

      • Well, I give Walid plenty of credit. It was his discussion of the Sykes-Picot that spurred my interest and began to do academic research in the Sykes-Picot. Once I was able to see more from an eastern view, pieces of the puzzles began to fall into place. As you may have discerned, the Sykes-Picot is a favorite subject of mine. 🙂

        • RodK1975

          Sykes-Picot… ;-))

          • Grandmere

            Funny how he gets that little gleam in his eye whenever he hears the words Sykes-Picot.

          • Kamau41

            Oh, we know he does.

    • “Reality is, America is already in check. Russia is going to lose its bishop (Assad) thanks to our idiotic government”

      Which “idiotic government” are you speaking of, Obama or Trump?

      P.S: I still have an extra crucifix for the crowds to hang the next victim.

      • Obama was in cahoots with Erdogan. Trump, unfortunately, is dealing with agents of the Muslim Brotherhood in the intelligence services. While I’m not privy to what Trump receives daily in his briefings, I suspect he isn’t given the whole truth of what’s going on.

        • racarrera

          We’re watching this play out. I have a feeling John Brennan is the linchpin to all these leaks.

          • Grandmere


          • Kamau41

            Yes. No doubt!

          • I think so too, and Clapper too.

  • Flame blue

    Yes, l know what Erdogan is up to! He established and supported the fake Caliphate and Caliph Abu Bakker to do the dirty work of cleansing those areas of the Middle East of Christians and Yazidies, then when the massacres end, Abu Bakker and his bogus Caliphate will disappear, dissolve, the Isis trash just go back to the countries they came from, deny they were part of Isis, or claim they worked making beds, saw the errors of the ways of Isis, and came home. Erdogan comes in after these other religionists are gone,including Shias, establishes a real Caliphate which Muslims all over the World will submit to, with Erdogan the Caliph. The Muslims shout out this is a peaceful Caliphate, the Western leaders declare Erdogan as a peaceful man with clean hands, a Turkish leader who fought evil Isis, and the West welcomes peaceful Erdogan. More than likely he plays a peaceful role of Caliph, fooling Europe, America, Canada, Australia, etc, for a few years, then he starts to dictate what those countries should do, in terms of appeasing Muslims. If he goes too far with his demands and the Western leaders say ” woe”, that’s when Erdogan will get aggressive! Erdogan will show the muslim infected populated non Muslim countries, that he can and will command Muslims to rise up in violence. A few tests, bombs, etc to intimidate to prove his power and authority and at that point, he intimidates the non muslim leadership to submit to his authority, which in order to minimise their persecution, the persecution of their non Muslim people, they will do!

    At that point Caliph Erdogan gains more power to Islamophy the Western nations completely. He becomes all powerful. Atheist leaders will become fawning over him, then become Muslims, and this will be seen by their indigenous people as setting an example which they should wisely follow. Many Westerners, even cowardly Christians or luke warm Christians will shift over to Islam at that stage. We will then witness a major percentage of Muslims forming a Sharia Government, and the West will then be Islamic. This will mean that those who resist Islam or becoming muslim will be at the mercy of those who are Islamic. Major deaths of Christians will follow on those who insist on believing that Jesus was crucified, was risen is their Saviour, is the divine son of God, and God.

    Roman Catholics will be killed first because they will be accused of worshipping statues in their churches. Other Christians will be killed a little later accused of worshipping Jesus. That’s how it will go, even though the Christians embraced Chrislam in an attempt to be respectful to Islam because they were too afraid when compromised to say Allah isn’t God and Muhammad wasn’t God’s messenger! Naturally, if Christians say that they will be killed.

    I totally believe Walid is right about Turkey and Erdogan. We are probably looking at Erdogan being the evil one who will take Jerusalem, and Rome! Jesus does indicate in happens quickly, not long years of suffering, but one generation will see all these things, not multiple generations.

    Within a few years after Erdogan becomes Caliph, he will be killing millions of Christians in the West, and Jews in Israel, but eventually he is stopped. When he is captured, they people who said ” who can fight against him” will be saying ” look at him, he was just a man” or words similar. That’s my take on it!

    • The question is will Erdogan be the man? We must allow for some latitude. He could be the one or he might usher in another. So we must wait.

      • Flame blue

        He could bring in another but l think our generation are going to see it start and end. Good article Walid, bad what’s coming. We must pray much!

  • infowolf1

    Kurds are very divided some hate the Barzani clan and leadership as corrupt and for their friendship with turkey. This situation couild change.Another problem is that Iraqi kurds still have a sizeable islamist presence and an islamist political party while in the Syrian branch most of this is gone. the anti tribalism attitude of the SyrianKurds is probably one of the reasons the Iraqi kurds are often at odds with them.

