Man In England Attacks Innocent Woman, Rapes Her Two Times And Cuts Her Face From Her Skull

By Theodore Shoebat

A man in England raped a woman twice and ripped her face from her skull, as we read in one report:

The victim of a horrific rape was left with a ‘floating face’ after her attacker detached the skin from her skull in one of the most vicious assaults police have investigated.

Anthony Laine, 30, who was sleeping rough in a tent on the banks of the River Severn in Bewdley at the time of the violent and sustained attack, has now been jailed for 12 years.

Laine was living rough, sleeping in a tent on the banks of the River Severn in Bewdley last August when he pounced on the woman.

The woman needed a nine-and-a-half-hour operation and was left unable to chew food, open her mouth to yawn or clean her teeth.

Prosecutor Timothy Sapwell said: ‘The front of the face was completely detached from the skull and smashed in two.

‘It’s described in medical terms as floating face. Doctors said her injuries were akin to those suffered during a car crash or as a result of a high velocity impact with heavy object.’

But no weapon was found and police believe Laine inflicted the injuries with his bare hands.

The victim was found unconscious in a pool of blood but came around in the ambulance to name Laine as her attacker.

She suffered a 10cm cut down the middle of her forehead and V-shaped cuts over both eyes and surgeons had to cut open her eyelids to relieve pressure.

A CT scan revealed serious underlying fractures to her face called ‘Le Fort Fractures’ one running above her teeth and upper jaw and another from the bridge of her nose across the eye socket to the hinge of her jaw.

Her nose was so badly broken doctors struggled to give her anaesthetic and she was left with no feeling in her top lip.

Surgeons at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham used bone from her skull to repair her nose and metal plates were put into her eye sockets, cheek and jawbone.

The woman, who has no memory of the attack, told how her life had been ruined by Laine, branded a ‘danger’ to women.

In a recorded interview played at Worcester Crown Court she said: ‘I come across as a strong person. I’m not really. I’m looking at lots more operations, lots more time in hospital.

‘I’m in constant pain. I can’t eat properly. I have to eat soft food. I can’t chew anything at all. I can’t eat meat or even toast. I can’t open my mouth to yawn.

‘I cry with pain cleaning my teeth and it hurts just talking and walking.

‘I’m still alive, that’s the only thing. I’m fed up with the pain. That’s what gets me down more than anything.’

The court heard the woman, who faces another 18-months of operations, is afraid to go out because she feels people are looking at her.

Laine injured his hands in the attack and when interviewed by police said he had ‘only punched her four or five times’.

Simon Rippon, defending, said his client was sorry but added: ‘It doesn’t seem enough, does it?’

‘He understands and appreciates the great harm he has done to her. He is remorseful. There is some scope for him to be law abiding, when he’s not in drink.’

Former drug addict Laine admitted two rapes and causing grievous bodily harm.

He also pleaded guilty to causing actual bodily harm and three common assaults in separate incidents.

Laine was jailed for 12 years and will serve an extended period of eight years on licence.

Judge Daniel Pearce-Higgins QC said: ‘There is a significant risk of the defendant causing serious harm to members of the public, particularly women.’

Laine has a previous conviction for grievous bodily harm when he glassed his own father in 2008.

Detective Constable Nicola Nevin praised the victim’s bravery after the case.

She said: ‘She has shown tremendous courage and remarkable strength during this investigation and throughout her extensive treatment.

‘This was an unprovoked and incredibly violent attack which left her with serious long term injuries for which she is still undergoing complex and very painful surgery.

‘I am glad to say that the severity of the offence is reflected in today’s result – we hope that this sends a very clear message.’

The attack was not done by an immigrant nor a Muslim, the attack was done by a non-Muslim native to Britain. The right-wing tends to focus on violence done by immigrants, either from the Islamic world or Latin America, but when these sorts of horrific crimes, there is silence. There seems to be a sickening spirit that has been possessing the mass: the spirit of “we the special people,”  “we the law-abiding,” “we the victims of foreigners.” Its a perspective that sets us against our fellow man, against humanity itself. It is a form of tribalism that pushes us to see human beings as being categorized as only different races that are products of biological occurrences; it clouds our vision and restricts us from seeing humanity as a whole, as a single creation, as one from the line of Adam. It restricts us from seeing the truth: that from one man did humanity come, and thus is humanity one.

Our own societies are filled with violence and diabolical behaviors, yet there are those who would want us to focus solely on the crimes of immigrants. This was the evil ways of the Jewish leaders at the time of Christ. They wanted to focus on the Roman, the Samaritan, the foreigner. But Christ — in Whose cosmic nature humanity is one — wanted them to focus on themselves. Christ wants us endure the rough road of self-criticism. It is only then that we can make a healthier society, it is only then when Christendom will be reborn. I have heard this talk that Christendom is under attack. This is a wrong perspective. Christendom is asleep, how could it be attacked? Euthanasia, mass divorce, homosexuality, infanticide and euthanasia are in the nations that were established Christian countries. This is not Christendom, but lands dominated by the religions of the Enlightenment and of Darwinism. But yet, the very people promoting these evils are the very same people who want us to accept these diabolical actions, and focus on just Islamic terrorism, or just on violence done by immigrants. How could this lead us to progress? Even if you cut off immigration and get rid of all of the Muslims, these evils will still remain. It is only when we go down the road of self-criticism that Christendom will be reborn. Until then, we will be like the Jews of the past, continuously pointing to the evils of foreigners, while denying our own Salvation.



  • richinnameonly

    No, 12 years doesn’t seem enough, and he probably won’t even serve that time.

  • Kamau41

    So many people in this world are becoming wicked/diabolical by the day. What you said here sums it all up: “The right-wing tends to focus on violence done by immigrants, either from the Islamic world or Latin America, but when these sorts of horrific crimes, there is silence. There seems to be a sickening spirit that has been possessing the mass.”

    • magaforever

      Ive always felt that anyone of any ethnicity who does something like this deserves to rot in a cage and maybe be executed depending on their mental state.. And anyone who excuses such evil for any reason should also face severe punishment

      • Grace Ziem

        I guess we are all thankful God is in charge….

        • magaforever

          Ya i just wish He would put people in power who would uphold His laws of executing rapists and sodomites and murderers ect..

          • Grace Ziem

            Where does Christ say this? It is important that we learn the Word of God so we do His will, not our own. He reminds us His ways are not our ways. He is a God of love, slow to anger. You are seething with anger; please consider prayer instead of wrath; only God is perfect and has true righteous anger..How can you witness when you are so angry?

          • magaforever

            Romans 1 states sodomites are worthy of death as theodore has also stated many times..romans 13 confirms this authority to be held by a righteous government

          • Grace Ziem

            Nowhere in Romans 1 does it say we should kill sodomites..Roman 13 is about respecting government, nothing justifying our killing or threatening others.

            The bigger issue seem to be that you have so much anger that you don’t seem to want to pray for your enemies, which becomes a violation of Christ’s commands: Matt 5:44 “But I say, love your enemies! Pray for those who persecute you!”

            Christ recognizes that if we focus on hate, we can’t show His love to others; if you read how Muslims come to Christ, it often includes them seeing love by Christians. I wish you a heart of love to shine to others and fill you with peace! Blessings!

          • magaforever

            Here is an excerpt from … Many Christians will express their support for the sodomites, and they many times will bring up the “love of Christ” to vindicate their support for them. Let us remind such people that no where in Scripture is evil tolerated simply because it does not physically or directly harm someone, or because it is private. In fact, Christianity is so much against allowing private deviancy, that it says that who “approve of those who practice them” are “worthy of death” (Romans 1:32).

            This means that opinions expressed in favor for homosexuality and other deviancies like (such as cannibalism), are worthy of capital punishment. This purely illustrates that Christianity is so much against the license to do evil — even if it is done in private — that it prohibits any approval of it.