    • Juan

      As Walid says Turks, Kurds of every faction, Iranian, Arabs, Northern Africans and all Muslims are absolutely thirsty of a Mahdi and they will eventually unite against Christendom, no matter if they kill each other today… tomorrow they will be brothers and will be against Jesuchrist and Christians. In Gibraltar people eat paniza, that is a Maltese version of falafel. 😉

  • Juan

    Accurate description of what is happening in Syria and Middle East and how ISIS fake Caliphate is being replaced by Neo-ottoman one, based on sufism. By this way will come the son of perdition because the restrainer is no more and the evil (sufism-syncretism-chrislam) will deceive a lot of people.
    Neo-ottoman Caliphate will unite sunni and shia islam and will project its power against Israel, supported not by any anti-Semitic faction of the Roman Catholic Church but by secret societies based in the West (occultism-antinomianism-satanism united with pseudo-science and arrogance).
    The “good” aspect of this future Caliphate will be its projection on Central Asia, where it will crash with Russia. The broken of Russo-Iranian alliance and the advance of Islam inside Russian Federation will make impossible the Eurasian syncretist project and Orthodox Russia will no tolerate to be controlled from Istanbul or an hypothetical Sufi Chrislamic Eurasian Union based on Astana. Now Putin is concentrating on the Western enemy like Alexander Nevski did but the time will come when Russia will need to withdraw loosing territories like in Saint Sergei Radonezhsky times… and Russia will suffer a lot but will believe, will live and will win.
    The West avoided that Russia conquered Constantinople on XIXth century, the West avoided the death of the beast and the West removed the Katekhon, the Russian Tsar. The battle will be between the Neo-ottoman big Caliphate and Israel on one side and a cornered Russia.
    May be, as a Stefan Evgeny’s link showed, China will have some role on the future, may be the Latin World too. We have to wait and support the growing of Christianity in Russia… I don’t see any other country able to stand up in front of Turkish Goliath and kill him with a sling and Faith in Our Lord Jesuchrist.

  • AnthonyM

    Thanks Walid, good article. It’s great to have someone be able to make sense of what is going on. If only more people came to your site (sight).

  • bubba

    your words walid “When it comes to prophecy, it takes time, have patience.” really hard to have patience when you reveal so much of what is prophecy on your site. glad to have this site to receive correct interpretation of current events. erdogan seems to old. maybe a younger guy after him. one side of me is eager for the future and the other not so eager.

    • We got to have patience Bubba. A lots of patience. Its in the Bible. Its all over the Bible. Its in every story in the Bible. From Sarah to Moses to the Disciples … its all about patience.

      You’re still looking great with that helmet.

      • Kamau41

        Patience, Patience, Patience is the KEY! This is why I am rowing steadily with much Patience.

  • HolyFire

    Hi Walid,

    This is part 2 of my previous message (presently pending). UN policy is also pro-religious syncretism and pro-abortion:


    It’s an evil, evil, entity.

    The UN has served as a powerful vehicle for organising and consolidating power (and indoctrinating the masses) on a global scale. Muslims appear to be taking full advantage of this vehicle for pursuing their own ambitions for world conquest and domination.

    Thanks for taking the time to consider the points made and links shared.

  • I cover half and you cover the other half, its okay with me. This is why we have a comment section 😉

    “Okay, Mr Shoebat, let’s dance! ;-)”

    Did you say dance? Common my boy:

    • HolyFire

      Hahaha…thanks for the laugh!

      A minor correction, you cover more than half. Exactly how much more, I can’t say. But you have covered certain aspects of the conspiracy against the Church in the West in great detail, such as Germany’s Nazism, the Alt-Right, etc. These are western movements.

      I love that there are many of us here open to learning from one another in goodwill and can even share a dance on occasion to see how our facts align!

      That video was classic! Hahaha

    • Grandmere

      ROFLMAO! The Chef, I know. But who is this kid in the nice clean white linen suit? Very soon he will have a bunch of hot sauce stains on his apron. Welcome to the kitchen Holy Fire!

      • You never watched Zorba the Greek Grand?

        • Grandmere

          Zorba the Greek??????? I thought that was a clip from Walid the Palestinian. You really got cheated out of on Oscar for that.

          • Exactly the same personality. His buddy was westerner, but Zorba was teaching him to ease up a little, sort of like my dialogue with Reader. He writes up an essay analyzing why I said that …. that … whatever, its a long story.

          • Grandmere

            I saw it. No sweat. Some people are ugly and some people are ” a little slow”.

  • RodK1975

    Turkey has the perfect storm present to change into the ravenous beast they are at heart. An Islamosympathetic (I want $.05, hereafter, every time someone uses that term) media and world governments that turn their heads, ignore the obvious and look the other way. Turkey is so deep into their transformation into the Neo-Ottoman monster they long to be that no one can or will stop them until it’s way too late. What’s so frustrating is that they are almost lock-step in line with Germany in the 1930’s and no one cares.

  • Kamau41

    “People talk of fake media, but how about a fake war with no real media exposing it?” Excellent exposure and investigative work, as always, of what is really going on in our days that the media continues to refuse to reveal.

  • Thank you E.J. Glad that you are studying on Islam prophecy and the Bible. At some point in time we were all blind but thanks to Christ we can see.

  • Wilma Mills

    I knew I remembered Isis sparing the Turkish shrines in Iraq. They’re as thick as thrives. Ain’t foolin’ us.

  • susan
  • Flame blue

    I wish that would be his ending! He’s up to no good.

  • Thank you brother Tom. Unusual, a comment without complaints?

    A rare commodity. Stay for a while. Here have an espresso … how is your day?

  • While in Turkey and Syria there are anti-Turkey Kurds, the Nujaifis and the Barzanis in northern Iraq led by Osama Abdul Aziz al-Nujaifi who is initiating a new pro-Turkey Sunni party are allied to Turkey. Turkey is also using the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) which maintains close economic ties with Turkey.

    Historically the Kurds persecuted the Armenians and are currently persecuting the Christian Assyrians.

    These are facts. Update your knowledge.

  • Forget these “fellow Christians in South Africa” you have fellow Christians right here at my Falafel Stand who would agree with you.

    I have not looked into the JW in South Africa.