            For those who disapprove, let them read the words of St. Isidore where he said that law “is composed of no private advantage, but for the common benefit of the citizens.” (Isidore, Etymologiae, 5.21, in Aquinas, Summa Theologiae, Ia IIae 90, article 2) Let them read St. Thomas where he says that “Law must therefore attend especially to the ordering of things toward blessedness.” (Aquinas, Summa Theologiae, Ia IIae 90, article 2)

            Does homosexuality bring blessedness, does the tolerance of such a deviant act bring any blessed fruition to a people? Does it honor the sacrament of marriage from which children, “a blessing and a gift from the Lord” (Psalm 127:3), come to this world? St. Thomas also says that “every law is directed to the common good.” (Aquinas, Summa Theologiae, Ia IIae 90, article 2)

            What good has ever come from the act of homosexuality? No offspring, no sacrament, nothing. St. Thomas also says that the natural affections between man and woman “is directed to a common good: namely, to the preservation of nature in the species or in the individual.” (Aquinas, Summa Theologiae, Ia IIae, 92, article 6)

          • Grace Ziem

            I am not “expressing support for sodomites”, I am concerned about the amount of hate you express in many posts. Christ’s 3 year ministry was for our salvation and to teach us how to live.

            1 John 2:6 “Those who say they live in God should live their lives as Jesus did.”1 Peter 3:9 “Do not repay evil with evil or insult with insult. On the contrary, repay evil with blessing, because to this you were called so that you may inherit a blessing.”

            You haven’t addressed Christ’s command that we pray for our enemies. This is not easy, but He demands it. I wish you peace and love in your heart; I have been praying for you. Blessings!

          • magaforever

            I agree we should pray for our enemy but that doesnt take away from the fact that scripture does condone capital punishment.. Thanks praying for me

  • Wilma Mills

    People of all ethnicities are sinners, and under the right circumstances capable of anything. God have mercy.

  • Kevin Nicholson

    ” It is only when we go down the road of self-criticism that Christendom will be reborn.”

    Amen Theo – confession once a week, and daily course corrections….

  • knightsstrength

    They should remove his face

    • Kevin Nicholson

      …from the earth. Amen.

    • Grace Ziem

      We don’t need to become barbarous in our punishments; God is holy and He will have the perfect punishment, In the meantime we can urge proper sentencing, (not slaps on the wrist), pray for victims, comfort each other and become spiritually prepared. Asking to cut off someone’s face is not spiritual preparation, even though the anger is understandable. This war must not poison our hearts, friend. Blessings to you.

      • knightsstrength

        Sometimes when they never learn you got to be cruel so they understand

        • Grace Ziem

          Where does Christ or His apostles say this?

          • knightsstrength

            Did not say that he did

  • knightsstrength

    Some good news from France

    French candidate Francois Fillon pulls out of key event

  • JamieAllen

    isn’t there exactly two races; as defined by the Epistles? Sons and Daughters of God and then the sons and daughters of the devil? There is a division.

  • Craig A. Mouldey

    > The right-wing tends to focus on violence done by immigrants, either from the Islamic world or Latin America, but when these sorts of horrific crimes, there is silence.

    I don’t think I can agree with this statement. When I scan the stories on why would anyone focus on Islamic violence? That of course, is sarcasm. It is one story of Islamic violence after another. These stories appear at times in the main stream press. Are people to ignore the mass assaults, rapes and vandalism perpetrated by this mob? In Sweden the answer to that would be yes.
    Having said that, I doubt I would talk to anyone on the so called ‘right’ who would give the person in this story a pass. He would be viewed just like they would view the crimes of the Muslims. This is nothing less than attempted murder and he should spend the rest of his days in jail. We had a terrible event in Manitoba about 8-10 years ago. A Chinese man on a Grey Hound bus suddenly decided to attack a young native sitting beside him, stabbing him continuously in the upper body, neck and head. He cut off his head and started eating him. They have now released him. The only ones who ever gave sort of a pass to this monster were those who I would tag as left wing socialists. He was just sick, hearing voices. He still had a choice. Obey the voice or not. He chose to do the evil thing.
    I do agree we should be judging ourselves. I more often than not, do not like what I see. I feel shame. But some evil done by others, regardless of race or religion or nationality do not get a pass